August 2017 Goals

First, a recap of July.

July Goals

1.  Clean out my make up bag.  Done!  It's amazing, though, I swear I got rid of items and yet my make up bag still seems so full!  It makes me wonder how everything fit in the first place!

2.  Clean my make up brushes.  I did this once, but I need to get doing it on a regular basis!   

3.  Bathroom storage refresh.  Gosh, this is still a no!  I had the best intention of knocking it out this past weekend, but I never did.  It still needs to be done, though!

4.  Upload all my phone pictures to my computer and organize.  I said this was ambitious last month and that is the truth.  At one point my photos were all uploaded, but of course, I have taken more since.  And while I did spend some time getting them organized, they still aren't there.  This going to have to be a continual project! 

Now for August!

August Goals

1.  No spend month.  Guys, after my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases, August definitely need to be a no spend month!  Let me explain what I mean by no spend.  To me, no spend means no unnecessary purchases.  No clothes, no shoes, none of that 'fun' stuff.  While I still plan on buying groceries and toiletries as needed, I also want to make use of what I have a little better, like using some of the stuff I have in my freezer to meal plan.  Same with samples I may have in my bathroom cabinet.  Just little things like that to make myself be a little bit more resourceful with what I have.  Overall, the no spend more relates to making purchases for myself that I don't really need right that minute.  If you've been reading here for awhile you know this isn't the first time I have done this.  It's just something that I find good to do after spending a good chunk of money to make sure I don't get in the practice of doing that all the time.  Almost like a reset, financially.

2.  Paper organization.  Once again, all my papers have gotten a bit out of control.  I am talking bills - that type of thing.  I still haven't gotten on the paperless / email bandwagon for bills, although I am thinking about it.  If you do paperless, please share how you handle.  I am just worried something would get lost in my email.  I have thought about making an email account solely for bills - any thoughts on that?  Or if you are still on the paper train like me, how far back to you keep things?  Any tips / tricks / suggestions would be much appreciated.

3.  Bathroom storage refresh.  Third time's a charm, right?  Let's hope so.  This one is appearing again - and I WILL get it done this time.  How is that for some positive thinking?

4.  15 minute pick up.  I am such a morning person - that is definitely the time when I am most productive at home, getting things picked up and put back in order.  And even though I get up early in the morning before work, I don't always have enough time to accomplish all the things I want to before leaving.  In order to combat this, I want to start doing a 15 minute pick up in the evening.  I plan on setting my timer for 15 minutes and getting as much done as I can.  I am thinking this will probably happen right before I go to bed, but really, as long as it is sometime in the evening, I am going to count it as a win.  I actually read about doing a 10 minute pick up before bed on Honey We're Home (actually was a goal in October of 2015!), which I did for awhile way back when, but totally got away from it and now I think it is time to reinstate, and add an extra 5 minutes to start with.

Do you have any goals for the month?

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  1. I really need to do the 15 minute pick up. It's so easy and I'm just lazy not doing it haha. A no spend month is always needed for me, but I'm not sure I could actually do it. can't wait to see how it goes for you!!

  2. I do paperless billing and haven't missed a bill yet! I use my normal email account but I also put reminders on my Outlook calendar at work when the bills are due. All my bills need to be paid by the same day every month so I just make a reoccurring event each month to remind me to pay the bill. I'm not great at using my iCal but I'm always looking at my work calendar so it seems to be an effective method for me.

  3. A 10-15 minute pickup is so amazing for just keeping your place organized versus totally not! And I am with you-after a bit of a spending spree, I always like to step back and make a conscious choice to NOT spend for a little bit to avoid bad habits!

  4. I need a no spend August too haha! Good luck and I'll be sure not to pressure you into buying anything this month haha! Love the 15 minute pickup. I like going to bed with all of the dishes in the sink washed but sometimes it's our water glasses, but I still nee to wash those--that's my goal!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. I should never have looked at your Nordstrom post from here...already got my stuff and now am considering the Mia 2. LOL

  6. I find it way easier to use up things in my freezer // pantry if I plan meals around them first. And since they're usually not something I really wanted or I would have used them up already, I try not to plan too many freezer meals back to back, or it makes me want to whip up some Kraft Mac & Cheese instead, so I'll space them out by a few days.

    Love the no spend challenge, good luck!

  7. Great job with July! I need to organize most of my photos on my phone too-- and wash my makeup brushes now that you mention that, haha. The 15 minute pickup is such a good idea to be intentional in a short time frame.

  8. I definitely need to do some paper organizing this month, too.

  9. As far as bills go, we are totally paperless. Brian keeps a spreadsheet of every single bill we pay and he fills in the total for each month after he pays it. That way at the end of the month if he hasn't filled one in, then he knows he's missed one and needs to go pay it. It's also cool becuase that also lets us know how much we spent on bills any given month or year and it is also nice becuase we can compare bills from one month to the next. Like when our electricity bill is high during the summer we can go back to the same month from the previous year and compare. And for our credit cards (we have several that get points that we redeem for gift cards but we pay them off every single month) he puts the cycle date on the spreadsheet so we know what day they each cycle so it's easier to know when those will be due!

    This is like the ONLY thing that he is organized with, though. Lol.

  10. I love your idea for No Spend August! I've done that before and really enjoyed it. We have most bills online, but we still get some in the mail. I keep a spreadsheet throughout the year. I know exactly when I should receive a bill and mark it off and the amount paid on the spreadsheet. I also keep a paper trail of anything we have in organized notebooks. Pharmacy, various doctors, hospitals, etc. all have a different tab and are easily accessible.

  11. good luck on the no spend! you can totally do it! if you're a bad online shopper (i am) create a pinterest board and pin things you want. try not to keep looking at it though. next month, look at it and see if there's anything you still want. it's amazing how our 'wants' change with a little time. we do mainly paperless, though we still get a few paper bills because i haven't figured out how to switch. but i use and also in my planner i have a 'bills' page, so at the beginning of the month i write out all my bills and then write when i paid them.

  12. I like the 15 minute pickup idea! I am paperless with just about every bill. I keep a monthly budget spreadsheet, but also use the help of Google calendar. I have an event set a few days before something is due (and it repeats monthly) so my phone will give me a reminder when I'm close to the due date. It's like a back-up reminder for me. :)

  13. I always want to do a no spend month but I just can't, I'm such a failure LOL!!

  14. I cleaned out my make up and my brushes recently, too! It felt so good. Love the idea of a no spend month. Maybe I'll have to do that in September. I like your 15 minute pick up plan. I do that every night right after the kids go to bed. Then I can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening :)