Girl Chat: Dream Vacation

We made it to Friday Eve!  Hope everyone has been having a great week.  It's time for some girl chat, and this month we are chatting about dream vacations.

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I thought this month's topic would be a no brainer, but honestly, the more I think about it, the longer my list gets!

Italy, Greece, Paris, London, the English countryside, Ireland...the list just goes on and on.  All of these places are pretty much dream vacations for the same reasons - the history, the sights and the food.  I love to read and I feel like these are settings in a lot of books I have read, which I think has me imagining all these idyllic visits.  I just love the idea of experiencing different cultures and all the history behind them.  Honestly, I just could not pick!

I also would love to do some more stateside travel.  Boston is and has been at the top of my list for awhile.  While I love the Midwest, the East Coast has always been interesting to me and I love historic feel that you see in pictures of Boston.  Maine is also on the list - why, I am not sure specifically, but I have always wanted to go!  The New England states just really intrigue me!  

While I don't have any dream vacation planned down to the detail, here is what my dream vacation would entail.  Lots of walking around and exploring, soaking in the culture / atmosphere and eating lots (and lots) of good food!

I am really looking forward to reading the posts in the link up - maybe that will help me narrow down my dream vacation spots...that or it will just add to the list!!

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  1. Sounds like and Lindsay need to take that month long trip together!! How awesome it would be to see all those places! Boston is also on my bucket list for the states

  2. I want to go to Boston too! I also want to visit Chicago. I've never been but I know people just love it!

  3. Great list of places to visit! I've been to most of them and you can't go wrong, although out of the international list I would say my favorite was Ireland! I haven't been to Italy or Greece yet though. I'm dying to. I just tried Boston in May and you definitely need to get over there. It's a beautiful city all around, in every way!

  4. Boston is a great city to visit! Maine is also on my list. I can just imagine what those lobster rolls taste like. Ireland and Paris were two of my favorite places to visit. I would go back in a heart beat. Beautifully Candid

  5. We have a European vacation in the works for next year. I studied abroad in Italy but feel like there was so much I didn't get to see and want to see. We've also tried to make it a goal to explore more of the US. I have New England on my list, too.

    Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte

  6. Sounds like we need to go on a girls' trip together since we chose the same places!! After writing my post and reading everyone else's it really has me wanting to go somewhere.

  7. It looks like we all want to go to the same places. I love that!!!

  8. I would love to visit pretty much every place you mentioned! It's always been my dream to visit all of those European countries!

  9. Aw man, I'm bummed I forgot and missed this link up! Italy and Greece are definitely my dream vacation!