Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Second blog post of the day!  This is just a quick one - I am now on Bloglovin'.  Click above to follow me!  I came across this post on Mattie's blog, Northwest Native, and thought I should check it out for myself.  Not sure why I haven't been using this before with as many blogs as I follow, but I definitely plan to make use of it now!


  1. I saw this post (on Bloglovin, actually!) and came over to say, "that was me yesterday!" but I see that's where you got your inspiration! :) I didn't want to join at first because I feel like I have sooo many different logins to sites all over and I usually just use my Blogger feed to follow but I'm actually loving it! I'm sure you will too!

    1. Yes, I hope you don't mind I linked back up to you...figured I should give credit where credit is due! :)