October 2017 Goals

I am taking a little break from my trip recap to share my goals for the month!  First up, a look back at September.

September Goals

1.  Paper organization.  Third times a charm?  At least I hope, because this one is going to be rolled over again to October!  I did make some progress - I picked up a super cute file box, and some marble-like file folders from Target.  I had plans to complete this, but the end of September seemed like it came before I knew it, and this was one thing that didn't get done! 

2.  Kitchen organization.  I did do a little bit, but still have some organizing to go.  I actually purchased this divided trough from Magnolia Market, which should help add in some storage and getting this organized.  Now I just need to figure out how to hang it!

3.  Clean out my magazines.  Done!  I still am a little behind on my reading, but I went through my piles and got rid of the ones I will not be reading and kept a much more manageable amount.  Fun side note from this little clean out project - I learned that the Miley Cyrus and I have the same bedding!  There was an article in Cosmo about her, and it showed a picture of her in childhood room.  And the bedding she has is the same as what is in my childhood room!  Super random, but I love it, because I am a big Miley fan - from way back in her Hannah Montana days to now.  I had The Climb as my ringtone for years and years and years.  

4.  Christmas present planning.  I am going to count this done.  I made my list of who I am going to buy for and about how much I plan on spending.  There is one person who I don't have a 'budget' set for, but it's close enough.  Now for the gift ideas!   

October Goals

1.  Paper organization.  Needs to get done!  Like I wrote earlier, third time is the charm, right?

2.  Make 4 pumpkin recipes.  Tis the season for all things pumpkin!  I feel like cooking and baking just go with this time of year and I want to make the most of it!  I made some seasonal recipes last year and I feel like that just put me in a more festive mood (and better mood in general), so I am hoping that will carry over again to this year!

3.  Clean closet.  I have let my closet go.  It's really bad.  Things are just kind of piled in places, shoe boxes are everywhere - it's a mess.  Usually a goal of mine is to clean out my closet, but this one is just strictly to put it all back together with everything in its place!  A little cleaning out may come from that, but that would just be an added bonus.

4.  Christmas gift planning.  I made my list of people to buy for last month and a rough budget, so now it's time for the fun part of figuring out gifts!  My goal is to get the majority of ideas down on paper and starting looking for deals.  I know I won't have ideas for everyone before month end (i.e. my dad's gifts usually come from the Sears Black Friday circular), but if I get a decent plan for the folks I can do, then I will consider this a success!    

Do you have any goals for the month?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. I definitely need to clean out my closet, its like an ongoing task for me! I also want to get christmas present organized, it sneaks up on me always!

  2. I'm usually way more on top of Christmas gifts, but I don't have anything yet, and not a ton of ideas either. I really want to work on that some this month too because I like finding deals and just generally not having to do everything so last minute!

    I love Miley too! That's funny you two had the same childhood wedding. If you read magazines, I host a link up called Glossies Made Me Do It (first Friday of every month) where you talk about something a magazine made you do - new recipe, buy a book, etc. etc. It can be as simple as "added to wish list."


  3. I'm adding a goal: to really stick to our restful Sundays and healthier choices :) I'm hoping to do more baking this year too! It really does make you feel more festive!

  4. I cleaned out my closet yesterday and it felt good too mark that off my to-do list. It's so much easier to find stuff when everything is in it's place. And it's such a great idea to go ahead and start Christmas shopping. It will be here before we know it. I usually wait until last minute and am always rushing to get everything I need.

  5. I'm hoping to be more on top of Christmas gifts this year-- it's so easy to just let the next few months go by if you're not intentional, so I should at least start on a list too. That pink bedding is so fun, and it's always cool when you see something you had/have in a magazine.

  6. I've started Christmas shopping and it rules!

  7. I need to do a deep clean of my closet this month! It's scary in there!

  8. First of all, you have pretty handwriting! Second of all, that's so cool about you and Miley. I LOVE The Climb. That was my jam for so long! And finally, love your goal to make four pumpkin recipes! That is such a fun one!

  9. my closet is an absolute mess right now, like embarrassing. i really need to get it under control as well. and i think paper organisation has been on my list for like 2 years. ha!

  10. I also need to start thinking about Christmas presents. I want to be done early this year so there is no stressing in December! I better get on it!

  11. Pumpkin recipes sound like a great goal!

  12. I love that you start Christmas shopping in October. If I could get my act together I would but I always wait until Black Friday ha! And we also have those notepads at my house!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  13. I really want to tackle our Christmas shopping before December this year -- it's actually one of my goals for the next two months. Luckily, we don't have a ton of people to shop for (we don't exchange gifts with adults in our family -- just the kids).

  14. Thank you for the reminder for Christmas! I do like to be ahead on that.

  15. I'm so bad with the paper organization. I've just been throwing everything into a box, but I have to go through it still. I have a closet clean-out on my list as well- more specifically, get rid of 50 items! I love your pumpkin goal too. I usually get inspired to bake more around this time as well :) Good luck with all of your goals!

  16. I love this. I have never thought about monthly goals but I am going to try. Hoping to get up a little earlier, try new crock pot recipes and start Christmas shopping!

  17. Good luck with your monthly goals! I too am planning on getting some Christmas shopping done this month, since I've already purchased three gifts I feel like I'm really on a roll :)

    xoox, SS

    Southern and Style