Day in the Life

One of my very favorite types of posts to read are "Day in the Life" posts.  I have always wanted to do one myself, but never have remembered - that is until now!  My days aren't too exciting, but I know that as my life changes, it will be super fun to look back to see what my "normal" used to be.

My morning started off at 5:00.  I like getting up early, but sometimes just wish I could stay in bed, like today.  It's storming, and is supposed to all day, which makes me just want to curl up in bed.  I usually spend about the first hour of my day reading blogs.  I am definitely more productive in the mornings, so after spending some time on blogs, I use the extra time I have to do any chores I may have foregone the night before.  This morning I unloaded the dishwasher, folded towels and made some trail mix for work.  One thing I have learned that makes my life a lot easier is to run the dishwasher at night, then unload in the morning.  Now, this doesn't always happen, but when it does, things just go a lot smoother.

I am lucky to live close to work, which means I can get there in less than 10 minutes, as long as I hit the lights right.  I snapped a quick picture while I was stopped at a red light.  Our headquarters were built just a little less than two years ago, so everything is modern and still relatively new.

My work hours at 7:30-4:00, with a 45 minute lunch break.  I like to go out to lunch once a week, then usually bring mine to eat in the cafetorium the rest of the week.  I hadn't gone out pretty much all last month, because we were busy, so I knew today was the day to get out.  I grabbed a buffalo chicken wrap at Crazy Bowls & Wraps.  It's one of my favorite lunch places and it really hit the spot today.  Work was ok...after having such a long month and week last week, I was hoping to kind of coast through the day, but that did not happen.  Fortunately, I was able to leave work on time, so I left shortly after 4:00.

After I got home, my brother happened it call.  We haven't talked in awhile, so it was nice to catch up a bit.  He's so funny about his calls - pretty much he has to be on the way to or from school to get him to talk on the phone.  I am heading there in a few weekends for Jack's birthday, so I can't wait to see his little family!

I got ready for the gym after our chat.  I've been getting a little bored at the gym so I did the elliptical for a bit, then moved onto the bike for the rest of the time.  Bravo is always my go-to at the gym, which means I have seen all the recent Real Housewives episodes a million times.  Today I watched a little bit of RHOC.

For some reason I have started washing my sheets on Monday night.  I threw those in when I got home from the gym and took a quick shower.  I am taking half a day tomorrow to go see my best friend and her little guy, so I made salad to bring, along with some cut fruit.  It worked out well, because I just made the salad I was going to have for my lunches this week and portioned it out so I had enough!  Killed two birds with one stone.  

I had a light dinner while watching RHONJ, then moved to The Bachelorette while I work on this blog post.  I have to say - I am in LOVE with the ring the winner picked.  It's gorgeous.  

I have been trying to end my evenings with reading in bed before lights out normally around 10:00 and last night was no different!

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  1. I have so many RH episodes to catch up on because I don't think I watched any last week. And I think it's smart to wash your sheets on a weeknight. I wash mine every weekend but that gets annoying because I like to go do things so I may change it to a weeknight. Love days in the life posts!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Love these posts! I am totally with you on the dishwasher thing! I love unloading clean dishes in the morning :) I second Sarah. Sundays are typically clean sheet night in our house but I've been contemplating moving this to a weekday instead of tying up more weekend time.

  3. I love these types of posts too! I had been meaning to write one for the summer and then again when I started working again since I'm a teacher and I haven't done it yet! I love getting to see a glimpse into peoples everyday life! I really need to start making it a priority to go to the gym!

  4. Yes on the dishwasher!!! If we have to run ours during the day it throws me off, plus I don't like the noise during the day. :-) the ring he picked was one of the best rings I've seen on this show actually, because it was more simple. I don't know if they will make it in the long run... it will be interesting to see!

  5. I loved this! Love seeing day to day life :) how nice that work is so close for you. That makes mornings so nice not having to fight traffic I bet. Love your blog!

  6. i love day in the life posts, i keep meaning to do one! i have been loving the elliptical lately.. and i don't really watch bravo unless i am at the gym haha. it's mindless enough to not need to know what's going on all the time, but not so mindless that i get bored.

  7. I love these types of posts too because I always think that it's so much fun to see what other people do for work! I'm so envious of your 10 minute drive to work! That would be so awesome!

  8. Looking into people's days is always my favorite! I love getting up a little bit earlier to get more things done in the morning!

  9. I always love these posts too, I will have to remember to do a post like this too! Unloading the dishwasher in the morning is key. And totally agree about the ring. It was more classic, which I love!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  10. I love the day in the life posts! You need to start doing them more often! And holy moly at waking up at 5 AM! Girl, I wish I could do this! I really, really want to do better about waking up earlier. This morning I didn't have to take J to camp, so I had 30 extra minutes and it was GLORIOUS! I got so much stuff done before work!

  11. I love day in the life posts! I wish I could be as productive as you in the mornings! I guess I like my snooze button a little too much. ;)

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers some downtime in the morning before work. I know some people hit snooze constantly and rush to get ready, but I get up extra early, pop out of bed and start getting ready and just love having time before I have to leave to read or whatever!