Tuesday, March 21, 2017

5 Packing Tips for Work Trips

Last year was the first time I had ever traveled for work.  It was a bit stressful, trying to figure out what to pack, especially because I knew I wanted to fit everything in a carry on.  Going on a few trips within in a relatively short time span really helped me get my packing down, so that whenever work travel comes up again, it's a much, much easier process.

1.  Packing cubes.  I honestly use these anytime I travel, but I bought them specifically when I started traveling for work.  I usually use a larger cube for clothes, one for shoes, and then sometimes another small cube for undergarments / socks, if my clothing cube is full.  I just love how organized and contained everything is in my suite case.  And while they don't really compact things, I do feel like there is a little flattening aspect to them, which saves a little extra space.

2.  Make packing lists.  I always make a toiletry list and then usually a clothing list, too.  For toiletries, I going through my morning / getting ready routine and night time routine in my head, and write everything down.  Then, as I pack I cross it off.  This especially helps when I have an earlier flight, and I need to keep things unpacked to use to get ready in the morning.  I am super forgetful, and add in the anxiety of traveling, I am bound to forget something important that I might not want to purchase on my trip, like a new straightener or something like that!  For my clothing list, I think about what is going on during the days, if there is down time where I need more casual clothes, if I plan on working out - all that stuff.  Which leads me to my third point...

3.  Limit your shoes!  I feel like shoes can take up so much room, so I basically only pack two pairs - a pair of heels, and then tennis shoes to work out in.  I usually wear slip on shoes in the airport, so all in all I have 3 pairs of shoes.  When I make my clothing list, I make sure that everything will go with one pair of shoes, either black, tan or navy, and stick to it.  I also do this with my jewelry.  I usually pack an additional pair of earrings - again something that goes with everything.    

4.  Pack dresses.  You can never go wrong with a dress.  They can suit so many different occasions and can be often worn without jackets / blazers and still look very professional and put together.  I usually had a blazer if we have a special meeting, but often a dress is enough.  Takes up a lot less room!  Dresses usually mean panty hose in a business professional setting so my extra note here - pack two more pairs that you actually need.  Those things tear like no other!  I am speaking from experience.

5.  Keep your purse to just the necessities.  I am guilty of carrying EVERYTHING in my purse.  However, when I travel, it is bare bones.  I have a small wallet that fits a few cards and cash, chapstick, Kleenex and sunglasses.  Occasionally a few other things make their way in there, but it all fits neatly into a little pouch.  My phone, along with a charger, some type of reading material, whether it be a book, magazine, or my Kindle goes in there, and then my laptop.  

Really, these tips work for any type of travel, but I find them super helpful specifically for work.  What are your best travel tips?

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  1. Great travel tips! I always try to limit the shoes too because they do take up so much space!

  2. Dustin is a list maker when it comes to packing for any trip we make. Even when he packs for a weekend at his hunting club, he has a list haha! I love that you put dresses--dresses are a complete outfit without taking up too much room. I love jersey material so that you can roll it and it never wrinkles!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I'm amazed to read that you still wear hose, get it professional! :)

  4. Ooooh, I didn't know about these packing cubes.. I'll have to check them out. I haaaate feeling unorganized when I travel, and I think these would be helpful! Thanks for the tip!


    1. I realized I forgot to link the packing cubes at first. The ones I have are the Yanuoki 4 Value Set Packing Cubes - found on amazon!

  5. Shoes get me every time! I always doubt myself and bring a pair for every occasion... It's a little too prepared! Checking out those cube right now!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. These are all such great tips! Packing cubes seriously are the best, and you can never go wrong with dresses either!

  7. Great packing tips! Although I do zero traveling for work, packing cubes have become my absolute travel necessity! You're right, even though they don't create magic room, they just condense a crazy amount of stuff and if I over pack a little bit, I don't feel so bad. Packing lists are my bread and butter, I need it for even the shortest trip, currently writing mine down for Vegas since I only have tonight to pack!

  8. I'm so glad that i don't have to travel for work anymore. I did a bit of light travelling when I first started this job, but I told them I was done when I had kids. Haha. I totally agree about the packing list! I have generic packing lists for each member of our family and then I edit each one depending on where we're going. It saves SO much time and stress already knowing what you need. Brian just packs willy nilly and I don't know how he does it... I would forget something for sure!

  9. These are great tips! I don't travel for work as often anymore but the next time I do I am definitely looking for a packing cube! I always make so many lists and even more when we're traveling with the kids. Shoes and hats are always my hardest items to pack. Beautifully Candid