Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I'm Wearing...On My Nails

I may or may not have a nail polish problem...

I have all these nail polishes, but I usually gravitate to wearing just a few of them.  My nail polish collection has definitely evolved throughout the years...I went from painting my nails all different colors you can imagine, to more neutrals and pinks/red/purples (with a few others thrown in there).  It is funny because when I was younger, I used to think my mom had more "boring" colors of polish.  Now we have a bunch of the same colors - what can I say, I am definitely my mother's daughter! 

I usually stick to a more neutral color on my fingers, and then do something more fun on my toes.  Right now, I am loving these two Essie colors - Cute As A Button and Sand Tropez

The Cute As A Button is a great coral color, which is perfect for the warmer weather. Sand Tropez is a great biege neutral. One of the problems I find with certain neutrals is that they are a little more sheer and don't cover as well. This one has great coverage and is perfect for any time of the year.
I came across these ecards as I was thinking about this post and had to share...because honestly, who doesn't love a good ecard?!  Especially since these are SO true!
What are some of the nail polishes you are loving these days?  I love getting recommendations from others and trying new colors!


  1. Ok...I WANT to want to love nail polish, but I'm so bad at painting my nails! How do you do it well? Is it just practice?

    1. A steady hand definitely helps, as well as just taking your time. And not having too much polish on the brush!