September 2016 Goals

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The fact that it is September really blows my mind.  I am so excited, though, because it is my favorite time of year!  I love the fall and all that comes with it.  Of course, the new month means a new set of goals. 

Here is how I did last month.

August Goals:

1. Get a library card.  If you read my August Goal post, you know that I already accomplished this one.  Let me tell you - I am loving it!  I can't believe I waited so long to get one.  If you don't have one, get one.  You will not regret it!

2.  Update the recipe page of my blog.  Done!  You can click here or on "recipes" at the top to see all the recipes I have shared on the blog. 

3.  No spend August.  This was a lot harder than I anticipated.  But I did it!  And then proceeded to go a little crazy this past weekend for Labor Day.  Not sure if these no spend months are a good idea, if I just go all out right after.  

 4.  Closet clean-out.  Done, too!  I just went through my clothes (no shoes), but got rid of 2 bags of clothes.  Definitely a success!  

I am actually really excited about my September goals - usually I wait until the last minute to come up with them, but these popped in my mind throughout August!

September Goals:

1.  Organize my refrigerator.  One of my favorite blogs is IHeart Organizing and Jen's fridge is just dreamy.  Mine is a hot mess compared to hers and I would like to remedy that.  Mostly, I plan on doing a big clean out, then getting a few containers to organize like items so that they aren't just scattered all over the place.

2.  Organize and back up pictures.  My pictures are just all over the place on my computer.  I also have a ton on my phone that are not on my computer.  My hope is to get everything onto my computer, organized into folders that identify the date and "the what" of the picture, then research a good external hard drive to back them up on.  If you have any suggestions on how you keep your pictures organized, or what you use for a back up, please send them my way! 

3.  Walk on the weekends.  Crisp, fall mornings are my favorite.  I want to take advantage of them as much as possible and start walking in the morning on the weekends.  It's a great way to start to start the morning, and while I can't really do that during the week with my start time at work, it is definitely doable for the weekends.

4.  Pantry/laundry shelves.  Above both my washer and dryer, I have two sets of shelves.  One serves as my "pantry," while the others are more storage.  I haven't touched one of them since I moved in really, so I think it is time to clean it out a bit and see what is all up there. 

August was a super good month for me's to hoping September is the same!


  1. I need to update the pictures on my computer too! I haven't done it for a few months and so my recents are one hot jumble. I'm so glad you're loving your library card! I pretty much have quit reading until I'm finished watching Downton Abbey haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. That refrigerator is dreamy!! I used to read that blog all the time but have no idea why I stopped. It probably made me feel bad about my own house, lol! Good job with your no spend month!! Can't wait to see what you scooped up this weekend ;)

  3. Yay on your no spend August!! Oh how I love crisp morning walks!! Happy short week girl!!

  4. Awesome goals! I have been really slacking on organizing and backing up my photos, so I may have to steal that one from you. And the refrigerator organization/clean out too while I'm at it!
    Green Fashionista

  5. My pictures are all over the place, too. I would love to know what you decide to do to organize yours.

  6. I love having a library card! We're cleaning out our closets again right now too and I love it. Fall arriving puts me in the mood for a good clean out of every drawer and closet! All your September goals sound great!

  7. I'm loving your recipe tab! I need to reorganize mine as well. I have so many recipes on there now that I need to do away with all of the pictures and just stick with categories and lists like you did.

    As far as pictures go, I keep all of ours on an external hard drive and I have a folder for each month of each year. Each of those folders has a folder for all of my iPhone pics from that month and then dated individual folders with descriptions for pictures taken with our fancy camera (like beach pics, home tour pics, etc.)

  8. Oh my gosh, YES! I love my library card! Haha - I feel like such a nerd loving it so much, but it's the best thing! Can't wait to see some posted pics of your newly organized fridge!

  9. I so need to organize my pictures as well! I love that you have goals each month :) I want to start doing this! I have a library card as well and I LOVE it. I actually use it to get books on my kindle for the most part but every now and then I get an actual book to read :)

    I just started following your blog on bloglovin and I'm obsessed! I would love a follow back<3

    xo Nicole

  10. Great job on your August goals! We are talking about implementing a no spend week a month or something along those lines to cut back. I love your plan to walk on the weekends and to organize your pantry. I need to organize our coat closet and work on the kid's closets. Here's to getting a lot done this month!!

  11. You rocked your August goals girl!! :) And seriously- having a library card rocks, I actually have 3 different ones to various libraries, lol! I'm all about the walking as soon as the temperatures drop and STAY there :)

  12. Way to go on your no spend month! I need to work on that one, but I'm a little bit nervous that I won't be able to. I love your goal of organizing your pictures! That's one thing that I struggle with too!

  13. The no spend months are hard when you need basic essentials but good job on keeping it going all through August. Your list reminds me that I need to do some "Fall cleaning" and organizing in the coming weekends. I do love everything about Fall except that Florida doesn't get to enjoy the awesome weather!

  14. You did such a great job on your goals for last month-- congrats on making it through your no-spend month! I'm definitely going to check out that article on fridge organization because that's something we totally need to do too. And organizing my pictures... I think I've been saying that every month since January!