Weekend Recap: First of Fall

Happy Monday!  

It was the first weekend of fall, but felt more like the warmest days of July and August with temps in the 90s.  I think we might have even broken a record during the week or on Friday.  Insane!  Friday was crazy at work, as it was the end of our United Way Silent Auction.  I am happy to report, we were able to raise over $12,500 for the United Way via the auction, which is the most ever!  I celebrated with a few drinks after work - just a nice treat.  I caught up on some DVR'd shows and relaxed.

I had a to do list a mile long this weekend and I was determined to check off a good amount of things.  One of the things I really want to get better at is getting more done on Saturday, instead of trying to cram it all in on Sunday, so I hit the ground running on Saturday.  I got a few things done, then ran into work to try and get some stuff for the auction organized.  It wasn't all work, work, work on Saturday - I went to see the second Kingsmans movie.  I really liked the first one and the second didn't disappoint.  I was a little surprised because I thought Channing Tatum's role would be a bit bigger than it actually was.  Lots of action from the get go, and Elton John's part was absolutely hilarious!  Dinner was Chick fil a, which is always so good.  I honestly love going there because they have the best side salad.  

Pedal the Cause was held in my town this weekend, so I was up bright and early for the gym.  I really wanted to make sure I was there and back before any of the bikers hit the road, which thankfully was the case.  I've started attending Sunday school prior to the church and it's been really interesting and helpful in my understanding of the Bible.  I was a bit nervous about attending at first (which is a bit ironic as I type this since we spoke about being anxious and worrying in class today), because I really didn't know what 'Sunday school' looked like an as adult, but it has turned out so well.  I headed home after service to try and knock more things off my list.  While I got a lot done on Saturday, some things I have just put off and they have piled up.  My hope is to knock those things out, then just be a little more proactive and not let things pile up so my to do's are a bit less ambitious and more managable so I can get to that 'relaxing Sunday' I am striving for.  

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Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the week again!

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! Glad you got to have some fun amidst your working and to-doing! I want to see Kingsman, glad to know it was good! Have a great monday!

  2. Haha, I'm the opposite -- Sunday is usually my day of doing nothing (chores wise), so I try to get it all done on Saturday

  3. I loved the warm weekend, such a sweet lil kiss from summer before the fall briskness is the day in day out. Great job getting to the gym early and going to a Sunday school class. It is different as an adult but totally worth it.

  4. We're going to learn to relax on Sundays! One of these days....
    Yay!!! You did so well on your silent auction! So proud of you!

  5. That really is the worst part about not getting things done on Saturday, feeling like your Sunday is just overwhelmingly busy! I'm glad that you were able to get some things done on Saturday and it sounds like you had a great weekend!

  6. That's awesome that you were able to raise so much money!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. I've heard really good things about that movie! My brother just saw it and he loved it. I hope you have a great week, girl!