Baby Shower Activities

Today, I am sharing with you the fun activities we did at my sister-in-law's baby shower.  I call them "activities," because I wouldn't necessarily say they were games.  We did gender guessing, a Baby's First ABC book and centerpiece giveaway.

The gender guessing activity was so very simple, but really cute.  It also added to the decor, so it even served a dual purpose.  We had three mason jars - two filled with paper straws.  The jar containing gray patterned straws represented a boy and another jar with yellow patterned straws stood for a girl.  Guests chose their color and placed the straw in the previously empty jar.  We had labels for the jars and attached them with little clothes pins - you could also punch a hole in the paper and use ribbon or twine to tie to the jars.  Towards the end of the shower, we counted the straws to see what the consensus was on the gender of Baby D.  If the majority of the guests are correct, I will be having a little nephew!

My favorite thing from the shower was the ABC book.  One of my mom's closest friends suggested this and it was a huge hit!  You have each guest fill out a letter page - they can put anything they want, a special note to the baby, or a bunch of fun words that start with the letter they have - and put them all together to make an ABC book.  We used 12x12 scrapbooking paper to do this.  My mom printed out each letter in different fonts, attached it to a piece of gray or yellow scrapbook paper, then attached that to the plain white piece of paper people could write on.  We provided sharpies and crayons for people to use to fill out their page.  The writing utensils were placed on the gift table, but if we did this over again we would have placed them at each table for easier access.  When we got home, we slid the pages into sheet protectors and tied the book together using ribbon.  It really turned out well and I think will be something that my brother's family can hold on to and look back at throughout the years.

The setup on the table.

I had the letter W.

My grandma did the letter F - how great is her page?!


The finished product.

My mom chose to have the centerpieces as prizes for the guests.  My sister-in-law loves elephants and is incorporating them into the nursery.  Going with that idea, my mom printed out little elephants pictures to tape to the bottom of the plates.  She punched the paper into small circles, and we used double sided tape to attach them to the bottom of the plates.  Everyone who had won, took home a centerpiece before they left.  I loved the idea, we were able to get the centerpieces off our hands, as well as send some of the guests home with a little bit of "pretty."

Like I mentioned in this post yesterday, I think everyone had a great time.  I definitely will be taking away these ideas for any future showers. 

Now all we have to do is wait until August to meet Baby D!  I cannot wait!


  1. That ABC book is so cute! Note to self: when I have a baby or plan someone's bridal shower, I need to do an ABC book!

  2. That ABC book is seriously SUCH a fun idea! My sister's sister-in-law (confusing, ha!) made my niece an ABC book but she cut out lots of magazine pictures to add in, plus did some drawings like yours and even put family photos on their. I'm on the "E" page! :)

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