TBB Asks: Back to School Edition

I am still enjoying the long weekend, but wanted to link up with the ladies from The Blended Blog for another round of their 'Asks' link up!  It's such a fun way to get to know about each other - you can see last month's post here!

Did you love school or hate it?  I believe I liked it.  I feel like I need to check with my mom, haha, to see if she remembers how I felt about it, but overall I think I liked it.  I for sure know I loved picking out the school supplies!  And a new back to school outfit!

Start school before of after Labor Day?  I think we were always before.  It seems like the start date gets earlier and earlier, though!

Wake up: eager beaver or slow poke?  I think I have always bit a bit of an early bird, so definitely up and at 'em.

Favorite breakfast?  Eggo waffles or cereal.  To this day I still have waffles for breakfast, although I opt for the healthier kind and top with almond butter as opposed to butter and syrup.

Favorite cereal?  Back then it was either Frosted Flakes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  And I think Apple Jacks.

School uniform or no uniform?  No uniform, although I am pretty sure I wished we wore a uniform, haha!

New out for first day or no?  Yes!  Complete with new shoes for the year.

Walk to school or ride the bus?  Elementary school, walk.  Funny story, in kindergarten, my babysitter was like 2-3 houses away from the school, so we would walk - me and another kid, Cole.  Well, apparently, one day the crossing guard was not at the cross walk and I refused to go across the cross walk to get to school.  Mind you, this street is nowhere near busy during the day!  Cole loved to give me a hard time about this all the way through high school.  Guess I was just a rule follower - I needed that crossing guard!  Jr High & up, the bus or my mom.  I was not a fan of the bus, so I always hoped my mom would take me.  I remember one time, I think it was the beginning of school, the bus completely forgot about us, or there was some kind of miscommunication.  Then sometimes, since there were only a few of us that got off at a stop, they wouldn't even stop.  It just always made me anxious, so I was always up for getting a ride with mom instead of dealing with that!

Backpack, tote or messenger bag?  Backpack!  Although in college, I often used my sorority tote.

Eat school lunch or pack lunch?  Both!  I LOVED when it was chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes day - yum!

Remember the little milk cartons?  White or chocolate?  I don't remember!  My brother was a big chocolate milk fan, and I think I got it, too, because for some reason drinking white milk out of those cartons didn't taste good to me?

Paper bag or lunch box?  Both!

Favorite thing to do at recess?  Swing!  Or we had these parallel bars we would always play on.  And a big slide.  My mom and I actually walked by my old school last weekend and it seemed like the whole playground was all different!  And they sure had a lot more swings than when I was in school!  There was also a period in time when the girls wanted to play soccer with the boys.  Not sure that lasted too long.

Favorite back to school supply item?  EVERYTHING!  I loved it all!

Chalkboard or dry erase board?  I miss the classic chalkboards, but I loved writing on white board.

Regular pencil or mechanical?  Mechanical.  My writing was so much prettier with that tiny lead than a regular pencil.

Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner?  I don't remember!  I know when I was in sports, it was always practice after school, followed by any homework that could be done before dinner and then homework after.  I feel like there was always a lot of homework, haha!  

Favorite after school snack?  Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and round sprinkles, all mixed together.  Yum!

Favorite after school show?  I really liked Arthur for awhile...other than that, I am not sure!

Favorite subject in school?  A toss between reading and math!

Least favorite school subject?  Science!  That was not my thing.

Name your best friend in high school?  Emily!  We were Em & Em.

High school mascot type?  Indians!

SAT or ACT?  ACT.  I was always so proud of my score, because I got one point higher than my brother, who is really, really smart and pretty much good at everything.

Favorite year in school?  I really can't say.  I think most years were pretty good.

Class ring or no class ring?  Yes, I still have mine!

Attend or not attend high school reunions?  No.



  1. Em and Em, oh how I love it!!!! Loved reading your answers, so fun!! Enjoy this sweet day off!

  2. I used to love Eggo Blueberry Waffles and would eat them all of the time. Now I try to limit myself-I feel they're not as healthy as I should be eating, but I still do enjoy a good waffle or two in the mornings every now and again!

  3. I still have an eggo waffle here or there and my girls are hooked on them. I also loved poptarts but haven't had one in years. I love reading your answers and getting to know you more.

  4. hehe, Em and Em, so cute. I really do like waffles too, haven't tried it with almond butter, acutally I've never had almond butter, I think that needs to change! I have anxiety just reading about your bus story, geesh! I am a rule follower too...I don't think I would have crossed that street either!

  5. I STILL love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chicken nuggets with mash potatoes- I forgot about those! How does a bus driver completely forget about a stop?! I'd opt for mom then too! Em and Em- so cute! I think I still have my class ring too, and I remember I wore it for at least a year into college haha. I need to do this!