Christmas Crafting: Wish Upon a Star Ornament

Growing up, I always remember my mom making ornaments.  They would be gifts for friends, teachers, our hairdresser, whoever, really.  There was always some type of Christmas crafting going on.  Last year, we put together a few different crafts to share on the blog, and I wanted to continue that this year.  What we came up with was what I am referring to as the "Wish Upon a Star" ornament.  It was super quick to put together, and I just love how it turned out.

What you need:
Garden Nippers
Hot Glue Gun / Hot Glue Sticks
Ella Claire Printable 
Bakers Twine / Ribbon

To start out with, you need to find a few sticks, trying to get them all about the same size around.  These were soaked in vinegar and water to help kill any little bugs, then set to dry before using.  We (my dad) whitewashed the sticks, using a mixture of paint and water.  He put a little paint on, then wiped it off, so that it was more of a whitewash finish than pure white.  He did this in the morning, we let them dry throughout the day, then made the ornaments in the evening.

We decided to go with 5 inches for the length of the sticks.  Using the ruler, I measured out the 5 inches, then cut using the garden nippers.  To get a more weathered look, each stick was sanded a bit, just to make it look a bit imperfect.  Once we had all the sticks cut and sanded, it was time to glue them together.

If you look at the star, you can see we started on the bottom with the left diagonal piece ( \ ), then built on from that.  The ending piece will connect the middle with the first stick.  I glued all places that the sticks touched each other, to help reinforce it.  The next step was to decide what we wanted across the middle.

We were between ribbon, adding greens, pinecones, berries, jingle bells - the list could go on - until my mom remembered seeing this free printable on the Ella Claire blog.  It was absolutely perfect for this ornament!  Just print out, then cut the "wish" banner along the lines.  Fold in on the sides as show, then glue to the star.

To keep things simple and classic, we went with the black and white bakers twine - about 8 inches - to make a loop at the top to hang on the tree.  

I an absolutely obsessed with how it came out - it looks gorgeous on the tree, too!  I really think you could make this so many different ways - use silver or gold paint, cover in glitter...the list could go on!  To check them out, we hung them on my parents' hutch, and I think it even looked cute just on the knob - if you didn't want to put it on the tree, it would be cute on a cabinet as an extra bit of Christmas decor.  

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  1. Such a great DIY and perfect to bring along with a bottle of wine or something for a party!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. This ornament is SO cute! I love it. Have a great day!

  3. Thats adorable!! I feel like these could also be good gifts for including with a present to a friend or something as well!

  4. I love that you and your Mom craft together! I hope my kids continue to do it with me when they're older :) And I LOVE this ornament!! Seriously, it's beautiful!!

  5. Fabulous! (Clap emoji) I'm in need of some crafting! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such a fun simple ornament! My boys are always picking up sticks so this will be perfect do with them next year. Thanks for sharing the idea! Beautifully Candid

  7. Oh that came out so awesome!! What a great idea. It would also make a great gift.

  8. Such a beautiful DIY piece! I used to love making ornaments, and can't wait to teach baby girl <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. oh wow, this is awesome! i don't think i have ever made an ornament, unless maybe in school and i can't remember lol

  10. That is so cute, Emily! I love the script on the little sign.

  11. Emily, this is such a great DIY! The kids would love it! Jacob is always toting around rocks and sticks, so we already have a collection.

  12. My mom always made ornaments growing up and she still makes them actually! The star y'all made is so cute, and so easy to make too!

  13. That is super cute & looks so easy!

  14. How cute! I love the rustic look, and this definitely fits that. I like how your dad whitened it too - gives it a little extra something.


  15. Love the rustic look and even more special that you made it yourself!!