Girl Chat: One Million Dollars!

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This month we are sharing how we would spend one million dollars!  And when I type one million dollars, I hope you are all hearing it in your mind as Dr. Evil would say, because that is what is running through my mind as I write this!  It's kind of funny, because anymore, one million dollars isn't as much as you would think.  You can't stop working and live off the money, or I guess you could, but you couldn't sustain it for a lifetime unless you had some pretty good investments.

First things first, I would pay off any debts, and any debts that my family may have.  I would be sure to share the wealth with them, on top of that.  Then I would start having some fun with my money.  First up would be cars.  I would buy a Range Rover, some type of classic convertible (probably a 60's Mustang) and then an old truck, something from like the 70's / 80's.  I would also go on a bit of a shopping spree.  I am not sure exactly how much money I would put towards that, but I for sure would purchase some Louis Vuitton pieces, and a Chanel and Burberry bag.  I would probably invest in some good jeans, shoes and coats, too.  To continue my spending, I would take a long trip to Greece and Italy...and a bunch of other places.  Some what of a European tour.  Once back home, I would build my dream house.  Something in the country, but not too far from town!  Timeless and classic.  I would also start my own business, although what, I am unsure.  The idea of having a bed and breakfast sounds lovely, as does my own interior design business.  Of course, an antique shop would be amazing, or a bakery.  But either way, the last bit of money (leaving myself a cushion of course) would go towards doing something I love, that can also be a great career.

Can't wait to read how you would spend your million!

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  1. Starting your own business would be awesome, and so would owning all those fun cars!! Ahhh we can dream, right!?!

  2. Building my own home would be so awesome, but don't think a million would get me far where I live, haha, unfortunately. I wish I was kidding. Yes to the shopping spree, let's just pretending we're going to get it this week so we can buy all the things at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

  3. Haha yes to Dr. Evil! You know, now that I am thinking of it, a classic car would be really cool. My husband has always wanted a Thunderbird so I would work that out to get that for him. I love that you would turn it into a business. Doing what you love is so important. Beautifully Candid

  4. I love it. We are alike. I want a Range Rover too! And I would love to start my own business too!!

  5. I love how everyone mentioned how one million dollars isn't very much these days. That is SO true! And I LOVE that you would buy a classic car... I might would do that, too! I have always wanted a 60's mustang. They are just so cool!

  6. I love that you'd go on a long trip! I'd totally do the exact same thing, travel as much as I could!

  7. Id bank and invest some to make more - that million is going to make me millions, pay off families debts, buy a home in an area I could sell it for more later, travel, buy my dream car and save even more. lol.

  8. Love all of your plans! A house not too far from town is my dream too! I'd love to open my own business like a bed and breakfast, bakery or interior design company! So many great ideas! Now let's hope we hit the jackpot!!

  9. Oh how I loved the Austin Powers movies! haha :) A classic convertible! How fun! And a long trip sounds fabulous. I would definitely spend mine on lots of travel. :)