Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Tag

I have seen this post floating around on multiple blogs and with it being the week of Thanksgiving, I thought it was the perfect time to do it myself.

Favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day meal - allllll the sides.  And just hanging out with family around the table.

Favorite side(s) - by far my mom's broccoli, cheese and rice casserole.  It's a holiday staple!

Have you hosted before - no, but in the future I would love to!

Favorite decor for Thanksgiving - I think my favorite thing is this turkey print my mom has framed on her mantle.  I don't know that we really decorate for Thanksgiving per say...it's more just fall decorations.

Tree up before or after Thanksgiving - well if you read yesterday or Friday, you know I was decorating beforehand.  I just really like coming home after Thanksgiving to everything all set up and ready to enjoy for the holiday season.

Smooth or chunky cranberry sauce - Smooth, although I don't normally eat them.  And honestly, we always have both on the Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkin Pie or another - I don't really like pie (except for peanut butter!), so my favorite Thanksgiving dessert is usually just ice cream, or if someone makes pumpkin squares - those are my fav!

Biggest thing you are thankful for - by far the people closest to me.  
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  1. I love that turkey print! I need that for my house year-round! Where did your mom get it?
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. This is so fun! I want to try your moms broccoli cheese and rice casserole, it sounds delish! I would love to host in the future as well :)

  3. Yummy Broccoli cheese and rice!! It smells delicious <3 I'm more of a put everything up after thanksgiving on Black Friday kind of girl!! Happy Tuesday <3

  4. What a fun post! And I totally agree with you on the Christmas decor... I like to have all the work done before the holidays so I can just sit back and relax between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  5. Love that you did the little questionnaire that I made last week! I always find it fun to learn more about people's preferences and traditions!

  6. It's so funny that we both decided to write this post today! I love broccoli cheese rice too! It's always so good! Your mom's turkey picture is so pretty and so festive too!

  7. I love that print! I'm making cranberries for the first time this year, but my husband insisted we get the smooth version too!

  8. I love all the sides too! Always my favorite part :) And I'm with you on the pie thing, bring on the peanut butter pie though! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. Yummm! I LOVE a good broccoli/cheese/rice casserole- but I haven't had one in a long time. I wish someone made that at our family Thanksgiving lol!

  10. Broccoli, Rice, and Cheese Casserole sounds delicious! My mom makes a corn casserole side dish that's pretty delicious too. I wonder what will be my signature dish someday when I start hosting Thanksgivings.