Friday Favorites - Christmas Albums

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Time for another set of Friday Favorites - Christmas album edition!  Last week I shared my top 5 Christmas movies.  This Friday I have for your my favorite Christmas albums.  Christmas music never fails to put a smile on my face.  I normally try to refrain from listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving dinner.  I feel like waiting to bust out my favorite Christmas CDs until then, makes the start of the season seem more special.  Before I start my list, I wanted to mentioned Jessie James Decker's This Christmas album available for download.  I decided to get it a few days ago, and while I haven't listened to it enough to list as a favorite right now, it definitely gets an honorable mention.  She has such a beautiful voice! 

This Christmas

'If Everyday Could Be Christmas' and 'This Gift' are two of my favorites.  They also have a few of my favorite classics on there as well.

The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection

Merry Christmas

Her version of 'All I Want For Christmas' is one of my absolute favorites!  

Home For Christmas

Let's be real...who doesn't love this CD?  I was so sad when I realized a few weeks ago that my CD was skipping.  However, someone was paying attention, because I recently had a present in the mail.  SO excited about that.

A Christmas Album

This is by far my favorite Christmas CD.  I remember listening to this growing up.  I had forgotten how much I loved her music, until last year I came across it while listening to a Christmas station.  I immediately went and bought it.  When I hear these songs, along with others of hers, there is such a sense of nostalgia.  I just absolutely love it.  And I don't love it just for that, I still think the songs are classics still today, too.

There you have it - my top 5 favorite Christmas albums.  I am also a sucker for all the classic, traditional Christmas songs.  It's just such a wonderful time of year!

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  1. This Christmas is my FAVORITE pop Christmas CD. I was in high school when it came out and I've loved it ever since. Love me some MC and AG though, they both remind me of childhood Christmases. Happy Friday!

  2. I totally had every single one of these growing up, except the TSwift one. 98 degrees and Nsync...what more could a teenage girl want? haha

  3. GREAT idea and great mix!! Oh how I love that N-Sync album and really all of these I sing along to on the Sirius Velvet Holiday station!!! Christmas music just makes me happy!!! :) Hope your weekend is full of joy, love and lots of festive laughter!!!

  4. Yes! I love all of these albums. I totally use to listen to 98 degrees all the time. I totally need to see if I still have the cd.

  5. Oh N'Syncs album was a favorite of mine!! Kiss me at midnight - yes Justin yes!! LOL well back when i was 15 xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I've definitely lived under a rock. The only one that I know about is the All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, but I've never listened to any of these songs before, well at least by the singer, I've heard of Christmas songs before. I'll have to check out the Taylor Swift one, I do like her.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. N'Sync always but I DIDN"T KNOW Taylor Swift had a Christmas album. I mean thank goodness for you today, because you can now guess what i'm about to do ;)

    1. I hope you like it! She doesn't have very many songs on it, but the second one is just one of my favorites!

  8. These are seriously all GOLD!! I listen to the Taylor Swift Christmas album every single year haha seriously so so sooooo good!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I forgot This Gift on my list!! That is one of my favorites, too! And NSYNC's Christmas album... who doesn't have it?!

  10. I am so glad I'm not the only one who covets that old Amy Grant album -- Tennessee Christmas..YASS!!