Rustic Auto Club 2017 Road Trip

My dad is a big car guy - something I have shared multiple times on the blog.  He is president of the Rustic Auto Club, which is based in my hometown, Pontiac, IL.  Father's Day weekend is always a big weekend for the car club, because they often have a car show.  Unfortunately, last year, one of the clubs main events that raised funds for the car show was rained out.  They decided to forego the car show this year, and in its place, hold their road trip.

The club has been holding these road trips for awhile now, but this was my first time attending.  This road trip included 6 stops, all around the Pontiac area.  The attendees meet at a set location (Bernie's), and get registered.  When you register you get the packet that includes directions and the time schedule, as well as a raffle ticket for the door prizes.  The road trip is free, lunch is paid for by the car club and I think at each stop there were 3 door prizes - pretty darn good deal!  And as a really neat touch, each stop along the way gets a plaque that they can hang, showing that they were part of the 2017 Rustic Auto Club Road Trip.

The first stop was Dealer Performance Services.  The owner, Steve, sells any detailing product you can think of, and then some!  He sells directly to dealerships and the like, as well as individual sales.  My dad thought this was a great stop, because when you have a car you put so much work into, whether it be restoring, updating, or just saving up to purchase, you want to take great care of it!  I think this was one of the more engaging stops.  Lots of questions were asked and knowledge was shared.

From there, we moved on to Deanz Rodz and Racecarz in Graymont.  This was a really neat stop.  The location is very unassuming - you pull off the main road and then drive down a lane between two houses and then you have this great grassy area, Dean's home and then his shop. When everyone was parked out on the grass, it almost felt like a little car show - just very fun!  He's working on this really neat project, which you can't take any picture of and share, because then it would be disqualified from entry, but it was so neat just seeing the different parts of the car just in all different pieces.  The amount of machines he had in his shop was amazing, too.  Just really neat (how many times can I say neat?).  My favorite was the old car / parts right outside of the shop.  It just makes you wonder how about it got there, and the story behind it with all the grass and weeds overgrown - just gives you a sort of nostalgic feeling.

We cruised on a little further up the road to The Custom Shop in Flanagan.  Fun fact - I lived in Flanagan for the first year of my life.  While I don't have any memories from the house, my parents obviously do and my mom and I took a walk by while we were at this stop.  Back to The Custom Shop.  I was super excited when we stopped here, because I grew up seeing these crazy cars at the car show from this shop.  I will let the pictures do the talking here, but one thing not pictured is the side of the Corvette which actually at the Declaration of Independence painted on the side.  It's truly amazing what this place can do!

I think we were all ready for lunch at this time, which was lucky because the next stop was Fat Albert's in Gridley for pizza.  It's a little hole in the wall place, but the service was excellent and they were so nice to work with, especially since we ended up having to order extra pizza to feed everyone!  My mom and I perused the menu while we were there and they had a bunch of other things that looked really good, too.

Moving on, we headed to Gary Miller's Classic Auto in El Paso.  This place had a really neat show room, with cars ranging from really old to a bit newer with Mercedes.  My favorite by far was the orange truck.  I would LOVE to have a truck like this.  You could also buy some home decor there, like different signs and such, which is perfect for a man cave, garage or shop.  My mom even pointed out one that my dad has hanging in their basement.  Kind of funny!  

The last shops we stopped at were in Fairbury - Maurer Hot Rods and Machining Solutions, Inc.  Machining Solutions wasn't actually on the list, but they were located right next to Maurer's so it was super easy to stop on in.  Maurer Hot Rods was really neat.  You could see cars in almost every stage of restoration, even on that just had sheets of metal that were going to turn into part of the hood.  The guys were really nice and went around talking about each one of their projects.  Maurer's had worked on a few cars of people that were on the road trip, which I thought spoke to their reputation.  Machining Solutions was really neat, because they had one of those water machines that cuts through anything!  Or close to anything, it seems.  :)  For all the people stopping by, they would cut out little wrenches for people to take with them.  Also, we noticed that they had some text and letters cut out - think Jimmy Don signs from Fixer Upper.  My mom and I thought that they need to expand their business to have more a retail side to sell things like that!

There are a couple ways to get back to Pontiac, but when working out the directions, my parents included a special spot along the way.  The spot was a memorial for a former car club member that had passed away.  From there, we headed back to Pontiac, where people on the trip could go straight to the Cruise Night being held downtown.  

My parents and I headed back home, since my brother, sister in law and nephew had gotten into town a few hours earlier.  We came back only to see some cars at the house, which ended up being my brother's close friends and their families.  I hadn't seen these guys in ages, so it was really nice to just sit and talk like old times.  My dad, brother and I headed up to cruise night, only to stay a short while since there was a storm brewing.

All in all it was a great day and a great event!

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  1. this is so fun! What a great afternoon spent with your parents!

  2. This reminds me so much of my grandpa! He loved old cars and had about 7 at one point in time. Hope you had a great time!

  3. Wow how fun!!! I know nothing about cars but this all looks so cool!

  4. I'm glad you got to tag along with your parents on this road trip! Sounds so fun!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. I know I've told you this before, but my dad is a car guy, too. He ADORES classic cars and he would have lost his mind at that show. There were so many cool ones there!

  6. So fun!! I'm not a car person really, but at the 4th of July festival we go to most years they have a car show that I always enjoy. Always cool to see! :)

  7. Oh now that is neat! My fam would love this as well and I'm sure they loved having you there for the trip!

  8. I love classic car shows like that. We have a huge one here called Hot August Nights in August and this makes me excited for it.

  9. This looks so fun! I used to love going to car shows with my dad as a kid. Sounds like you had a great time!