Girl Chat: Favorite Halloween Costumes

It's Friday Eve - thank goodness!  Just one more day away from the weekend.  For today's Girl Chat, we are sharing our favorite Halloween costumes.  This is going to be a bit of a repeat, because I shared these pictures last year.  I love them, though, so I am going to share again!

Growing up, we always had homemade costumes.  My mom was super creative and came up with some really great ideas.  The base of almost all of our costumes was a sweatsuit or sweatshirt, as you can see in the pictures below.  From there, my mom created awesome costumes.  Probably only one of the fails (and I think this was my idea, possibly taken from the American Girl magazine) was the birthday present costume.  Looking at it now I am kind of like whatttt, not to mention I remember it being a pain to take on and off and just walk around in, haha!  Still clever, though!  I have mentioned before that the Care Bear costume was one of my favorites, although I do love the princess one - I think that was pre school and my 'gown' was actually a nightgown.  The pumpkin costume is classic and one that I feel like any age can wear.  And as you can see below - I have wore it twice!  In one of my old positions at work, we used to dress up for Halloween and I thought a pumpkin costume would be cute and work appropriate.  With the help of my mom (of course), I made a pumpkin shirt, added in some string at the bottom to make it a bubble, and had a cute little headband that became the pumpkin stem.

I haven't dressed up in a couple years now, but I am looking forward to hopefully one day doing whole family costumes and getting back into the spirit of things.  And you can bet that most of my kids' costumes will start with a sweatsuit (or a t shirt and shorts considering how warm it has been lately!).    

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  1. I LOVE that your Mom made your costumes!! I've made quite a few over the years and am sad that this year they are all store bought :( Was the present attached to you or did you wear it?

  2. My mom always made our costumes, too! All of ours started out as a sweatshirt / leggings as well -- our Halloweens were always cold! One year we actually had a blizzard (I think 1992) on Halloween!

  3. Love all of these photos from your childhood Halloweens! SO fun!

    xx, Elise

  4. Isn't it so fun looking back on your childhood photos? Love all of the pics!

  5. I love your costumes! I think my favorite year was when I was Belle. My parents had a lady at church custom make me a replica of her yellow dress and I felt like such a princess! Halloween was fun until college was over and now I just like handing out candy, eating soup and watching movies with Jared the years that he's home. He has to work this year so I'm going to serve dinner at our church instead. It will be so fun one day to dress up with our kids! Family costumes are awesome!

  6. I love seeing the throwback costumes!! My mom always made ours too when we were younger but I'm not sure where those pictures went. Beautifully Candid

  7. I love all the old photos. So many cute ones. I love that your mom made them too.

  8. These are all so fun-- I actually really like the birthday present costume, though I can see how it might have been slightly uncomfortable. I think my brother was a very similar robin hood one year too!

  9. I absolutely LOVE that your Mom made yours! She is so creative! And I love that we were both presents! That is hilarious! I really want to do that with Olivia but she is not interested at all. Haha.