August 2016 Goals

Happy August!  I am really excited to share my goals for the month, especially because I have already completed one - gotta love starting off on the right foot!  However, last month wasn't so hot.  Let's take a look.

July Goals:

1. Print updated pictures.  Nope.  Zero progress on this.

2.  Meal plan.  So, I reverted back to cereal and milk for some dinners last month when it was so busy.  I just had a really off week after I got back from Michigan, and while I did get back on track the last week in July, the month as a whole wasn't great.

3.  Read two "real" books.  I tried.  I brought two books with me to Michigan and started reading one while I was there.  It was going well until I left them in my parents beach bag in Michigan.  Oops.  Since those were the two I really wanted to read, I just went back to my Kindle reading.

4.  Use gift cards.  I did a little better with this!  I used a Loft card I had and I think a few others - probably Panera?  I still have some to go, but I am more conscious of what gift cards I do have available if the opportunity to use them arises.

On to August...

August Goals:

1. Get a library card.  I live within walking distance to the library, so it is ridiculous that after almost 2 and a half years, I still did not have a library card.  Especially with how much I love to read.  I wanted to remedy that earlier this year, but the library was under construction.  It reopened at the end of July so I told myself now I was finally going to get one.  Spoiler alert - I went this past Tuesday and picked up a card and some books.  I am SO excited and am already compiling a list of authors to check out for my next trip.

2.  Update the recipe page of my blog.  I had my fabulous blog designer, Erin, do a few blog updates earlier this year, one which was adding a recipe page so that I could list the recipe names with the links to the posts there.  It's been quite awhile since that happened and this page still says "coming soon".  I plan on remedying that this month!

3.  No spend August.  With summer coming to a close, there is no real need to buy any more warm-weather items this season.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Nordstrom Sale, (you can see my buys here) so I should be set for the start of fall.  With all that in mind, it seems I should have no reason to shop for anything other than necessities! 

4.  Closet clean-out.  I feel like I am always talking about going through my clothes and cleaning out my closet, but I feel like it is a never ending cycle.  When I was doing laundry this past weekend, I noticed that my stack of extra hangers was dwindling.  Reason enough to me to start going through things to see what I haven't worn in awhile and what I probably won't be wear again.

What types of things do you hope to accomplish this month?

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  1. I should really join a library too. The number of books I get through is crazy!

    Stopping by from the "What's New With You" link up :-)

  2. I might join in on these goals! We have a super cute but tiny library on main street, I need to up my game on meals in general and it's never a bad idea to save $$ (my hubby would love you!)

  3. I'm so glad you got a library card! It will save you so much money on books and that will help with your no spending this month!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. i LOVE my library card/library! i also signed up my 8yr old for her own card so now we make trips to the library together. free books always win :)

  5. I feel the same way about cleaning out... I started cleaning out everything at the beginning of this year and now that I'm finally feeling like I've cleaned out everything, it feels like it's already time to start over again. Sigh...

  6. i am so jealous you live within walking distance to a library! i don't actually have a library card, it's too hard for me without a state issued ID (although actually i did just get my permit so i can actually get a library card omg i'm so excited!!!!) but i was using my husband's library account to download ebooks.. anyway. good luck on your no spend, i am going on 2 months no spend and i'm honestly shocked but super proud haha

  7. Cleaning out my closet is a goal of mine too! And of course the no spending. Oh my gosh, isn't having a library card life-changing?!

  8. I feel like I always get off track with meal planning and being on a schedule when I get back from vacation. It takes a lot of effort to get back on track. And hooray for library cards! I have one and the library is within walking distance from my office, so I really should try to utilize it more!

  9. Ugh I need to clean out my closet desperately!

  10. Library trips are so exciting. I just recently renewed my card and it's fantastic for reading paper copies of books. Sometimes (most days) I am not in the mood to read my Kindle or need a break.

  11. Love those booties! We go to the library every other week in our house =0) My August goal is to HAVE THIS BABY! Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. I need to clean out my closet badly. I should make that my goal this month too!

  13. Good luck with your August goals! It sounds like you are already on the right track since you already have a library card! :)