Friday Favorites...Fail

Hey all!  Happy Friday!  I have no Friday Favorites post for you today, hence the 'fail' in the title of today's post.  This week has just been an off one.  I haven't been feeling the best, which throws everything out of wack a bit.  Since I haven't been feeling good, I haven't made it to the gym, which is a bummer because I was on such a roll last week - being consistent, feeling good - all that!  In addition to feeling a bit blah, work started getting busy on Wednesday.  I actually don't mind being busy at work like it has been the past few days.  I love being super productive and the day just flies on by.  That being said, I am tired.  My brain is tired.  The idea of having to think of 5 things to talk about for todays post was just not happening yesterday.  My mind was literally blank!  So instead, I came home after working late, had a wonderful homecooked meal, watched RHONJ and then decided to write this quick post before heading to bed.

I'm headed to a trivia night at church this weekend which should be a lot of fun, so wish us all luck!  I am terrible at these things, but always enjoy participating, especially when it's for a great cause.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope you have a chance to relax and recharge this weekend girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love ya girl, rest rest rest this weekend my sweets!!!! xo

  3. Hope you get a chance to relax and recharge this weekend. Feel better.