September 2017 Goals

Before I get to my September goals, let's recap August.

August Goals

1.  No spend month.  I did pretty good on this!  My one 'slip up' if you will, was purchasing LipSense.  However, I didn't buy any clothes or anything else that wasn't really a necessity.    

2.  Paper organization.  I didn't touch this one.  I need to, though!

3.  Bathroom storage refresh.  Done!  It only took me three months before I actually did this.  Third time's a charm, right?  I basically just did a quick clean out of the cabinet, wiped down the containers, put everything back nicely (and got rid of a few things, too), and was done.  Quick and easy!

4.  15 minute pick up.  I definitely did this more at the beginning of the month than the end, but overall I think I have gotten better at doing a quick pick up each night, rather than putting things off to the morning and then putting them off til that evening and so on.  It's amazing how much more relaxed I am when things are more orderly.  Definitely something I plan to keep up with!

Onto September...

September Goals

1.  Paper organization.  Roll over from last month!  Wish me luck on this one!  

2.  Kitchen organization.  I moved things around last weekend to make room for my new Keurig, and it has made me want to go through my cabinets and move things around a bit.  It's a bit hard, because I love kitchen gadgets and tools, but my space is so limited!

3.  Clean out my magazines.  I keep my magazines stacked in a tray on my coffee table and they have gotten a bit out of control.  The piles are towering and it's just not necessary.  I hate not reading them before throwing out, but I think that is what is going to end up happening!  Also, any suggestions on where I could maybe donate the magazines instead?  I didn't have much luck looking that up online.

4.  Christmas present planning.  I want to start getting together a game plan for Christmas shopping.  While in my head I am telling myself it is fall, I realize it is technically summer still and Christmas is two seasons away.  However, getting ahead just seems like a good idea before things start getting too busy.  I would like to list out who I am plan to buy for and get an idea of how much I will be spending on each.  Gift ideas are a bonus, but as long as I get together a list and somewhat of a budget, I will consider this goal complete!      

Do you have any goals for the month?

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  1. I am the worst about keeping magazines and then never reading them. I finally had to stop buying them. I say go through and throw out everything but the past two months or two weeks if its weekly. Start fresh! I'm already starting to think about christmas planning, I want to be extra organized this year !

  2. I'm all about shopping early! I have my kids almost done which is the biggest part of our shopping so I'm happy about that!

  3. I'm working through our paper organization right now too...such a chore!! I would recommend donating the magazines to a women's domestic violence shelter or a homeless shelter. I'm sure the people at either would appreciate having them to read since it's probably something they never get to buy! Yes to planning early. I have honestly never had less purchased for Christmas by this time of the year so I'm working on a list of what we have left to get. We are cutting way down on what we buy for people this year so we're trying to be very intentional about it.

  4. Great job on your August goals! I felt the exact same way you do about feeling bad about not reading them, but I did a magazine clean out about a year ago, and then I cancelled all of my subscriptions (or just didn't renew them once they ran out). I donated them to local hair/nail salons. I need to do paper organization too. I have a large pile of mail/paperwork sitting in a pile on my dining room table. Good luck on all your goals!

  5. I am eating lunch and Christmas present shopping as we speak. LOL

  6. Good luck with the paper organization! That is always such a pain! And I'm right there with you on the Christmas shopping. I've already purchased a lot of stuff for the kids! They're the easiest to buy for, though!

  7. Good job on the no spend month! I need some organization in my life...especially my closet so I might use this hurricane weekend to get stuff around the house. Christmas present planning/shopping is always fun!!

  8. I am so with you on magazines! I have a stack of about 12 on my desk right now. I keep writing "read magazines" on my to do lists and never get to it. I like planning ahead for Christmas shopping too! It's fun, plus it spreads out the spending.

  9. I need to start doing that 15 minute thing, too. I've been away a bit and things have gone out of control!

    And thanks for the Christmas present reminder. I have a feeling that one's going to take a little thought now I'm the other side of the world to most recipients...

  10. I always mean to start Christmas planning early, but then I put it off, ha ha.

  11. i love kitchen gadgets and tools as well - we have more storage now with our new almost finished kitchen compared to any we've had before but i still have to be creative about how i organise things to get the most bang for my storage. i love looking on pinterest and watching those organisational videos. so fun! how dorky do i sound right now lol? my papers are out of control right now, i'm talking piles in drawers. really need to get on that as well. good luck!

  12. So proud of you for not spending in August! (We won't count the Lipsense lol) 31 days is a long time to go without buying for yourself haha!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  13. As a teacher, I always brought in my old magazines for my kids to read (yup, my 7th graders love Good Housekeeping and Southern Living!) but you could also check with your local library-I know ours takes them too. :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  14. I just went through some of our magazines yesterday! I feel so bad throwing out magazines before even reading them, but some of them I'm just so tired of seeing sitting around, so off to the recycling they went!