All Is Bright DIY Ornament

This DIY ornament is seriously one of my favorite ornaments made to date.  I am so excited to share it with you today.  

Here is what you need:
a vintage Christmas light bulb (found at a flea market)
18 gauge wire
a large marker
long nose pliers
thin garland of faux greens
kraft paper card stock (2" long)
hole punch
bakers twine

To begin, take the wire and wrap around a large marker with long noose pliers to create the curve/hook part.  Use the pliers to create a little curly q at the end of the hook.  Once you have that done, wrap the wire around the top of the light bulb to secure the hook to the top.  

Circle your faux greens around the top of the bulb, twist and cut off the excess with nippers.

nippers on the left, long nose pliers on the right

Either print or write on kraft paper card stock "all is bright."

Cut to 2" long.  Punch a hole in the left middle edge of the tag.

Take a piece of bakers twine (10" long), and tie around the bulb, directly under the greens.  Add the label to the bakers twine, tying into a knot to secure it to the bulb.  Cut both pieces of the twine together to the desired length.

All that is left to do is hang this ornament on your tree and enjoy!


  1. Way to go girl - this is adorable! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Super cute! These would make good Christmas party favors!

  3. I love this! For a moment I thought you were going to show how it lights up too without being in a socket (I'm a dummy) but I still love this, and it's so simple to make.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. I LOVE those vintage light bulbs so much! Those are the ones that we always had on our tree growing up, and I was so sad when my mom switched to the safer lights that wouldn't catch the tree on fire. Lol.

    Love this idea so much!

  5. Love this! I sometimes miss the older bigger bulbs. This is too cute <3

    Green Fashionista