21 Day Fix Review

Back in November, I decided I need to change up my work out plan.  I was always doing cardio at the gym, but not much more.  I wasn't seeing the results I wanted, and I really wasn't sure how to change it up.  I knew I wanted to do more exercises, but the weights and machines area at the gym was a bit intimidating to me.  I reached out to you all for suggestions in my November Goals post, and the 21 Day Fix was recommended, along with some others.  My co-worker's wife had done the program with success, and I was able to borrow the DVDs from her to try it out.  I wanted to make sure it was something I could see myself sticking with, before spending the $70+ it costs.  I ordered off Amazon - link here.  I tried out the DVDs for a few days, and decided to go for it.  As you can tell from the name, it is 21 days, so I thought the perfect time to do it would be the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here is how it went...

The DVDs.  I really enjoyed the work outs.  Some, of course, I enjoyed more than others.  The big win for me was the fact that they were all close to 30 minutes.  I was able to get a great work out in, without having to commit a ton of time to it.  I felt like I got so much of my evening back, because I wasn't spending time driving to the gym, working out for 40+ min, and then driving back.  I would do the work outs right when I got home from work, and that was that.  While the time and quality of the work out was great, there were a few downfalls.  I began to know what was coming, so if I didn't like a specific exercise, or it was a lot harder for me than others, I would start to dread it a little bit.  There is a countdown clock at the bottom of the screen, which was both good and bad.  If I looked too early into it, things seemed to just drag on and on.  I would have to remind myself that all together it was only 30 minutes (give or take) and that really, in the scheme of things, that is no time at all.  Another con was the fact that it is a straight 21 days, with only active rest days.  I was tired.  My body was tired.  I wanted a day off from working out.  Which I actually did end up taking one Friday off, so technically for me, it was the 22 Day Fix.  I didn't plan well in advance, so while I should have done the work out in the morning, I thought I would do it in the evening and ended up not feeling great so the work out did not happen. All that being said, though, I thought the DVDs were great.  They were what I wanted and what I needed.  Even with the feelings of dread and wanting a break, I would (and am) do them all again.  I think they are just great to have on hand to do even if you aren't following the total program.

The meal plan.  I found the meal plan very overwhelming.  First off, I decided against the Shakeology.  For 30 days, the cost was $130, which in my mind, was a lot.  I have only heard good things about it, though, but I just didn't want to endure the cost.  I know there are ways to get it discounted, but I just decided to not mess with it.  In the materials, you are given a formula which then steers you to the appropriate meal plan.  From there, you are allotted a specific number of each colored container.  Each one represents a type of food, like protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, etc.  Pinterest and blogs are great resources for meal plans, but unfortunately, I am one of those people that needs a bit of variety, so I couldn't just copy them directly.  The planning and prepping takes a bit of time, so you need to make sure to give yourself that when getting ready for the week.  In the end, I did well about one week with the meal plan.  The amount of food you get really is substantial, so I was full, but not overly so.  One of the major things I noticed was less bloat, which was great.  The containers help you realize what you may have been missing from your diet, such as helpings of veggies, or the amount of protein you should be getting, as well as make you aware of proper portion sizes.  Unfortunately, I slacked on the planning due to being busy and holiday parties, so the second two weeks weren't near as good as the first.  I spoke with a co-worker who did the 21 Day Fix awhile ago, and she said she felt like it took her one round to really figure out the meal plan, and when she did the program a second time, she had a lot more success and felt the meal planning portion was a ton easier.  

Overall, I think it's a great program.  Even with falling off the meal plan wagon a bit, I still think it was a successful round.  I could tell a difference in my physical appearance, both my arms and legs felt toner, and my stomach flatter and when I stuck to the meal plan, I just felt a lot better in general.  I didn't weigh myself or take measurements beforehand, but I did ask a few of the people closest to me if they could tell a difference, and they said yes, which really made me feel good.  And I could tell my clothes were fitting better, which I think is a great way to gauge how things are progressing.  

I plan on starting another round next week.  With it being the new year, it's always a fresh start, especially with health goals.

If you have any 21 Day Fix tips or tricks, please share!  I am not a coach, but enjoy talking about my personal experience, so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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  1. I've been thinking of starting the 21 Day Fix, so it's great that I came here today! I've heard great things about it. I worry about the meal plan portion because I'm not one to plan food to take to work etc. It seems like such a daunting task. Thanks for reviewing it!


  2. So interesting! Did you have to buy the containers? It's nice to know you weren't starving during your time on the meal plan since you were working out every day!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I'm starting another round on Monday too!! Here's to hoping we both stick to it better this time around!

  4. I've heard mixed reviews about the 21 day fix, so it's great to hear your perspective on it! Congrats for getting through it - work out plans can be tough! If you're looking to try something new - I would recommend the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. You can find it for free online if you google search "Bikini Body Guide" and click on (I think) the third result? It's the PDF file one. I've found that I really like this program because it's 3 workouts a week with 2 days of some form of cardio (walking/swimming/biking/etc.). Also these workouts are only 28 min each :) Just thought I'd share the info!

  5. Girl, I need to commit to something so badly so way to go! I need a new yoga mat so that's step one haha I can do this, I can do this (I keep whispering that as I get another cup of coffee and turn on HGTV)

  6. So glad you shared your thoughts on this. I don't think I ever realized it was part of BeachBody (until you mentioned shakeology)-- I always find meal planning/prep to be the hardest thing to get down, especially if you're someone that doesn't like to eat the same things every single day/week.

  7. I've heard of the 21 day fix but haven't tried it. I feel like the meal plan would be the hardest for me. Right now I alternate running and doing a workout DVD which is working. I like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Fix because there are 3 different workouts that you can choose from depending on how you feel. If I don't have to work, I love working out in the morning! I feel you get a much better workout!

  8. I love hearing your take on this-especially because you are so honest and provided both negative and positive feedback! I would love to hear how the second round goes for you and meal tip advice!