Workin' It: Planning & Prepping for Vacations

We made it to Wednesday!  Workin' it Wednesday for that matter!

This month's topic is planning and prepping for vacations.  I haven't gone on a 'true' (at least in my mind) vacation in some time.  I have taken plenty of long weekend trips the last few years, and I feel like a lot of the same tips apply.

I don't really have any tips for booking travel (hotel, flights, etc.) - that just is not my forte.  However, the activity planning usually falls onto my lap, which I will happily research!  Google definitely my best friend - as is Trip Advisor.  I think those sites are the best for bigger cities.  I highly suggest reading reviews, too.  Granted they are all subjective, but if you have no clue, I feel like it can really give you an idea of what you may want to do or what you may want to shy away from.  For small towns, like my favorite Hermann, MO, I feel like the city's website can really helpful.  If they are a touristy type town, then they usually have a good section of the site dedicated to those things, which may give you more information than elsewhere.  Another place that I like to check out is the hotel website.  Most have an area on local attractions.  I am going to New York this month for work and will have some free time to sight-see, so I used that option to look up a few different things.  Obviously, if you know someone local, that always helps for recommendations, or a friend that may have traveled where you are going recently.  

On vacations, I love to do things, but I also want to give myself plenty of time to relax and just enjoy being on vacation!  I typically like having one or two 'bigger' things to do in a day, and then a few options of 'we could do this if we wanted to...'.  

I shared my work packing tips before, and I would say they pretty much apply to vacations, too!  I like to make a list of things I will need, taking into consideration what our plans are.  It's nice to have this done in advance so I can make sure if I want to pack something I wear on a regular basis, it is clean.

Pretty darn simple - scour the internet, narrow down the to do's, then make a list (or two or more...)!  I realize my planning and prepping are not game changing, so I am excited to check out everyone's posts to see what suggestions I can adopt!

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  1. Traveling for work sounds like so much fun! Too bad I can't take my 80 students and go on a trip regularly! I love planning out travel: airfare, rental cars, etc. I'm like you though and typically like to lay low on vacation activities such as going to the beach.

  2. Now I'm ready for our annual vacays like right now! (not until Aug and Sept though!)

  3. I agree trip advisor is a great place to find things to do in different places! If you need any recommendations for New York based on where you are staying let me know!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. Trip planning is one of my favorite things even if the trip ends up never happening LOL I'm just back from vacation and I want to go away again.

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. We are currently in the process of planning our vacation to Europe in the fall and I'm so excited!Like you, I feel like forever since I've taken a real vacation rather than a long weekend or work trip.

  6. I love researching and planning our trips, too! The first time B and I went to Vegas and NYC I had a field day researching everything!! It is so much fun planning for a big trip!

  7. Planning trips are tough, but I always google and trip advisor everything. Especially places to stay and food. You need a vacation girl!!!

  8. I love Trip Advisor! Always so helpful to see what is worth your time/money when you're in an unfamiliar area.

  9. I am so not a researcher when it comes to planning trips! I may look a few things up but basically I just like to wing it ha! Dustin is not like that at all so he plans it all asking for some input and then I help him be able to change plans last minute haha!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  10. We love giving time to relax! When we first started traveling Derek would get so mad because I'd pack the days full and we'd be exhausted but now we just do something in the morning or afternoon then spend the rest of the day relaxing!