Summer TV

Summertime can be tricky in regards to finding something really good to watch on TV.  Normally, all our favorite shows are just ending.  Ideally everyone would be out of their houses, enjoying the amazing weather, grilling, walking, playing, swimming...the list could go on.  However, the weather isn't always great and it is nice to relax while watching TV.  Sometimes you just want to get out of the sun and heat (and humidity!) into the nice, cool air conditioning to zone out in front of the TV. 

I thought I would share with you what I am watching this summer.  I have not yet joined the Netflix bandwagon...not exactly sure why because it sounds right up my alley, but it is just something I haven't done yet.  I have plenty of shows on DVD/blu ray to watch, but sometimes you just want something new! 

Here are my recommendations:

Tyrant.  The second season of Tyrant just started and my goodness is it great!  I really enjoyed the first season and it seems the show has only gotten better with the second.  I don't even know where to start with this just have to watch it! 

Real Housewives of Orange County.  This show has been a favorite for years.  I am so glad that Vicki is still on..."the OG of the OC!"  She is killing it this season - I love the haircut!  Tamara seems a bit lost at the beginning.  You have to love her though, even with all the drama because she means so well.  I cannot wait to see Heather's home.  I really hope we see more of it this season.  One of my favorite moments from this season has been when she told Terry they were over-budget on the kitchen $135...thousand.  Over-budget. $135,000.  Mind blowing.  She owns it, and I love that about her.  Shannon's focusing on her marriage.  I think that it is super brave of her to be on the show while going through everything.  And there is the new girl, Meghan.  She seems like a down to earth girl.  I have high hopes for her. 

The Astronaut Wives Club.  I really think this is going to be a good show.  I had wanted to read the book before I watched the show, but I haven't gotten to it yet.  I would have loved to live during this time...the clothes were fabulous and the cars were SO cool.  Life seemed so much simpler back then.  I know that wasn't necessarily the case, but it just appears very idyllic.  I just watched the first episode last week (I am a little behind on my DVR) and the sneak peek of the rest of the season shows that SO much is going to happen.  I can't wait to watch!

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.  This show cracks me up.  It really can provide such good laughs.  Morgan is my favorite.  She has such clever little quips.  Also, her engagement to Brendan is super sweet.  You can really tell how much they love each other.  I know some people think this show is ridiculous, but I think it's all in how you look at it.  If you try to take them too seriously, it's just not going to work, in my opinion.  However, if you look at it as entertainment, then I believe you will enjoy it.  I know I do!

What shows are you watching this summer?  I'd love to hear!

Summer Shoes

Happy Monday.  I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite summer shoes.
When I saw this link up, I thought it was perfect.  I LOVE shoes.  I feel like you can never have too many pairs of shoes.  I have been told that my closet looks like a shoe store...I decided to take that as a compliment!

I tried to narrow it down some, but in the end I just decided to share all my summer favorites with you guys!  

Hunter 'Tour' Packable Boots.
These boots are amazing.  I bought them thinking they were a bit of a frivolous purchase.  Surprisingly, I have gotten so much use out of them!  I absolutely love them!  The other weekend I threw them on to go grocery shopping.  It wasn't raining, but had been earlier in the day so I thought to myself - perfect opportunity to wear my Hunters.  By the time I had checked out and was ready to leave the store, it was pouring outside.  I was so thankful I had these boots on because I ran through some deep puddles making my way to my car - had I been wearing any other shoes my feet would have been soaked and my mood definitely would have soured.  I love them in the winter, too, with these boot socks.  These boots really are perfect for all seasons.

Vince Camuto Mathis T-Strap Platform Wedge Sandals.
I had been on the hunt for a neutral wedge for quite some time.  I had an old pair that was on its last leg and needed to be replaced.  I came across these (also mentioned here) at Macy's and love them!  They are the perfect neutral and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

Birkenstock 'Mayari' Birko-Flor Sandal. 
These came my way a few weeks ago.  I love the style and am super excited about them.  A word of warning though...break them in slowly.  I wore them one day and did a TON of walking.  By mid afternoon, I had multiple blisters on the bottom of my feet.  Ouch!  

Sam Edelman 'Gigi' Sandal.
I wanted these for so long and finally pulled the trigger on them this spring.  They are truly as wonderful as others have said.  I wish I could have them in all colors.  These sandals are super comfortable and the style is timeless.  Definitely a great addition to any wardrobe.

Converse Chuck Taylor 'Shoreline' Sneaker.
I am in love with these Converse shoes.  I love that they don't tie all the way up - I feel like it gives a more feminine look to the shoe.  Also, the shoes just slip on which is so nice.  If you do not own a pair, go buy them now.  You will not regret it.

And for my absolute favorite....Sperry Shoes.
I was introduced to boat shoes in college and have been wearing them ever since.  I think I have about 6 is borderline obsessive.  This pair is my very favorite.  I bought them in a cognac color, but it looks like those are no longer offered.  However, that navy is catching my eye!  They are so soft and SO comfortable - even the first time you wear them!  You can pair them with anything...shorts, jeans, sundresses...anything. 

I can't wait to see everyone else's favorite summer shoes via the link up!  Happy Monday!    


Friday Favorites 6.26.15

It's Friday!  I am linking up with Momfessionals, A Little Bit of Everything Blog, and Grace and Love Blog for my Friday Favorites!

I am also linking up with A. Liz Adventures for Five on Friday.

1.  My Dad.  Yesterday was his birthday!  I feel like June is "his" month with Father's Day and his birthday being so close together.  Normally we get him something like a Sears gift card, because you can never, ever have too many tools.  However, this year he wanted a new grill.  I feel like this was the perfect present, because honestly, I feel like he has had the same grill for as long as I can remember!  My parents picked it up the other night and he finished putting it together yesterday.  I am just so glad that we could go in together to get him something like that, since he does so much for us!

2.  Link ups.  I always do Friday Favorites, but this week I decided to add another, Five on Friday.  Yesterday I did the Owning It link up with Christina from The New Mrs.  And Wednesday was What's Up Wednesday with Mix and Match Family, Pinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo.   You can see those posts here and here.  I really love doing link ups because it is such a fun and easy way to discover new blogs! 

3.  The weather this weekend.  We are supposed to have GORGEOUS weather this weekend.  No rain, high of 70's to 80's and low humidity on Saturday and Sunday!  How perfect does that sound?  I am definitely hoping to take advantage of the weather.  The pool is calling my name!

4.  Brunch.  I am heading over to one of my sorority sister's for brunch tomorrow morning.  It will be so nice to see these girls!  We are all over the place and everyone has so much going on in their lives, that it isn't always easy to get together.  Luckily we are able to keep up with each other via text and email, but seeing each other face to face is always a great time.  And there will be mimosas...who doesn't love a good mimosa?!

5.  This bag. 

I have seen these bags the past few years and I am in love.  Unfortunately, the purse I am using now is showing wear.  The lining is getting dirty, some of the threading is getting just doesn't look as nice as before.  I think my next purchase will be one of these.  I LOVE that you can choose from all the different patterns, the different colors and add a monogram.  I feel like there are so many options...I can't wait to play around and make the perfect bag for myself.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!

Owning It

I am "owning it" today through a fun link up with The New Mrs

I love these types of link ups because usually I read them and think "oh, me too!" on at least a few things. 

Everyone has their little peculiarities.  So today, I am owning mine.

I have a thing with color coding.  Everything in my closet is color coded.  Everything in my dresser is color coded.  I color code the colors, light to dark.  It's a small obsession.

I always finish books.  Even if I don't like the book at all, I will read it.  There is something about starting a book and not seeing it through to the end that I just hate.  Sometimes it gets better, but other times it is still just a bad book.  But I will read until the end.

I don't really enjoy manicures or pedicures. (GASP!)  They just aren't my thing.  I just dont understand the point of paying for someone to do my nails when I can do them myself.  And I have had bad experiences when I have gotten my nails done...they tell me they are dry, but I leave and chip one right away.  That is so frustrating!     

I always have my toe nails painted.  ALWAYS.  I know a lot of people leave them alone in the winter, let them breathe, but not this girl.  I just don't like the way they look plain! 

I don't like credit cards.  I would much rather use a debit card.  I would just rather have the money be taken out of my account as I buy things, that way I know exactly how much I have without having to factor in credit card payments.  However, the pros of using a credit card have been preached to me over and over, so I do use mine all the time.  But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

When I was younger I used to LOVE coffee.  We would have it after dinner when we got together with my mom's side of the family and I would always beg for a little cup of coffee.  Now, I really dislike it.  Like A LOT.  It's not just coffee either - anything coffee flavored, coffee scented, is not my cup of tea. 

What are your quirks?  I can't wait to read all the other posts in this link up!

What's Up Wednesday 6.24.15

Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Family, Pinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for What's Up Wednesday!

What I'm eating this week...strawberry walnut salads.  I shared the recipe for this salad here.  To me, it is the perfect lunch to take to work - super easy and so delicious.  I throw a few together at the beginning of the week so all I have to do is grab and go on my way to work.
What I'm reminiscing about...old pictures.  The past few weekends I have gone back to my parents.  Both times I was there, I grabbed a box of old pictures to look through.  I just LOVE looking at old pictures.  Here is one I snapped a picture of when I was there.
Celebrating New Year's Eve with some "wine."  Look at that grip on the glass! 
What I'm loving...this dress.  I mentioned it in a previous post, but I have since gotten it and worn it and it really is the perfect summer dress.  I wore it this past weekend - it was hot and gross out, but this dress was so light and loose.  Loved it!
What I've been up to...going home to my parents!  The past two weekends I've spent at my parents.  I had my sister-in-law's baby shower which I talked about here and here, as well as Father's Day/my dad's car show which is recapped here.  I love being able to see them so much.  Even though the drive can get long and boring, I know that I am lucky to not be further away.
What I'm dreading...trying on old clothes.  I have been slowly (like very slowly) working my way through cleaning out my clothes.  I have a big pile of items to try on to see if they still fit.  If they do, I then need to decide if I like them enough to keep.  The pile just keeps getting larger and I just keep putting it off!
What I'm working and organizing.  I have actually made a good dent in this, which I plan to share with you later, but I still need to tackle my closet.  Which is the only storage area in my apartment, so it's a pretty big undertaking.  Wish my luck!
What I'm excited about...4th of July!  I love fireworks.  And a work holiday! So put the two together and I am one happy girl.
What I'm watching/reading...The Astronaut's Wives Club.  I downloaded the book on my Kindle and recorded the first episode.  I am super excited to start both! 
What I'm listening to...everything.  When I was driving up to my parents this past weekend, I literally just kept hitting 'seek' on the radio.  I came across some great oldies, as well as all the current music.  It definitely made for an interesting trip!
What I'm shoes.  I love my asics for working out.  Lately, though, I have been wearing them more and more.  I have realized grocery shopping is so much more pleasant if I am wearing my tennis shoes instead of having my heels on after a long day at work.  Also, if I am already in my work out clothes, I am so much more likely to go to the gym or outside for a walk/run.  It's a win-win!
What I'm doing this the top of my head I have no plans.  Which isn't a bad thing, considering the last few weekends have been go, go, go.  I am sure I will make it to the pool since we will finally have some nicer weather!
What I'm looking forward to next month...I am going to add the beginning of August to "next month" and say that I am looking forward to meeting my new niece or nephew!  He or she will be making an appearance at the beginning of the month (in August) and I could not be more excited.
What else is new...this one is tricky because I feel like I have just been saying what is all new!  So please refer to the above.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!   

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread.  One of my VERY favorite things to have for breakfast. 

Every Christmas, my mom makes this for breakfast.  It is tradition.  And I am BIG on traditions.  We always HAVE to have this Christmas morning.  Even when I wasn't able to be with my family on Christmas morning, I made this.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas morning without monkey bread.  Over the years, as we have gotten older, our appetites larger, our family expanding, we have added other things to our breakfast, but monkey bread has always been a staple.  It is just so delicious. 

Since it is a big Christmas tradition, you may be wondering why I am sharing it with you in June.  That is because my mom made it this past weekend for Father's Day and I thought everyone needed this recipe ASAP.  The picture below is just half a recipe - it was only the three of us and we supplemented our meal with scrambled eggs, sausage and fruit to go along with the monkey bread.  I will be providing the whole recipe for you, though.  It should feed about 4 adults.

Monkey Bread 
4 cans refrigerator biscuits
1 cup Sugar
2 teaspoons Cinnamon
1 1/2 sticks of Unsalted Butter
1 cup Brown Sugar   

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Spray bundt pan with non-stick spray.  Mix together cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl.  Cut the biscuits into fourths.  Coat biscuits in cinnamon and sugar.  Place in bundt pan.  Melt butter on low heat.  Add brown sugar, stir until the butter and brown sugar makes a sauce.  Slowly pour over biscuits in bundt pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes. 

Enjoy!  I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!

Hang Loose: Chapter 30

Hey all!  Sorry for the unexpected break last week.  I felt the need to unplug a little bit, but now I am back!  This weekend was a busy one.  I headed back to my parents for the second weekend in a row and it was go, go, go!

I have always had an appreciation for cars, especially older cars.  I get that from my dad.  Through his love of cars, he became involved in the Rustic Auto Car Club.  The car club holds a car show every summer, during Father's Day weekend.  It is my dad's baby.  The last few years, though, they have held another event in place of the car show.  However, with this year being the 30th year, or "chapter" as they refer to it, the club decided it was time for another car show.  

I have such great memories going to this car show growing up.  The day, Hang Loose, has evolved over time.  When I was younger there were vendors around our courthouse square, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments in the streets - a lot of different things.  This year, in addition to the car show, the club held a bags tournament, as well as a coloring competition for the little ones.  It was and still is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

This year was a bit of a challenge.  The car show is usually held in a park by the river, but with the amount of rain this past week, it just was not going to happen.  The river was out of its banks and had flooded parts of the park - just not safe at all to hold an event there.  Friday morning it was decided that the car show would move to downtown.  The city had allowed a few streets to be blocked off, as well as a parking lot.  A venue change was not exactly ideal with it being so last minute, but the change was definitely necessary due to the weather.  I am happy to say that even under the circumstances, it was a success!  Although things were a little chaotic, and a little tight, space-wise, my dad and the car club did their best and put on a great show!

Below are a few of my favorites from the car show.  I just love old cars and would love to own one someday.  For now, I will just enjoy looking at others!

A girl in the car club painted this bags set with the amazing are they?!

The work my dad (along with my mom and others) puts into this car show is amazing.  I love being able to spend Father's Day weekend with him, helping out with something that he truly loves.  He is such a hard worker and a great father.  I am so lucky to have him!      

Baby Shower Activities

Today, I am sharing with you the fun activities we did at my sister-in-law's baby shower.  I call them "activities," because I wouldn't necessarily say they were games.  We did gender guessing, a Baby's First ABC book and centerpiece giveaway.

The gender guessing activity was so very simple, but really cute.  It also added to the decor, so it even served a dual purpose.  We had three mason jars - two filled with paper straws.  The jar containing gray patterned straws represented a boy and another jar with yellow patterned straws stood for a girl.  Guests chose their color and placed the straw in the previously empty jar.  We had labels for the jars and attached them with little clothes pins - you could also punch a hole in the paper and use ribbon or twine to tie to the jars.  Towards the end of the shower, we counted the straws to see what the consensus was on the gender of Baby D.  If the majority of the guests are correct, I will be having a little nephew!

My favorite thing from the shower was the ABC book.  One of my mom's closest friends suggested this and it was a huge hit!  You have each guest fill out a letter page - they can put anything they want, a special note to the baby, or a bunch of fun words that start with the letter they have - and put them all together to make an ABC book.  We used 12x12 scrapbooking paper to do this.  My mom printed out each letter in different fonts, attached it to a piece of gray or yellow scrapbook paper, then attached that to the plain white piece of paper people could write on.  We provided sharpies and crayons for people to use to fill out their page.  The writing utensils were placed on the gift table, but if we did this over again we would have placed them at each table for easier access.  When we got home, we slid the pages into sheet protectors and tied the book together using ribbon.  It really turned out well and I think will be something that my brother's family can hold on to and look back at throughout the years.

The setup on the table.

I had the letter W.

My grandma did the letter F - how great is her page?!


The finished product.

My mom chose to have the centerpieces as prizes for the guests.  My sister-in-law loves elephants and is incorporating them into the nursery.  Going with that idea, my mom printed out little elephants pictures to tape to the bottom of the plates.  She punched the paper into small circles, and we used double sided tape to attach them to the bottom of the plates.  Everyone who had won, took home a centerpiece before they left.  I loved the idea, we were able to get the centerpieces off our hands, as well as send some of the guests home with a little bit of "pretty."

Like I mentioned in this post yesterday, I think everyone had a great time.  I definitely will be taking away these ideas for any future showers. 

Now all we have to do is wait until August to meet Baby D!  I cannot wait!

Baby Shower

This past weekend we celebrated my sister-in-law and Baby D with a baby shower.  It was a ton of fun! 

We had the shower at this wonderful restaurant/bakery, Lost in Time, in a town close to where I grew up.  The location was perfect.  Lost in Time offers a private room off the bakery and my goodness, were the smells amazing as we set up.  My mouth was just watering by the time we had everything in place.  We opted for a brunch and it did not disappoint.  We had a breakfast casserole with eggs, hash browns, asparagus and ham, a spinach and egg quiche, bacon and sausage, bite size muffins and cinnamon rolls.  The breakfast casserole was by far my favorite, it was SO delicious.  I also loved how the plates for the buffet were mismatched china really added a bit of charm and whimsy to the brunch.

My mom is super crafty and she really out did herself with the decor.  Although I helped with some of the ideas, all of the credit goes to her. 

Welcoming everyone to the shower.  Baby D's nursery is gray with accents of yellow, so that is the route we went for the shower.   

How precious is this picture of my brother?! We put baby pictures of my brother and sister-in-law at the tables, using antique frogs to display.  

The centerpieces were these adorable jugs from Ikea filled with yellow mum flowers and fern greens.  My mom also added some gray and yellow ribbon for a little extra detail.

My sister-in-law is a big fan of tea.  We went with a few packets of tea for the favors - ice tea and English breakfast tea.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found the saying "A Baby's A Brewin'" to add to the tag.  Since we had a few younger girls at the shower, we went with animal crackers as a little treat for them.
For both the food and the present table, we added a banner to the front.  To make it even cuter we used my brother's old baby diaper pins to attach them to the tableclothes.  I thought that was a really sweet touch.
It would be safe to say that everyone had a great time.  My sister-in-law, Jen, looked amazing, and I think her and my brother got some great gifts to help them prepare for the arrival of Baby D.  It was wonderful to see everyone, too.  Showers are a great excuse to get everyone together, which is so nice, especially with my dad's side of the family.  He is one of ten, so it is hard to get everyone together very often.  I think we ended up staying about an hour later than we had anticipated, just because everyone was catching up and visiting.  Luckily, it sounds like we have some weddings coming up next year, so we will have plenty of excuses between bridal showers and the actual weddings to see each other! 

Unfortunately, I did NOT take any pictures of the mom-to-be or anyone for that matter.  Major fail, especially considering one of my June Goals was to take more pictures!  Hopefully I can improve on that by the end of the month!

Tomorrow I will be back with a few shower activity ideas.  We didn't do "games" per say, but we did have a few things planned.  I can't wait to share with you! 

My Favorite Shorts

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was super busy and flew by...we had my sister-in-law's baby shower this weekend.  It was SO much fun!  More on that later this week!

Today I thought I would share my favorite shorts for the summer.  Earlier this spring I decided I needed new shorts for the warmer weather.  Unfortunately, I had quite the time shopping for them.  I went to about 4 stores and tried on MANY pairs before finding shorts that really fit well.  Needless to say, I wasn't necessarily a happy camper that shopping trip.  Thank goodness my mom suggested trying out Gap...I had such good luck there!

Here is the winner:
Gap summer khaki shorts.  These shorts are perfect.  They come up at a good spot on your waist...I wouldn't call them high-waisted by any means, but they hit at a very comfortable spot.  Also, the 3"  inseam was the perfect length for me.  I tried on a few of the longer lengths, but with being on the shorter side (5'3"), this inseam was definitely the way to go for me.  Also, you can't beat the price!  I was able to get them for 40% off, but even at their regular price, I think it is a great deal.  The quality is great - the fabric feels like it will last a long time.  Also, they don't get super wrinkly going through the wash, which is very important to me since I am not the biggest fan of ironing.  Because I had such a hard time finding a pair of shorts I liked, I ended up buying three pairs!  I purchased them in true indigo, oak tree and the blue dobby stripe.  They also come in a bunch of fun patterns! 

Before stopping by to look for shorts, I hadn't shopped at Gap in a long time.  I just had trouble with the way things fit there previously.  However, I feel like now I will definitely be stopping back in when out at the mall!  If I have more good luck there, it may become one of my go-to stores.  What are your go-to stores?

Happy shopping!     

Friday Favorites 6.12.15

Happy Friday!  Per usual, I am linking up with Momfessionals, A Little Bit of Everything Blog, and Grace and Love Blog for my Friday Favorites!

Nail Polish.  I love using an old nail polish and remembering how much I love the color.  I used 'Too Taboo' on my toes this week and I am loving it.  I would definitely use fuschia to describe the color - I think it dries a little darker than the pictures shows.  It is super pretty!

Pool time!  I was able to hit the pool twice this past weekend and it was SO nice.  The weather was very warm, but I enjoyed relaxing and reading a few of my favorite magazines poolside.

A CLEAN purse.  After losing my keys multiple times in my purse the past week or two, I decided it was finally time to clean it out.  My goodness, did I have a LOT of stuff in there!  I was able to get rid of a bunch of trash, clean out my receipts and finally transfer everything over to my new wallet.  I always feel so much better afterwards, not to mention how much lighter it feels on my shoulder!

Happy hours.  This past week a couple coworkers and I had an impromptu happy hour on Tuesday after work.  I am fortunate enough to work with a great group of people and truly enjoy their company - at work and outside of work.  It is always nice to grab a drink and unwind together.  Although it was a small group, we had a great time!

Moscow Mules.  I had my first Moscow Mule cocktail earlier this year and I have been hooked ever since.  They are so refreshing and yummy.  This drink is super easy to make at home, too! My mom and dad so generously included a copper mug in my Easter basket this year, now I can indulge in one using the proper drinkware.  If you have not tried this cocktail yet, definitely do so!  I am telling you, it is delicious!     

Baby Showers.  My sister-in-law's baby shower is coming up and I am SO excited.  It will be great to see her and everyone else!  I am so excited to have a little niece or nephew!  Also, my mom has been hard at work with all the preparations for the shower and I know it is just going to turn out perfect!  She has been sending me pictures of the decorations and favors - I can't wait to see everything come together the day of the shower.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Sausage Broccoli Pasta

This is one of my very favorite recipes.  My mom passed along this recipe to me a few years ago and I am so thankful she did!  It is super easy and SO delicious. 

One of the best things about this recipe is that it is light enough for a spring/summer supper, but hearty enough for a cool fall or winter evening.  And did I mention it is easy?!  You may even find you have most of these ingredients on hand! 

Sausage Broccoli Pasta
1 lb ground Mild Italian Sausage (I use Johnsville)
1/2 lb Rigatoni Pasta
2 cups frozen Broccoli
1/4 cup olive oil
2 cloves Garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper
Parmesan Cheese
Cook the pasta according to box instructions.  For the last four minutes of cooking, add the broccoli to the pasta.  While the pasta is cooking, brown the sausage.  Once the sausage is browned, place on a plate with multiple paper towels to soak up the grease.  In a small bowl, whisk the olive oil, minced garlic, Kosher salt and black pepper.  Drain the pasta and broccoli.  In a large bowl, combine the pasta, broccoli, sausage, oil mixture and a handful of shredded parmesan cheese. 
Enjoy!  I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!

What's Funny Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  We have almost hit the downslope of the week, which equals getting closer to the weekend!  To brighten up the middle of the week, I thought I would share a few things I have come across via instagram.  When I see something funny, I screenshot it and send to my best friend.  We both get a kick out of it! 

Without further ado, here is what I am finding funny this Wednesday! 

I mean, how else are you supposed to put on your skinny jeans?!

According to friends, family and co-workers (aka everyone), my purse is a "suitcase."  I LOVE large purses...but it is truly amazing how big the trash pile is after I clean mine out.   

Who hasn't this happened to?!  Sometimes mine doesn't necessarily fall on my face, but my neck or chest.  It is always such a surprise, like how did this just happen?!, but it makes me chuckle every time.

Never fails, if I need to concentrate while driving, music has to be turned down lower.  

ALL. THE. TIME.  I can be super forgetful.

I usually always have a blanket with me on the couch, so quite often I lose my phone or the remote.  Needless to say, thank goodness I have an OtterBox case on my phone otherwise I am sure it would have broken by now!
As I am writing this post, I am realizing the reason why everything is funny to me is because it is all SO TRUE!  
Hope this adds a little smile to your Wednesday!