Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites 10.23.15

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Signing online for UPS packages.  This week I realized you can set up an account for UPS.  This will allow you to sign online for packages that need a signature for delivery.  You even are given options of where the package will be left.  I was pumped about learning this.  Normally if I get a package, it is delivered before I make it home from work.  Then I have to go up to the office to pick it up, which is not one of my favorite things.  I think it bothers me because I drive past the office to get to my apartment.  So when I get home from work and want to just take off my shoes and relax, I have to head back out to get my package.  I know...such a tough life...but this is just a little thing I have discovered that makes life a bit easier!  

Surprise packages!  I received a Cubs shirt in the mail this week from a HUGE Cardinals fan.  Although the Cubs swept was really hard to watch, I am so excited about the thoughtful present and I am hoping to have the opportunity to wear it again next year!  Go Cubs Go!

Gigi New York.  So this was a favorite last week, however, I actually got my all in one bag this week.  I am obsessed.  The quality is so nice.  I am already eyeing the website for more things to buy!

Alphabet workouts.  I don't know if this is the technical name, but this is what I am calling it.  I joined a fitness group this past week via instagram.  I saw it posted and thought, why not?!  The goal is to keep each other motivated, which is definitely something I needed!  The girl behind the group, Ashlee sends work outs, as well as healthy recipes (specifically pumpkin ones!).  My favorite was the alphabet workout.  Each letter of the alphabet was assigned an exercise.  The goal was to do the exercises that spelled out your full name.  I thought it was so fun!  And it gave me a great work out.  To see the full alphabet of exercises, check out Ashlee's instagram, ash2ee_fitmom.  She has two little adorable boys and looks absolutely amazing!  Definitely a great source of inspiration, as well as information...she is a NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Personal Trainer.  

Walks outside.  I had a haircut after work yesterday, so instead of heading to the gym, I decided to take a walk/run when I got home from my appointment.  Although it was unseasonably warm (84!), it felt so nice to get out and enjoy this time of year.  I know that the cold weather is looming ahead, and while I am actually a little excited for it, I know I will miss the opportunities to get outside.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Make sure to check out my favorite post of the week, over at Astleigh's blog for The Pick link up.


  1. I've never heard of the alphabet workout, that is super intriguing, thanks for sharing. Cheers to mail, especially surprise mail! Happy Friday, fabulous!

  2. It's been warm around here in the afternoons too! I started the day yesterday in jeans, long sleeve and a jacket and ended it in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops haha. No wonder I came down with a cold!
    So glad you'r enjoying your new purse! I didn't realize you could sign online for UPS packages--that will definitely save some of the hassle when they make you come to the facility to pick stuff up. Thanks for the heads up on that!
    hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Fun round up! I love the walk and run outside because I know those days are numbered before the freezing cold hits! I am so sorry about the Cubs we were pretty depressed about it but they'll get em' next year! I hope you have a most wonderful weekend beautiful girl!

  4. That workout sounds amazing - a shame for people with really long last names lol!!! Love the new gigi clutch! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Signing for packages online will be a huge game changer! I usually get stuff delivered at work, but now it'll be nice to have things delivered at home.

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. I have to get on the alphabet work out! I saw that too, although my name is horrendously long so it may take awhile. And the signing for packages online yes! Eve nthough Kyle's at home he hates when they knock for him to sign because it's usually right at nap time for Sophie

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. that perfect little info about signing online for a package is the best thing ive heard all week. that is AMAZING & sooo much more convenient! thanks so much for sharing! xox

    1. Definitely more convenient! At first when I saw it in my email, I thought it was spam, but sure enough, it's a real thing!

  8. Love the ABC workout idea... I'll have to check it out for sure! I saw your post on IG the other night and I was intrigued!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I didn't know about this UPS service either...that's amazing! And what a nice surprise package from your friend. Surprise packages are the best. Our apartment complex usually sends the package notification to whoever's name is on the package, so if Michael orders something, only he gets an email, if I do, only I get an email. The other day we both got an email and we weren't expecting anything so we got all excited was for the guy that lived in our apartment before us (meaning he's been gone for at least two years...). Womp womp.

  10. I signed up for UPS My Choice a few months ago and love it! They let you know a timeframe when your package will be delivered. They also send you an email whenever a package is coming even if you didn't order it, so like gifts and stuff =)

  11. I wish I knew about that UPS online signing thing before, we've stressed a few times about not being able to sign for something because we'd be at work. so thank you for saving us future worries!! What's an all in one bag?! I wanna see what it looks like!! And I love the ABC workout idea!!! SO SMART! Have a great weekend Em!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants