Friday Favorites

TGIF!  Happy Friday.  This has been another long week, and I am beyond excited that it is finally Friday.  

I am going to start off my favorites with something that I know is a big favorite of many...Girl Scout cookies!  I placed my order with a co-worker this week and I cannot wait until they are delivered at the end of the month.  Growing up, I was in Girl Scouts, so I always make sure to buy from someone this time of year.  Not to mention they are delicious!  

Grease Live!  This weekend, Grease Live is on TV.  Julianne Hough is playing Sandy, which I think is a perfect match.  Grease is such a classic...I am really excited to see how it works live.

Fixed vacuum.  If you stopped by yesterday, you read about my "user error" problem with the vacuum.  It may be a bit pathetic, but I am excited to vacuum this weekend!   Freshly vacuumed floors make me happy.

New nail polish.  My mom recently sent me my Kindle charger in the mail (thank you!!), because I had forgotten it at my parents' house when I was home over Christmas.  Included in the tiny package was two new nail polishes.  One was a base coat, the other this gorgeous color called, Buy Me A Cameo.  I love the sheen of this nail polish.  It's amazing - I will go to Target, look at all the Essie colors and rarely come home with anything new.  My mom, however, always seems to be able to pick out the best colors.  Buy Me A Cameo is like a gold/tan, almost metallic-looking color.  I don't know how to put it in words, but I really love it.  The base coat is a game-changer, too.  I haven't used a base coat in years.  I didn't have time to put a top coat on my finger nails this past weekend, so I was worried that my polish wouldn't last very long.  However, almost a week later, it still looks great.  I think the base coat is the cause of that!

buy me a cameo - neutrals by essie

Probably my most favorite thing of this week, is that after today, work should be slowing down.  I am excited to get back into more of a routine, have time to catch up on all the blogs I have missed reading this week and just relax.  Also, I don't know if I ever actually kicked the bug I had earlier this month, because it seems to be coming back again with a vengeance.  I think some more rest is just what I need.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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These are my confessions...

Did anyone else think of Usher when reading this title?  Because I was definitely singing "Confessions Part II" in my head as I was writing this post.

I have seen confession posts on different blogs, and I thought it was a great idea.  So these are my confessions...

I confess...I have turned into a horrible parker.  Ever since I got my new car, I have become terrible at parking.  It's embarassing.  My old car was a lot bigger than my current car now, which you would think makes it easier, but I just cannot get in a spot straight!  Luckily, my car is small, so even when I am crooked, I am still within the lines.  However, it still is pretty awful.  What makes it even worse, is that I feel like I really try to do a good job now, only to fail miserably.  I will be pulling in my apartment parking lot, think I am really straight, get out and no dice.  It's ridiculous.  

I confess...I have a thing with wet shoe laces.  I really don't like it when my shoe laces get wet.  For example, if it is wet outside, when I get home and take off my shoes, I tuck my shoe laces inside my shoes.  That way they have no chance to get caught underneath the wet soles, or get damp from a wet spot on the rug.

I confess...I thought my vacuum was broke, but really, it was just user error.  Oops!  My dad text me the other night, after he heard from my mom that my vacuum wasn't working.  I was planning on calling him this weekend, when I had more time, but it turns out I didn't even need to actually talk to him on the phone.  He had me send him a picture of the bottom of the vacuum and the top part of the bottom.  From those pictures, he was able to tell me how to fix it!  I had accidently pressed down a lever.  It didn't look like it was all the way down, so it didn't even catch my eye.  But my dad saw it and sure enough, once I had moved it, the vacuum worked!  Thanks, dad!  Guess I just need to pay more attention next time.

I confess...sometimes I type in numbers on my ten key at work, expecting them to show up on my computer in Excel.  I feel like I have a reasonable explanation for this, though.  When I first started working, someone got me a left-handed keyboard.  I am not sure why...I am left-handed, but I didn't even know they made special keyboards for that.  The difference in the number keys are on the left-hand side, which is where I keep my ten key.  So I feel like it only makes sense that I sometimes accidentally type on there, as opposed to my keyboard.  I just hope no one ever catches me doing that though, it would be kind of embarrassing!

I confess...I broke my no spend month this past weekend.  The purse I have been lusting after was on sale and the deal was too good, I couldn't not buy it!  

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What's Up Wednesday 1.27.16

It's the first What's Up Wednesday of 2016!  I am linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday, and Jenn and Jessi for What's Hap-pinning Wednesday.

What I'm eating this week...baked oatmeal, mini quiches and beef fasolia!  I am loving Jess's baked oatmeal - it has been my go-to for the last few weeks.  I decided to give myself more choices, by making mini quiches to have on hand as well.  I love having options!  With the temperatures cooling off again (we went from 50's on Sunday to much, much cooler these last few days...the wind just bites at you!), beef fasolia is the perfect comfort meal.    

What I'm reminiscing about...this time last year.  I was in my old job, working lot of hours.  This year, I am in my new job and still working lots of hours, but I am thoroughly enjoying the work!  Amazing to think how much can change!  

What I'm loving...overtime!  Gotta love the extra cash!

What I've been up, working out, cooking and sleeping.  With a tiny bit of blogging in there.  I have lots of blogs to catch up on.

What I'm dreading...I really can't come up with anything - I think that is pretty good!

What I'm working on...going through my closet.  I made it through my pants, skirts and dresses, but I still have lots more to go.  I am hoping to make more progress this weekend.

What I'm excited about...end of busy time at work!  I am talking a lot about work today, but it has pretty much consumed me lately.  The last long day should be Thursday.  It will be nice to get back to normal hours!

What I'm watching...Teen Mom OG.  It's crazy to think how long they have been on TV - the kids are SO big now!  This past episode was Catelynn and Tyler's wedding.  I cried.  It was just really, really sweet.  

What I'm listening to...nothing really.  I always flip through the radio when I am driving, but since my drives are relatively short, sometimes I just get stuck with commercials.    

What I'm wearing...snoozie slippers.  These slippers were a gift from my mom awhile ago.  They don't have a hard bottom, so they are perfect for just lounging around.  They are so warm and soft!  I have the black cat ones in the picture below, but they have a ton of different options.

What I'm doing this plans.  I am pretty excited about that!

What I'm looking forward to next month...seeing my family!  We have a weekend picked out to get together, which I am really excited about.    

What else is new...nothing much at all!

For the bonus questions...What is my favorite Valentine's Day treat...conversation hearts.  I LOVE conversation hearts.  They are one of my absolute favorites.  I love this time of year when they are out.  It's a good thing they are seasonal, because I can get through a bag in no time flat.  


Mini Quiches + Beef Fasolia

Today I have two recipes for you.  One is new, the other is old, but somehow disappeared from my original post.  

First up are mini quiches.  My mom made these for Christmas breakfast and they were really good.  I made some myself last night.  They are the perfect thing to make ahead and freeze for a quick and easy breakfast.

Mini Quiches
8-9 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon of Kosher salt
20 grinds of black pepper
shredded cheese
meat, cooked (bacon, sausage, leftover brats...the options are endless!)
roasted potatoes 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spray muffin pan with Pam.  Whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper.  Layer the potatoes, meat and cheese in the muffin pan.  Pour equal amounts of egg mixture in the muffin pan.  Bake for 22 minutes, or until the eggs are set.

For freezing, let them cool a bit, then wrap tightly in foil.

Now for the oldie, but goodie.  I posted this last year, but somehow that post is no longer showing up - has that happened to anyone else before?  Anyways, it is on schedule to make this week, so I thought I would share it again.  It has become one of my favorite meals, especially on these cold winter days.

Beef Fasolia
1lb stew meat, cut in 1 inch chunks
1 onion, chopped
4 Tablespoons of olive oil
10 cloves of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon of dried cilantro leaves
1/2 teaspoon of Kosher salt
20 grinds of black pepper
1 Tablespoon of cinnamon
3 cups of water
6 oz. can of tomato paste
2 cans of cannellini beans

olive oil
a handful of angel hair pasta, broken into 1/2 inch pieces
1 cup of basmati rice
2 cups of water

In a large pot over medium heat, warm the olive oil.  Add the chopped onion and cook for about 10 minutes.  Then, add in the minced garlic and cilantro leaves, sauteing until fragrant.  Add in the meat, salt, pepper and cinnamon, cooking until the meat is light brown.  Pour in 3 cups of water, bringing the mixture to a boil.  Rinse beans, then add in, along with the tomato paste.  Stir everything together, then simmer for 20-30 minutes.  Serve with rice.

I love making this the night before, because it just gets better the more the flavors can mix together.  When you are ready to eat, make the rice.

Heat olive oil over medium heat, then add in broken noodles.  Once the noodles have browned a bit, add in 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water.  Bring to a boil.  Cover and reduce heat to low for about 15 minutes.  Check to make sure the water is gone, then let sit for about 5 minutes.


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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was filled with movies, Mexican, Modern Family and some major purging.

I went to see Dirty Grandpa on Friday.  It was pretty good!  I thought that Zac Efron and Robert De Niro were a good pair.  Fair warning though, it was a lot more vulgar/crude than I was expecting.  There were quite a few funny parts though, so as long as the language/actions don't bother you, you will get some good laughs.  

Mexican food and margaritas were on the menu for Saturday.  If you are around the St. Louis area, check out Diablitos Cantina.  The cheese dip was delicious, as were the margaritas.  It really, really hit the spot.  After a late lunch and then trying (and failing) to get a work app to load on my phone, Modern Family was the perfect way to relax and end the evening.  I swear, that show never gets old!

Sunday I did quite a bit of purging in my closet.  I got rid of a big bag full of dresses and a few pants and skirts.  I would like to go through my shoes before the end of the month, too, but I was really happy with the progress I made yesterday going through my dresses.  While I try to go through my closet every so often, I feel like this time I was more realistic on what to get rid of and what to keep.

Onto the work week!  I think I have one more really busy week before things finally slow down.  Here's a bit of motivation to kick this week off right!

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Friday Favorites 1.22.16

First favorite of the's finally Friday!  Even though this was a short week, it has been a hard one at work.  In a good way though, I am really, really enjoying the work I am doing now.

Fortune cookies.  I had the best fortune this week...I really hope this one comes true!

Garmin Activity Tracker.  My company offered its associates a chance to be part of a study where participants wear different activity trackers.  I signed up on the off chance I would be picked.  The response was so huge, that they made it so everyone could participate.  I picked up my tracker yesterday, and I have to say, I am loving it!  I haven't looked into everything it does yet, but one of my favorite things I have discovered, is the fact that it tells me when I need to get up and move.  There are so many times I will just get into what I am working on and before I know it, a few hours have passed.  That has been especially true the past few weeks.  Having a reminder to just get up and move is really nice.

Dirty Grandpa.  Zac Efron and Robert De Niro.  This movie looks hilarious.  I was so excited last week because I thought it came out then.  The time has finally come, though!  Fingers crossed it doesn't disappoint.

Green smoothies.  Last Christmas (2014), I received a NutriBullet.  I was really good about making smoothies the first month or so after, but then I got away from it.  The other night it was a bit later than I normally like to eat and I was craving something healthy.  I decided to make myself a smoothie and it really hit the spot!  I combined kale, banana, frozen mango, lemon juice and water.  It made me want to get back to making them more often!

That's it for this Friday.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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The Little Book of Wisdom

I was cleaning my room the other day, when I came across a book my mom had gotten me, The Little Book of Wisdom for Exquisite Ladies.  It literally is a "little book," full of great quotes.  I started looking through it again and just had to share.  It's such a great little gift for pretty much any lady in your life, even yourself!  Below are a few of the quotes found in this book.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.  Thich Nhat Hanh

I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship.  Louisa May Alcott

Ask yourself: Have you been kind today?  Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.  Annie Lennox  

If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires.  Horace Traubel

Better keep yourself clean and bright.  You are the window through which you must see the world.  George Bernard Shaw

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.  Jon Acuff

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.  Carlos Santana

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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday 1.20.16

One of my January goals was to have a no spend month.  By no spend, I mean no extra shopping.  Nothing that isn't somewhat of a necessity.  I am on day 20 and so far, no extra spending!  However, that doesn't mean I don't have my eye on some super cute things.  Here are a few things I have been lusting after lately.  

Steve Madden 'Vendetaa' Cutout Bootie 

While I was at Nordstrom this weekend, returning something, these shoes caught my eye.  I am obsessed.  I really, really want a pair.  They look super comfortable and I love the fact that they come in navy.  I feel like these shoes would be great for work, and the weekends.  

Two by Vince Camuto Strip Split Neck Shirtdress  

As I was leaving the shoe section, I saw this dress on a mannequin  paired with the shoes I had just spotted.  Navy and stripes are two of my favorite things.  It looked so cute with the shoes, not to mention super comfortable.  I think it would make a great dress for spring.

Brewster T-Shirt Dress  

While I didn't participate in the Lilly Pulitzer sale, I read all about it on different blogs.  I decided to give the website a browse and came across this dress.  I love the simplicity of it.  I actually came across it while at Nordstrom this past weekend.  To make not spending even harder on myself, I tried it on.  Super cute!  It may end up in my shopping cart February 1.

Jessica Zipper Tote  

I have been wanting a new purse for awhile, but since I like to spend a little more on them, I have been waiting to find one I really, really want.  I think I have finally settled on this purse.  I love my all-in-one pouch, so I think I would really like a Gigi New York purse.  I have only heard good things about them.  I like the front pocket on this one, as well as the zipper top.   

Obviously I have a small obsession with navy.  This no spend month is a little harder than I anticipated...I think going to the mall really threw me off.  Now I just want to shop!  Only 11 more days!

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Crockpot Shredded Chicken

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite and easiest recipes.  First, though, a few highlights from the weekend.

Seeing Spotlight.  This was a super tough movie to watch.  For those of you not familiar, the movie is based on the true story of how The Boston Globe discovered the scandal within the Catholic Church that came out in the early 2000's.  The cast was amazing - so many great actors/actresses.  I feel like the movie did a really nice job of handling a hard topic to discuss.  

Breakfast at The Shack.  I had breakfast with one of my best friends Sunday morning at a place I had been wanting to try, called The Shack.  The last time I was at this place, it was a BBQ restaurant.  I had heard good things and the food definitely lived up to the hype.  The breakfast tacos were amazing, as were the hash browns.  They had a bunch of good things on the menu - I can't wait to go back and try some other things!

Star Wars!  I finally saw the Star Wars movie.  It was awesome.  I didn't make it through all of the previous movies before seeing it, but I don't know that I missed anything.  I would recommend at least seeing 4 and 5, because I think that gave a good background.  Even if I hadn't seen any of them, I still think I would have liked it.  I am really excited to see how they expand on the story laid out in this movie.

Onto the recipe!  I went through a phase where I would make these salads for lunch every week.  I wanted an easy way to make a bunch of chicken, so I came up with this easy recipe.  

Crockpot Shredded Chicken
2-3 chicken breasts (frozen or thawed)
2-3 chicken bullion cubes
2 cups of water
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of dried, minced onion
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
1/4 teaspoon of Kosher salt

Place chicken in the crockpot (I use a smaller crockpot for this).  Add all other ingredients.  Cook on low for 8 hours, or high for 4 hours.  Shred chicken directly in the crockpot with two forks.  Cook for about 15-30 minutes longer.

I like how this gives the chicken flavor, and it is super easy!  I began using this for the salads, and now I pretty much use it any time I need shredded chicken.  

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Happy MLK Day!  I just wanted to pop in to say hi and I will be back tomorrow!  This is my first time having the day off since I began working.  My company included it as a holiday last year, but unfortunately, I still had to work.  So I am definitely going to be enjoying this time away.  Monday's off are always a favorite, especially a day in remembrance of someone that made such a difference.


Friday Favorites 1.15.16

Finally Friday!  This week has been a long one.  I am definitely ready for the weekend.  Onto my favorites...

Madam Secretary.  This is one of my very favorite shows.  Everything about it is just SO GOOD.  I feel like I can be laughing one minute, then wanting to cry another while watching this show.  It started back up on Sunday and I am so very happy about that.

Pretty Little Liars.  I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan.  I began watching when it first aired and have been watching since.  The "5 Years Forward" season premiered this week.  I can't wait to see how things play out.  One thing I especially loved in this first episode was how they went full circle...the story first started with them having a sleepover in Spencer's barn and this episode included them having a sleepover at a hotel...who knows what is going to pop up from that night!

The Barndominium.  For those of you that watch Fixer Upper, you know what I am talking about.  The episode this week was by far my favorite reveal of the season.  I love how they used the industrial features, like the windows and the stair railing and that amazingly huge table Clint built.   

Staying busy at work.  Things really geared up at work this week.  While it can make for long and tiring days, I do feel like it makes them fly by.  I would much rather be busy than not.  This is also my first time in my new job (not as new anymore - it's already been almost 3 months!) that I am experiencing one of our busy periods.  There has been so much to learn, but it is all so interesting.  It just makes me excited about having this job all over again.

St. Louis.  In case you haven't heard, the St. Louis Rams will be no more - they are moving to LA.  From what I gather, the city and the state were offering to do their part in building a new stadium.  However, you could tell the Rams owner had made up his mind that he wanted to move, because that was not enough to keep the team here.  While the Rams leaving has been a huge blow to the city, the owners of the Cardinals and Blues have rallied together to show their support for what Wall Street Journal has named the best sports city

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Book Club 1.14.16

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge bookworm.  I absolutely love to read.  When I saw that Sarah and Victoria were hosting a book club link up, I knew I wanted to participate.  I thought I would share the books I have read thus far in 2016.

The Selection Series: The Selection, The Elite, The One - Kiera Cass 

I believe I saw these books on Jenn's blog first.  After reading her review, I thought these would be right up my alley.  While I did enjoy them, they probably weren't my favorite.  Basically, the books are a play on The Bachelor in a royal setting.  Some parts I thought lagged on and there was so much back and forth in the relationship of the main characters.  That being said, I did want to know how the story ended, so I flew through them.

While I said the first three books weren't my favorite, I really, really enjoyed this book.  Again, the story is similar to The Bachelorette, but this time, the story is told from the point of view of the princess who is participating in the selection process as a way to distract the people from a politic uprising.  I can't wait until the next book in the series comes out.  I am so anxious to see how the story unfolds!

The book was EVERYWHERE last year.  Everyone had such great things to say about it, I knew I had to give it a try.  While I thought it was good, I wouldn't say it was my favorite book.  The story is about an American girl that goes to Oxford for a semester, where she meets the prince and they fall in love.  There are many ups and downs to their relationship, right down to the last few pages.  I think that was the thing that left me wanting more.  I am always a fan of the "epilogue" or a chapter that is a few months/years down the road.  However, if you love reading about a royal love story, definitely check it out.

What books have you read lately?  Can't wait to check out the others in the link up.

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What's Hap-pinning 1.13.16

Happy Wednesday!  We have made it to the middle of the week...the weekend is in sight!

This week I have been on a new recipe kick.  I have strayed from one of my January goals of making new recipes from actual cookbooks and instead have relied on other bloggers.  I still plan on accomplishing my just won't be done this week.

Sunday I made Jenn's Pasta Fagoili soup.  I was a bit under the weather that day - pretty much all food sounded super awful - so I didn't try it out that night, but brought it to work for lunch.  It was really good!  The beef, beans, and noodles make it a really hearty meal, perfect for these cold winter days.  I have been on a soup kick for lunch and this will definitely be added into the rotation.  I would make one tweak next time.  I think I had the noodles in too long, because they were extra done when I went to eat it.  My fault, as I let it sit a little longer to cool before putting it in the frig.  Next time, unless I am eating it right then, I will put the noodles in closer to the end time.

Next up was Sarah's Green Chile Chicken Tacos.  These are seriously so good.  I was a bit nervous making them...I have a low tolerance for heat/spice and I was worried that the green chiles and the Rotel would be too much.  However, there was just the perfect amount of heat to these which added a really good flavor.  I had made some shredded chicken in the crockpot on Sunday, which made this even easier to pull together the next evening.  Definitely a huge win in my book.  The recipe says it makes 6 tacos, but I ended up having enough filling/room in my dish for 8.  The more the better when it comes to this recipe, will want to savor every bite you can!   

I have been wanting a change for breakfast so when I came across this Grab-and-Go Oatmeal recipe from Jess, I knew I had to try it for myself!  I didn't have all the ingredients on hand, so I substituted vegetable oil for coconut oil.  The only other thing I was missing, or so I thought, was the applesauce.  I actually ended up running to Target, so I grabbed some applesauce, no coconut oil (I just didn't think I would use it much).  I didn't have any nuts, but I was just going to use more blueberries, per Jess's suggestion.  I started making them as soon as I got home from the store when I realized...I didn't have any blueberries.  Oops.  I thought I had some in the freezer, but I was incorrect.  I just decided to add in more oats and hope for the best.  They smelled so amazing when cooking.  And I think they turned out pretty well for having to deviate from the recipe.  Next time, I am definitely going to make sure I have blueberries.  But, if I whoops it again and don't have blueberries, I am just going to add more oats and a little more cinnamon because cinnamon is just good.

On deck for this evening are Christina's Baked Enchiladas.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

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Getting Organized, Take Two

Last year, I pulled the trigger on purchasing a nice planner for 2016 (see the original getting organized post here).  Specifically, the Emily Ley Simplified Planner in mint dot.  
2016 DAILY Simplified Planner - Mint Dot
I just started using it and I have to say, it is great!  I love that it has the main calendar page for a quick look at the month.  I think my favorite though, is the fact that it has a page for each individual day.  On this page, you have the day broken down by hour, a to do list with circles for checks (I love checking things off), meal planning and a notes section.  Also, the planner has a little pocket in the front cover, which I have already put to use holding a shower invite and appointment cards.  One thing I was concerned about was how smoothly the pages would turn or if they would get stuck and torn.  While I know I have just used it for a short time, that doesn't seem to be a problem at all.  Pretty much, I just can't say enough great things about this planner.  

I decided to go with using different colored pens in my planner.  I wasn't sure the best route to go, colored pens, stickers, highlighters, etc.  When I came across a post on Biana's blog about these erasable, colored pens, I knew that is what I wanted to use!  I put them on my Christmas list and sure enough, Santa brought them.  There are just enough colors to suit my needs.  The pens write super smooth and I am still amazed at how great the erasers work.

Fittingly enough, one of my favorite blogs, The DIY Playbook, just posted a few tips and tricks on how they get organized for the week.  These types of posts are one of my favorites - I love a peek into others' routines.  I always get great ideas on ways to tweak my own and become more efficient.  If you are looking on ways to help prepare yourself on Sunday for the week ahead, definitely check this post out.

How are you staying organized this new year?

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Weekend Recap

Hey all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty uneventful, which was nice.

Snow was in the forecast for Saturday/Sunday, so I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work Friday night to stock up.  While they were only calling for 2-4 inches, I knew that if it amounted to that much, along with the extreme cold on Sunday, it would be hard to get myself out to do shopping this weekend.  It was nice to get that done!  

Saturday was breakfast out at one of my favorite places, Southwest Diner.  This is such a neat little restaurant.  Little being the key word.  They open at 8:00 and if you aren't there within 15 minutes of opening, you probably will be having to wait outside in their school bus.  Yes, they have a school bus outside in the parking lot that serves as a waiting area.  While I have been fortunate enough to never have to wait out there, I think the idea is so neat.  This place is pretty eccentric, so the bus fits in well.  The food is delicious, and they have the best margaritas.

The snow came as we were leaving...I was so excited to finally see some snow.  We didn't get as much as they were calling for, but it was a very pretty view from my balcony.  

After a Target run, the rest of the day was spent relaxing at home and watching a few of the Star Wars movies.  I want to watch them before seeing the new one.  I have heard that this isn't necessary, but I thought it would be fun to do and nice to know the background story.

Sunday I decided to try out a recipe I saw earlier this week on Jenn's blog, pasta fagoili.  

I started feeling a little sick later in the day, so by the time it was done, I wasn't really up to eating anything.  However, it looked really good and I can't wait to have some for lunch today!  The day was somewhat of a waste, once I started feeling bad, but I did finish reading The Royal We - review to come!  I also had a bit of a panic when I couldn't find my Kindle charger and tore my apartment apart looking for it.  Unfortunately, after a quick text to my parents, I found I left it there when I was home over Christmas.  Oops!  I am just happy I know where it is, though.

Here is a little motivation for today (found on instagram)...happy Monday!

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Friday Favorites 1.8.16

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First Friday Favorites of 2016!

Resolution and goal setting.  The start of the new year has brought on a fresh outlook and renewed motivation for me.  I am excited to have my resolutions set and my goals for January laid out.  I can't wait to cross a few things of my list!

Comfy pants.  I received these pj pants from my parents for Christmas.  They are super comfortable.  I love wearing them around the house.  We are finally seeing some winter weather around here, so being able to put on some warm, cozy flannel pants at the end of the day has been great!  Something I definitely look forward to.  Although...if my weather app is right, the temperature for tomorrow is 54...what?!

Modern Family.  I received the first four seasons of Modern Family for Christmas this year.  This is one of my favorite shows.  It is a quick show to watch that never fails to make me laugh.  The fact that I have the show right at my fingertips makes it even better.  Since I just started watching the show in the past few years, it is fun to look back on the earlier episodes.

Fruit at work.  One thing my company does that I just absolutely love, is provide fruit at work.  Every few days, I think Mondays and Wednesdays, fruit is delivered and left on the kitchen island for people to pick up.  I always grab a few bananas to keep at my desk.  It's a very nice perk the company offers.  It helps me make sure to always get at least one serving of fruit in for the day and snack healthier.

Christmas-free apartment.  I was able to get my tree down earlier this week, which was my final bit of Christmas still up.  While I am sad to see everything go, it is amazing how much more open and bright my apartment is now.  I am glad to get everything back in order. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I am ready to have a nice, relaxing, "normal" weekend.  My cough is pretty much gone which will hopefully make this weekend much more productive, while still relaxing.

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