Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was pretty darn good, but as always, way too fast.

I mentioned on Friday that I was taking the day off.  Gotta love a 3 day weekend.  Friday was super busy taking care of some things, so I did some relaxing in the evening.  I picked up some cheese and sausage from a local deli...if you are ever in the area, you MUST stop by The Smokehouse Market.  This place has so many amazing things jam packed in this little, tiny store.  Everything you can think is great!  I paired that with a Moscow Mule and just relaxed. 

Saturday, I was super productive.  I cleaned, worked out and made a trip to Target and Michaels.  I was pretty proud of myself...I only bought one thing not on my list at Target.  For me, that is pretty impressive.  I picked up some fall décor at Michaels.  I have plans to make a new centerpiece for my dining room table.  Hopefully I will be able to execute what I have in mind.  I feel like it could go either way!  Saturday night, I headed out to dinner at The Tavern.  I had previously been to the first location, but a second location popped up.  I was eager to try it because I really enjoyed the time I had gone previously.  It did not disappoint!  The atmosphere at the Central West End location was not quite as intimate as in Valley Park.  The service was awesome.  Everyone was really great.  And the food is delicious!  To begin with, they bring out parmesan pull apart bread.  Wow, this is so good.  We started off with the meatballs.  They were a bit spicy for me...however, I really enjoyed the polenta they were served over.  I forgot to the take a picture of both before we dug in...oops!  For my entree, I had the surf & turf tasting board.  The restaurant offers 4 different tasting boards which is super can figure out which entre is your favorite!  Out of the three, I really enjoyed the chicken dish the best.  My partner in crime had the filet 'loco moco.'  I had a bite and it was so delicious!  There is something so yummy about a nice runny yolk, rice and meat.  We ended the evening with the donut.  Warm, cinnamon and sugar donuts with a bacon topped whipped cream for dipping.  Wow.  We were pretty full from all the other food, but we definitely made room for the dessert.  The CWE area in St. Louis is really neat...there are a ton of restaurants and bars all around so there is lots of activity.  That can make parking a bit of a pain, but it is really neat.  Almost all places have outdoor seating which is perfect for a nice evening.  We opted to sit inside, just because it was a bit humid out.  I would highly recommend The Tavern to is such a good time! 

Sunday was LAZY!  I didn't feel so bad since I got so much done on Saturday.  I watched some quality shows and then I got sucked in this show called Bar Rescue.  It's kind of disgusting to see how some restaurants are in such disarray, but I love a good before and after.  It amazes me that some places don't keep up with the changes.  I did a little grocery shopping and some laundry and mentally prepared myself for another work week ahead!

Overall, it was just a really nice weekend.  Hopefully today will bring a great week ahead...let's do this Monday! 



  1. We totally watched bar rescue this weekend too! Not sure if you saw it but they had a pirate bar episode, o my gosh, it was horrible! On a better note, THOSE stomach is growling now!

    Linds @ not a mom

  2. I wish my saturday was as productive as yours was! I attempted both cleaning and working out and failed on both attempts. The Tavern sounds like a great place for food and atmosphere. Too bad it's not in my city.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. Bar rescue is definitely a show we binge on - I love seeing the reveals! Hope you have a great start to your week! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Ommagosh...warm cinammon donuts with bacon and whipped cream?! That sounds like actual perfection!!

  5. Those donuts look so good! Bacon topped whipped cream? Yum! And only walking out of Target with one thing you didn't need is an accomplishment! I walked out with four things I didn't need and nothing I did need!

  6. That food looks delish! Sounds like your weekend was the perfect mix of productivity & relaxation!

  7. a bacon topped donut? man that sounds so good right now! Looks like you had a nice 3 day weekend. I wish ALL weekends were 3 days, seems much more balanced!

  8. HAHA! "I only bought one thing not on my list from Target" ..Umm I can totally relate! I went the other day for TWO THINGS and walked out with four bags- how does that happen?!