Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  It turns out that not only do short weeks get me all confused on my days, but so do normal weeks.  I was one day ahead all week!  Needless to say, it's always great when it is actually Friday.

1.  I am SO EXCITED about The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook!  If you haven't heard, The Pioneer Woman is coming out with a new cookbook this fall.  According to the tag line on the cover she shared, this cookbook is all about 'simple, scrumptious recipes for crazy busy lives'.  Sign me up!  I can't decide if I should preorder, or just wait to add it to my Christmas list.  I kind of hate to wait because let's be real, I am obsessed, but cookbooks are always such an easy present to ask for.  

2.  Staying on the same subject (The Pioneer Woman), I want to give a bit shout out to Sarah, because after hearing me go on and on about how I still cannot find The Pioneer Woman's magazine, she went to her store, got one and mailed it to me!  It's supposed to come in the mail today and to say I am excited would be an understatement.  Thank you, thank you, Sarah!

3.  Moving right on to some more mail - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog is available.  Now, I haven't actually gotten mine in the mail yet, but it is available online.  To be honest, the catalog, to me, never does it justice, because a lot of the styling isn't for me.  However, I do like to think of the pieces individually and it's just fun to get a peek at what is going to be available.  I plan to stock up on some essentials, but different from other years, I am going to pay attention to some of the beauty items as well.  The Clarisonic has been on my list for a few years now, and I feel like it is finally time to pull the trigger on that, as well as purchase a bottle of the Kiehl's lotion.  My skin gets crazy dry in the winter and I have heard this stuff is the best.  Those two items will definitely go in my cart come July 21st, and I am sure plenty more things, too!

4.  I read a really good book this week - The Obsession by Nora Roberts.  I am a huge Nora Roberts fan, and this book I just could not put down.  It has suspense, mystery and romance.  It's a bit darker in the suspense area, so just something to be aware of.  I will share more in my book review next month, but boy was it good.

5.  The picture below is by far my favorite from the road trip I took a few weekends ago with my parents.  You can check out all the others in yesterday's post!

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Rustic Auto Club 2017 Road Trip

My dad is a big car guy - something I have shared multiple times on the blog.  He is president of the Rustic Auto Club, which is based in my hometown, Pontiac, IL.  Father's Day weekend is always a big weekend for the car club, because they often have a car show.  Unfortunately, last year, one of the clubs main events that raised funds for the car show was rained out.  They decided to forego the car show this year, and in its place, hold their road trip.

The club has been holding these road trips for awhile now, but this was my first time attending.  This road trip included 6 stops, all around the Pontiac area.  The attendees meet at a set location (Bernie's), and get registered.  When you register you get the packet that includes directions and the time schedule, as well as a raffle ticket for the door prizes.  The road trip is free, lunch is paid for by the car club and I think at each stop there were 3 door prizes - pretty darn good deal!  And as a really neat touch, each stop along the way gets a plaque that they can hang, showing that they were part of the 2017 Rustic Auto Club Road Trip.

The first stop was Dealer Performance Services.  The owner, Steve, sells any detailing product you can think of, and then some!  He sells directly to dealerships and the like, as well as individual sales.  My dad thought this was a great stop, because when you have a car you put so much work into, whether it be restoring, updating, or just saving up to purchase, you want to take great care of it!  I think this was one of the more engaging stops.  Lots of questions were asked and knowledge was shared.

From there, we moved on to Deanz Rodz and Racecarz in Graymont.  This was a really neat stop.  The location is very unassuming - you pull off the main road and then drive down a lane between two houses and then you have this great grassy area, Dean's home and then his shop. When everyone was parked out on the grass, it almost felt like a little car show - just very fun!  He's working on this really neat project, which you can't take any picture of and share, because then it would be disqualified from entry, but it was so neat just seeing the different parts of the car just in all different pieces.  The amount of machines he had in his shop was amazing, too.  Just really neat (how many times can I say neat?).  My favorite was the old car / parts right outside of the shop.  It just makes you wonder how about it got there, and the story behind it with all the grass and weeds overgrown - just gives you a sort of nostalgic feeling.

We cruised on a little further up the road to The Custom Shop in Flanagan.  Fun fact - I lived in Flanagan for the first year of my life.  While I don't have any memories from the house, my parents obviously do and my mom and I took a walk by while we were at this stop.  Back to The Custom Shop.  I was super excited when we stopped here, because I grew up seeing these crazy cars at the car show from this shop.  I will let the pictures do the talking here, but one thing not pictured is the side of the Corvette which actually at the Declaration of Independence painted on the side.  It's truly amazing what this place can do!

I think we were all ready for lunch at this time, which was lucky because the next stop was Fat Albert's in Gridley for pizza.  It's a little hole in the wall place, but the service was excellent and they were so nice to work with, especially since we ended up having to order extra pizza to feed everyone!  My mom and I perused the menu while we were there and they had a bunch of other things that looked really good, too.

Moving on, we headed to Gary Miller's Classic Auto in El Paso.  This place had a really neat show room, with cars ranging from really old to a bit newer with Mercedes.  My favorite by far was the orange truck.  I would LOVE to have a truck like this.  You could also buy some home decor there, like different signs and such, which is perfect for a man cave, garage or shop.  My mom even pointed out one that my dad has hanging in their basement.  Kind of funny!  

The last shops we stopped at were in Fairbury - Maurer Hot Rods and Machining Solutions, Inc.  Machining Solutions wasn't actually on the list, but they were located right next to Maurer's so it was super easy to stop on in.  Maurer Hot Rods was really neat.  You could see cars in almost every stage of restoration, even on that just had sheets of metal that were going to turn into part of the hood.  The guys were really nice and went around talking about each one of their projects.  Maurer's had worked on a few cars of people that were on the road trip, which I thought spoke to their reputation.  Machining Solutions was really neat, because they had one of those water machines that cuts through anything!  Or close to anything, it seems.  :)  For all the people stopping by, they would cut out little wrenches for people to take with them.  Also, we noticed that they had some text and letters cut out - think Jimmy Don signs from Fixer Upper.  My mom and I thought that they need to expand their business to have more a retail side to sell things like that!

There are a couple ways to get back to Pontiac, but when working out the directions, my parents included a special spot along the way.  The spot was a memorial for a former car club member that had passed away.  From there, we headed back to Pontiac, where people on the trip could go straight to the Cruise Night being held downtown.  

My parents and I headed back home, since my brother, sister in law and nephew had gotten into town a few hours earlier.  We came back only to see some cars at the house, which ended up being my brother's close friends and their families.  I hadn't seen these guys in ages, so it was really nice to just sit and talk like old times.  My dad, brother and I headed up to cruise night, only to stay a short while since there was a storm brewing.

All in all it was a great day and a great event!

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What's Up Wednesday: June 2017

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What I'm eating this week...

Monday: Skinny Baked Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas 
Tuesday: Pizza - Since we are spending our monthly Provident meeting stuffing bags for the Rooster Run, we are being treated to pizza!
Wednesday: Beef Fasolia 
Thursday: Either Hawaiian Kabobs or Green Chile Chicken  
Friday: Mostly likely leftovers, or whichever recipe I didn't make on Thursday.

What I'm reminiscing trip to Michigan last year.  We will all be heading there again in a few weeks and I am so, so excited!  

What I'm loving...sometimes I get in reading ruts, but lately I have been flying through books and I am loving it! 

What I've been up to...this month was a busy one.  The first weekend brought the Rooster Crawl, then it was off to Florida for work.  I had a weekend at home where I got to enjoy the pool, then the following weekend, I headed to my parents' to see family and celebrate Father's Day.  Things have slowed down a bit - I was able to enjoy the fabulous weather we were experiencing this past weekend, and as of now I have zero plans for this coming weekend.  I believe they are calling for rain, and with things going to gear up soon as work, I wouldn't mind another lazy weekend at home.

What I'm dreading...nothing really - always a good thing!

What I'm working on...eating healthier and changing up my work outs.  In order to help motivate myself, I have been rereading Balancing in Heels, and it's helping me want to make a change and be consistent with my healthy habits.  In the book, Kristin talks about eating real foods, paying attention to what exactly you are putting into your body and also, how you react to it.  At the same time, she mentioned how she doesn't do well with depriving herself of things, so she tries to keep an 80/20 balance.  I am the same way - if I try to not eat certain things, it only makes me want them more and when I do have them I tend to overindulge.  So I am trying to do better.  And also, I have been getting kind of bored during workouts, so I am attempting to switch things up a bit, like adding a HIIT workout and walking at a steep incline.  

What I'm excited about...Michigan.  It's my happy place - I cannot wait!

What I'm normal shows, and then a few new ones thrown in - Barefoot Contessa, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, and United Shades of America.

What I'm listening to...lately I have been listening to Pandora when I work out.  I feel like country music and summer go with each other, so that is usually what station I am on.

What I'm wearing...both ruffle sleeve shirts have been on repeat (here and here).  Nothing really new other than that!

What I'm doing this plans - hopefully that means being productive and knocking some things off my to do list! 

What I'm looking forward to next month...mentioning Michigan for the third time in this post, but that's it!

Bonus Question: What is your favorite 4th of July tradition...I have a few different ones.  When I was younger, we used to go to a big party with my dad's coworkers and boss that was always fun.  In high school, I was in Key Club and the conventions were often over 4th of July.  Funnily enough, one of those conventions was right here in St. Louis!  My aunt and uncle would have everyone out to the farm for a party, too, which they have the perfect spot because you can usually see fireworks from both towns on either side of them!  I obviously understand why it can't be, but I sure wish that holidays would fall right at the weekend so you could enjoy more time off, than just a day in the middle of the week.  As of now, I have no real plans, but hopefully it will be nice enough to get out and enjoy the pool!

Show & Tell Tuesday: Summer Home Tour

Home tours are some of my very favorite posts - I love home decor and getting a peek into others' homes!  I have shared quite a few home tours in the past which you can check out below.

Since my apartment really hasn't changed much since I last shared, I asked my mom to snap a few pictures for me to post.  I have shared her fall decor and Christmas decor in the past year, so I thought it was only fitting to take a peek in the summer.  As you will see below, she just decorate for 4th of July.  I just love the use of the little flags!  

A few things my mom wanted to make sure I noted - she loves the Target dollar section.  That is where the stars come from and then she put them on burlap ribbon.  My mom collects antique frogs, which is what she is using to hold the flags.  If you aren't familiar, frogs were used to to hold flowers in arrangements.  It's quite amazing to see all the different ones she has!  Also, she is a big fan of free printables, like the one framed on the mantle.  She just googles free printables, downloads the one she likes, then prints it out on cardstock.

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Weekend Recap: The Most Beautiful Weekend!

Happy Monday!  This weekend I was at home, and it was soooo nice to relax and enjoy the most amazing weather!  The summer humidity in the Midwest is terrible, but we had the gorgeous summer weather, sans humidity!  The weather was so beautiful - if only all summer days could be that nice!

Happy hour was a must after work on Friday.  It actually looked like rain, so we stayed inside, but had our two favorites apps from Bishop's Post - the grilled wings are seriously so good.  I spent the rest of the night reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.  I'll be including it in my book review next month, but a little forewarning - it was a good book, but it kind of freaked me out.  So much so that I had trouble sleeping!  Every little noise had me jumping, which the storyline really wasn't even related to that, I just thinking the subject matter hit me in such a way that got to me.  Anyways, more on that next month!

I tried out a new workout Saturday morning.  Caitlin at Southern Curls & Pearls shared a HIIT workout awhile ago, and I decided to give it a go.  It's great because it really gets your heart rate going up and down.  I wasn't sure how well I would do with it, so for the speeds I went down one less.  I also tried something Sarah at Meet The Shaneyfelts talked about on Friday - walking at an extreme incline!  Combining both, I felt like I got in a really great work out to start the day.  A close friend came over later that morning to do a little photo session...I have been wanting a new blog picture, as well as try out some 'outfit' pictures, rather than just doing lay flats.  Well, I think it just reiterated how uncomfortable I am in front of a camera.  I may or may not be sharing any of these photos, haha!  Since the weather was so gorgeous, it was a must to eat lunch outside.  We went with old faithful, Llywelyn's, and had a great lunch out.  They have a nice patio area and we were able to get the last table in the shade - it was perfect!  The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  

Sunday morning was a slower start.  It was my dad's birthday, so I spoke to him and my mom on the phone for a bit.  Sounds like they were having a great morning, complete with delicious cinnamon rolls and egg and sausage breakfast casserole!  I did some grocery shopping, where I picked up some Yasso yogurt bars.  I have been craving ice cream, and wanted a healthier alternative to try.  I couldn't help myself, and tried out the cookie dough flavor for a morning snack.  It was good!!!  Not as sweet or creamy as ice cream, but still yummy and satisfying.  I did a little cooking - I just love the smell of onions sauting in olive oil!  The only thing better is when you add in garlic, too.  I made Beef Fasolia, which is one of my favorite recipes.  It's comfort food, for sure, and sometimes you just need to break up normal summer fare with a yummy, hearty dish.  The rest of the day involved the pool, Wonder Woman and a Hallmark movie.  If you haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, it is SO SO GOOD.  It got great reviews, so I figured it would be a decent movie, but it was really, really good.  

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Why is it that everytime it is a short week, my days get all mixed up?  Having Monday off really threw me for a loop!  We made it to the end of the week, though so that's always a good thing.

1.  I am still in search of The Pioneer Woman magazine.  Obviously that part isn't a favorite, but the fact that one of my friends remembered to check for me when she was at her Walmart is a favorite for sure!  Unfortunately they didn't have it either, but it still was so nice of her!  The fact that she remembered just was really thoughtful.  Gotta love good friends like that!

2.  If you checked out my post yesterday, you saw that I had a dentist appointment.  The last few appointments I have had, my normal hygenist has not been in.  Come to find out that is because she has been on maternity leave!  She's just the nicest person and I was so glad to have her back.  Not to mention she said that my teeth were looking good!  I have had issues before, so you can only imagine how nice that is to hear.

3.  I got almost all my cleaning done last night!  Things were looking a little rough after being at my parents', so I decided to tackle cleaning a little earlier than normal.  I have to say I am pretty darn pumped that I can go into the weekend with a clean apartment.  Just knowing that is one thing I do not have to do over the weekend is nice!  More time for reading, or hanging out at the pool!

4.  I shared one of my favorite summertime dips, Bachelorette Party Dip, on Wednesday.  I totally forgot to add it to my 'Recipes' page, but it is there now.  You can find all the other recipes I have shared on the blog there!

5.  I wore my favorite ruffle sleeve top at home last weekend, and my mom loved it so much, she wanted to order herself one.  Unfortunately they only have limited sizes and colors, but they have a very similar shirt that ties in the front.  She picked one up for herself and for me!!  I went with the gray and white striped, and got it in the mail earlier this week.  The fabric seems a bit different than the one without a tie, but it's still really soft and so cute on!  I can't wait to wear it - hopefully this weekend.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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It's been a long while since I have done a confessions post and thought it was high time to do another one, especially since I have an embarrassing / funny story to share from yesterday.

First up, my story.  I had to reschedule a dentist appointment from a few months ago and it is actually today.  But all Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday...even though it is right there on my calendar as Thursday.  I was complaining a bit because I have been slacking on flossing and just know that it isn't going to be the best visit...all the while thinking it was Wednesday.  Come Wednesday, I get side tracked at work and think oh, no!  I am going to be late for my dentist appointment! - so I hurry out of work to make it to my appointment.  Only to realize en appointment was the next day.  How embarrassing?!  I rush out of work, only to realize two minutes later that I have no where to be going.  I lost my decent parking spot, and am just at a loss because, how could I make such a mistake, when again, it is there on my calendar listed under things 'tomorrow.'  Oh my word...I just thank goodness that I didn't make it to the office before I remembered, because that REALLY would have been embarrassing.  And luckily my coworker and boss were both out of the office, so I didn't have to explain my abrupt departure and then quick return to them.  So wish me luck today, because I for real have a dentist appointment!

I shared how I blog plan here, but this month I have not kept to my schedule.  Either things have come up, or I haven't put in the work to get them done well, so then they get pushed.  The positive thing is that I have those things to use next time I am struggling for ideas!

One of my June goals was to go through my work out clothes.  I am happy to say I have done that, however, they have yet to go back in where they belong.  So for the past week and a half, I have had piles of clothes just laying there in my room.  I don't spend much time in my room except in the morning when I get ready for work and then at night right before bed, so it's one of those out of sight out of mind things.  I really need to get on that, though!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still a month away, but I have been thinking about it for awhile now!  I have been keeping a list on my phone of things I want to look for during the sale and it just keeps getting longer and longer.  To prepare for the gobs of money I will potentially spend at the sale (and because I am just trying to save money in general), I have been trying not to buy anything that isn't really necessary - side note: Bath & Body Works sale purchases were totally a necessity!  However, when my mom mentioned she was going to getting a top from Charmed, I totally had her get me one, too.  Luckily, I had some money at the consignment shop in town which will cover it, but still, the struggle is real.  Also, another side note - when typing Nordstrom into Blogger, it comes up with the spell check line under it.  You would think with the many, many bloggers who talk about Nordstrom, it would be in their dictionary!

I'd love to hear a confession of your own!

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Bachlorette Party Dip

Hi all!  Today I am sharing one of my favorite dips.  I call it Bachelorette Party Dip because I had it for the first time at a bachelorette party...and because I don't know the actual name.  It's super easy to make, and super delicious.  It has a nice crunch with the red pepper, jalapeno and corn, but is still creamy and spreadable - it scoops up nicely on a cracker!  I serve this with Wheat Thins, but I think it would be good with veggies, or really, any type of chip or cracker.

Bachelorette Party Dip
1 red pepper, chopped
2 jalapenos, seeded and chopped
1 can of corn, drained
16 oz fat free cream cheese, softened
1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix

Seed and chop red pepper and jalapenos.  Drain can of corn.  In a large bowl combine red pepper, jalapenos, corn, cream cheese and ranch packet.  Stir together.  Enjoy!

I made this the night before my book club and just stirred it well before serving.  It was just as good as I remembered and everyone really loved it!  If you are worried about it having a kick from the jalapenos, it really doesn't at all.  Between seeding the jalapeno and mixing it with the other ingredients, any kick is really diminished.

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Three Things Survey

Today you are going to get to know a bit more about me!  Erica @ Whimsical September shared this 'three things' survey she had come across on a friend's blog and when I read it, I knew it was something I wanted to partake in as well.

Three things I'd never give up

Three favorite vegetables
Red peppers
Brussels sprouts

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Pretty Little Liars
Fixer Upper
Teen Mom (both OG and 2...all since 16 & Pregnant)
I know these are all shows still going, but I haven't missed an episode!  I am sure there are others that are no longer, but for the life of me I couldn't think of any.  

Three place I want to visit inside the US
New Orleans
The list goes on, but those were the ones I thought of off the top of my head!

Three place I want to visit outside the US

Again - the list goes on and on!

Three things I always have with me
Sunglasses (my eyes are super sensitive!)
My phone
I type all these things with a grain of salt, because I am super forgetful, and odds are I forget one or all of these things at different times.

Three things that are always in my car

Three most recent calls were from / to

My best friend
My brother
My sister in law

Three most often used makeup products
Eyebrow gel / powder

Three things that make me laugh
My nephew - he is such a ham!
Corny jokes - the cheesier the better!
When someone else is cracking up at themselves - it makes me laugh at them just as hard!

Three things that make me cry

Let's be real - everything makes me cry!  I was very stoic until after I graduated college and then I feel like since I have cried at the drop of a dime.  Whether it be a sweet, happy story or a sad, tradegic story, they all get me!

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Weekend Recap: Father's Day Weekend

Happy Monday!  Thankfully the Sunday blues didn't hit me this weekend, because I am still off today!  I am sure they will be in full force this evening, though.

I headed back to my parents Friday after a slow morning.  It was so nice to wake up to no alarm!  When I got home, I helped my dad with some of the 'to do' list to prepare for the weekend.  My mom was getting home from a girls trip in Nashville later that night, so Dad and I were flying solo for the day.  Lunch was Arby's and dinner was hot dogs...we did have green beans though!

Lilybird giving me the stank eye, like why are you taking my picture?

Saturday morning came bright and early.  My dad's car club was hosting a road trip that day, so I tagged along with my parents.  It was super fun and I took a lot of pictures - that in itself will be a full post, because otherwise this one would be wayyy too long!  My brother and family were headed home Saturday afternoon, so when we got back from the road trip they were already home.  An extra surprise was my brother's two best friends from high school were over, too.  I hadn't seen them forever, so it was super fun to see them and their kids!  Oh, how times have changed!  We headed downtown later on for the cruise night going on, which was cut short by the storms heading our way.

We had a yummy breakfast Sunday morning and celebrated my two favorite dads - my dad and my brother!  I headed out to my dad's shop with my dad, Matt and Jack to check out the progress on my dad's car.  I hadn't been out there in forever, and it was fun to check things out, and have Jack out there, too.  My grandma and aunt came down for a visit, and we spent the day visiting, eating and enjoying the gorgeous weather!  Right before my brother, sister in law and Jack left, we headed to the park that we grew up playing at.  It was super fun to experience it through Jack's eyes and have a little fun ourselves.  

I love my parents' yard!

My mom has all these little vignettes on the deck outside and I think they are just so dang cute. 

Today I am heading back to St. Louis, and out to lunch with my best gal pal.  Then it is back to reality and getting ready for the thankfully, short, work week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Let's get right to my favorite, shall we?

1.  Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter.  My mom introduced me to this awhile ago.  She had it at my brother and sister in law's house one day and knew she had to get some for herself!  When I first got it, I mostly ate it with apples, or had a spoonful here and there when I needed something.  In the past few weeks, though, I have been using it on waffles in the morning and oh my word - it's delicious.  It melts a bit from the hot waffles and just tastes so, so yummy.  If you haven't given almond butter a try, I would definitely go for this one.  And make sure you get the vanilla - I have been told you can definitely tell the difference! 

2.  I mentioned on Monday that this past weekend I stopped at Bath & Body Works for their sale.  It seems like it is still going on, so if you are a fan, definitely check it out!  I picked up 3 $3 foaming hand soaps (the foaming ones are my favorite!) and then 2 new candles for $10 a piece.  The candles came in a pretty coral glass container, which goes perfectly with my apartment, and the scent, Sugared Citrus Sorbet, is so good! 

3.  One of my March goals was to make a dermatologist appointment for a skin check.  I made the appointment in March, but didn't actually have it until this week.  I always get nervous going to a new doctor, but there was no reason to be, because she was awesome!  I got all checked out, and while there was one spot they wanted to look into a bit further, overall the appointment went well!  The doctor and the staff were so nice, especially for having to deal with the air breaking that morning!  I feel like a weight has been lifted since the initial visit has been done and now I can get into the routine of going and getting checked out every year.

4.  Kelsey, over at The Peacock Roost, just announced the launch of her new business, Peacock Paper & Gifts.  I can only imagine the labor of love this has been for her and it's exciting to see things come together!  I know she is anxiously awaiting the release of her products and I have to say, I am, too! 

5.  I am giving myself a 4-day weekend!  I am off today, then again on Monday.  It's going to be a busy weekend, and then Monday I have plans to catch up with my best friend for lunch.  I am excited to get away from work a bit.  I feel like it was go go go for awhile, and even though things have slowed down, I am ready for an actual, full on break, for a few days!  

top row - men / bottom row - women

6.  An extra favorite for this Friday.  If you are in need for a last minute Father's Day present, I suggest you check out Sock Fancy.  It's a sock subscription service and they have really fun socks!  While this isn't really something up my dad's alley, I think my brother would really enjoy it, as well as other guys who like to rock the fun socks for work or play.  The quality is really nice and this will be my third time saying it, but they are just so fun!  And while I am mentioning it for Father's Day, it's not just for guys - they have women's socks, too!  (Disclaimer: I received a complimentary box of socks from SockFancy in exchange for a review on the blog.  As always, all thoughts and opinion are my own!)    

Have a great weekend!

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