Top Five Reader Favorite Posts

Today I thought I would share with you the five most popular posts this year.  I have noticed other bloggers doing these posts and it made me wonder...what posts got the most attention on my blog?!  These are purely based on the number of views.

5.  Thinking Out Loud.  

Favorite Reminder via Humans of Joy

This is one of my favorites, too.  I am a sucker for good quotes!

4.  November 2015 Goals.  I had a pretty good recap of my October goals, but looking at the goals I set for November, I think I was overly ambitious with it being the start of the holiday season.

3.  Changes....  This was such an exciting time for me this past year.  The graphic I used for the post pretty much sums it up...

Photo taken by on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (10/05/2014):

2.  Fall About Me.  This post is an all about me, fall-themed.  I love fall and thought this was such a fun post!  

1.  Versatile Blogger.  This was a super meaningful post for me! Tara, over at A Hill Country Heart, nominated me for the versatile blogger award.  The prompt for this post was to share 7 facts about myself.  I love reading these types of posts on blogs, and it looks like you all feel the same!  

What types of posts do you enjoy reading the most?  Leave any feedback in the comments and I will try to incorporate those ideas in my posts this coming year!

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  1. How fun to look back at your favorite posts! Love this idea :)

  2. Congrats on all the wonderful posts girl!! Hoping you have much success in 2016 as well!! Love all the lifestyle posts! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. This is a fun post! I am new to your blog and this is a great way to find some of the good stuff without much work :-) looking forward to reading!

  4. Always fun to see what the top posts were for 2015 for our readers in for us! May 2016 bring you many more beautiful moments sweetheart!

    1. Definitely! It's so neat to see what people were most interested in. Thank you so much...cheers to 2016!

  5. I've been considering doing this too! I loved seeing what your most popular posts were!

  6. It's always so interesting to see what posts people end up liking the most during the year. I loved reading all of the Fall About Me questions from everybody this year!

  7. I have loved reading all the blog recaps around blogland today. Such a great year and cheers to 2016!

  8. I love looking back on posts at the end of the year! Happy New Year, friend!

  9. Fall about me was definitely one of my favorites! I love seeing these recap posts! So awesome! xox

  10. Love this post, Emily!! Such a great idea! I may just have to do one of these as well. It's always interesting to find what drives traffic to your blog and what people like to read!