Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bathroom Organization

One of my goals for June was to organize my bathroom storage.  It was a much needed project for me.  Things were getting a little crazy under my bathroom sink...stuff everywhere!  I mentioned here I would be sharing the details of my project, because honestly I am pretty proud of the results!  I have been living with my new system for about a month and it has really been working out well for me!  I am also linking up with iHeart Organizing for her "Wait-No-More" organizing challenge.  This is definitely one of the projects that could not wait any longer! 

My bathroom is pretty small...I have one small drawer and then under sink storage in my vanity, as well as a small medicine cabinet.  Since I am in an apartment, I had to work with things as-is.  I would love to have some open shelving for "prettier" storage and a little décor, but that just isn't happening in this bathroom.

To begin with, I emptied out everything from the bathroom.  There was so much more than I realized when I had everything out!  I was a little overwhelmed to be honest.  Once I could see everything together, I started going through items.  I grouped together like items, made a pile of things that I use everyday, and did some major purging.  I had a ton of old freebie make up and products I used once and didn't like, but for some crazy reason kept.  I figured if I hadn't used it in the past year or more, it was going in the trash.  I was left with a much more manageable pile, thankfully.

I wanted to see if I could find some containers to help corral my products and keep them in a more orderly fashion.  I measured the shelves in my medicine cabinet, as well as the storage in the vanity.  Armed with my measurements, I headed to Target.  I ended up making two trips, but lucky for me Target is super close to my apartment...something that is both good and bad at times!

I found some plastic drawer storage that I thought would work perfectly under the sink, a few dividers for the medicine cabinet and small drawer in the vanity and some mason jars.  Unfortunately, my measurements were a tad bit off, so the plastic drawers were a tiny bit too big.  I was so disappointed when I got home and found out they didn't work!  It was pretty discouraging at the time, so I took a little break and headed to the pool to relax. 

When I got back I was refreshed and determined to figure out how to make everything work.  I started with the medicine cabinet.  I decided that I was going to house my nail polish, extra make up and travel toiletries in here.  I was able to fit my bag with nail polish on one shelf, as well as a mason jar with my extra mascara next to it.  On the next shelf, one of the organizers I purchased was able to take care of all my small travel toiletries, as well as my face wipes.  I still had a whole shelf to utilize, so I used another small organizer with a divider to hold my extra contacts along with some flossing items, extra toothbrush, etc.

In the small drawer in my vanity, I put all the things I use on a daily basis in there.  I used another organizer with a divider to keep the smaller items contained and organized.  Before, this drawer was a mess and I had a ton of things in there I didn't need.  The "after" is amazing because it stays so much more organized and everything is easily accessible.

For the main storage area, I needed to fit everything had no other place to go!  I used two wire shelves to help make the most of the space.  One side holds my make up, hair dryer and curling iron/straightener, the other contains all my products.  I made use of the plastic drawer by taking the drawer out of the plastic base and setting it on top of one of the wire shelves.  It serves as a place for all my products...everything from face wash to sunscreen and bug spray.  I keep the items I use the most in the front and the rest, like extra shampoo, sunscreen, etc. in the back.  When I need to get to those things, I can just pull the drawer out a bit to reach them.  It really worked out well this way, even better than I had orginally planned because I can stand everything up, as opposed to laying it down in the drawer.  I am so glad I was able to make use of my purchase, even if I had to alter it a bit! 

This project took me some time to complete between running to Target and needing to take a break to regroup.  I am so happy I accomplished it, though.  The difference really is amazing and makes my life so much easier!  It's amazing how a little bit of organizing can make such a drastic improvement.  Below I have listed the products I used or similar items if I couldn't find the exact item online. 

Sterilite Storage Drawers (similar)
InterDesign Organizer (similar - mine had two compartments)
Merrick Vanity Organizer 
Double Cabinet Shelf 
 Small Tall Cabinet Shelf 


  1. I'm so jealous of your bathroom! Ours has a VERY narrow medicine cabinet with one shelf--meaning you can put like...4 or 5 bottles of medicine in (one row) and then it's full. And we have no drawers (I thought that was really weird--what bathroom doesn't have drawers?!). I reorganized our cupboard a little bit just with what we had on hand but I really need to get little drawers and shelves to make it work even more efficiently!

  2. So neat and organized. I bet it has really streamlined your bathroom routines.

    My medicine cabinet is just a big mess. I need to go organize it like yours.

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