Tuesday, September 22, 2015

See You Tomorrow!

Hey all!  I am taking a short break this Tuesday.  I have a few tests to get through today at the doctor to see if they can pinpoint why I have been having some stomach issues.  Honestly, today has just been consuming my thoughts and I couldn't get my mind off it enough to get a post together.  I hope you all have a great Tuesday and I will see you tomorrow!


  1. OMG you're having stomach issues? I am the queen of stomach issues considering i've been to like 1941375 doctors for it. And I still am. We need to discuss and see if there are any similarities. Good Luck!

    1. Yes, definitely! You should shoot me an email when you have time! My appointment is soon so I am just anxiously awaiting. :)

  2. Good luck on finding out what's wrong!! I hope it comes together and you find out. It's not fun being in pain or being sick

  3. Girl, I feel your pain... I started having stomach issues around the age of 22 and I've had them ever since. Never been to a doctor about it, though. Good luck! I hope they can find out what's going on and find a way to fix you right up!

  4. Oh no! I have been there and I know how NOT fun that is! Praying for some clear answers!

  5. I had an outpatient procedure done this morning to try to see what's been going on with my stomach. I didn't realize so many other young people had stomach issues too! Hope you get answers!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Hate you aren't feeling well! Get well soon because I miss you! Thinking about you and sending you well wishes.

    Linds @ Not A Mom