Workin' It: Back to School

Happy Wednesday!  Today's Workin' It topic is back to school.  While I haven't gotten to experience 'back to school' in quite a few years, preparing for it was always one of my favorite things, so please allow me to reminisce a bit.  And thanks to my mom for snapping and sending me these pictures from my scrapbooks!

first day of kindergarten

Back to school always meant a new 'first day' outfit, school shoes and ALL the school supplies.  Getting a new outfit, especially new shoes was always a highlight.  I think one year I picked out these navy blue tennis shoes and rocked them with tall (mid-calve) length socks.  I thought they were so cool at the time, but looking back, it probably not my best fashion choice.  Another shoe that stands out were Adidas Superstars - mine had pink stripes!  I LOVED those.  Too bad I didn't still have them now that they are back in style!

first day of junior year

My absolute favorite part of back to school, though, was getting new school supplies!  I still love browsing the supplies aisles at Target.  I always had to coordinate my notebooks and folders.  I absolutely loved Lisa Frank in elementary school, and I was SO excited to go to jr. high so I could get a trapper keeper.  I honestly don't even remember what I got, or if it was even a true trapper keeper, but I was definitely excited to have more 'grown up' supplies.  

We got planners once in jr. high (I think, or maybe it was high school?), but I loved writing my assignments in them, and being able to check them off when finished.  I would get colored pens and color coordinate my subjects, or using highlighters.  I LOVED having a planner like that.  And still do, although what is in my planner today looks much different from back then!

While I don't experience a traditional back to school period, I do feel like this time of year brings some extra busyness and at the same time, more routine.  For me, this marks the point where my work's United Way campaign gets rolling, and there is always a lot to do with that.  There are multiple family birthdays around this time, which means lots of get togethers to celebrate.  I tend to want to be in the kitchen more, so back are the days of heartier cooking, rather than something quick.  I feel like when I am busier with things, I tend to get more into a routine, because I have to manage my time a little more wisely.  I rely on my planner more and of course, all the lists to help keep myself organized!  And then, before we know it the holidays will be upon us!

I am excited to read all the back to school posts, so I can live vicariously through you all that truly get to experience 'back to school!'          

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  1. Even now I look forward to a first day outfit haha! And I started using planners in the 6th grade when it was required and I've never stopped! I try to really instill that in my students now.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Ha! I totally love the back to school shopping for supplies - it really was the best and a new outfit was a must!! xo,Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love the first day of school. Now that I have kids it's so fun to plan their first day outfits (matching applique tees of course) and I just ordered them new book bags for school this year. The school supplies was the best part, I still love going to get whatever the boys need for their preschool classes! Getting a planner was the highlight of starting school for me...nerd alert

  4. Lisa Frank is making a HUGE comeback right now...towards the end of last year all my girls started getting Lisa Frank everything and now I see it is all back. And Maddi had to get a Trapper Keeper this year and my heart exploded. Hahahaha! Such a great reminder of my back to school days. I hope you have a great day!

  5. Cutie then, Cutie now!! I had everything Lisa Frank!!

  6. Love this post best!! All the throwbacks and reminiscing! Love getting new school supplies!! My trapper keeper was def a fave!

  7. I LOVED seeing these old pictures of you! And you looked so tall in kindergarten. I know it's probably hard to tell from the picture, but man, I was thinking you were going to say you were in second grade there.

    And I love school supplies SO much. I've been obsessed with them since I was tiny. In third grade for Christmas I asked Santa Clause for school supplies... it's all I wanted. I got a stapler, a hole puncher, some of those pencils where you can pull the little plastic leads out and push them in the back to have a new one push up (hard to explain, maybe you remember what I'm talking about), and all sorts of other goodies. It is one of the Christmases that sticks out in my mind the most. I was so happy!

  8. Super cute pics! I loved getting new school supplies too and always loved school. We picked up some stuff to donate recently and I got all excited about the idea of school again. It will be fun to relive some of that when/if ever I have children.

  9. I used to love back to school shopping, and the first day of school outfit was definitely a thing! How pretty were you in that junior year pic - stunning <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. OMG I love school supply shopping and now I get to do it all over again, yayyyy!

  11. Back to school shopping was always my favorite. I had to have all the Lisa Frank too! As a teacher I still get excited about back to school shopping! :)

  12. Same, same, same! My mom scrapbooked too, and we always had to have a mandatory first day of school picture. So funny! And I am the same way about office supplies. Love that stuff. The new agenda books were the best part about the first day of school for me!