Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nordstrom Wishlist

Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale!!!  This makes me VERY excited, as Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores.  And you can't beat a good sale!

I have rounded up a few items on my wishlist to share with you today.  

I love this cuff.  The silver would be my choice, although I really love the gold iridescent, too!

These cluster earrings are so fun!  They would brighten up any outfit!

I have been wanting a new wallet for some time now, and I think this one would be perfect!  I love both of the colors it comes in.

I have TOMs bootie wedges that I absolutely LOVE.  They are so comfortable.  I think these sandals would be great - they are neutral enough to go with anything, but still have some interest with the pattern.

These are my very favorite t-shirts.  I have 3 of them and can definitely see myself buying more.  The fit is loose and comfy, but not in a way that you feel it is too big and baggy.  The material is super soft, too!

I bought this chambray shirt in blue and it is the best.  I had been looking for a shirt like this for literally years - I don't know how I didn't come across it before!  This purple color is on sale and I think it is the perfect shade for spring and those cooler summer days.

Happy shopping!


  1. I love the wallet and the tee! I have TOMS wedges (but the strappy kind) and they're cute and comfy!

    1. Too bad I have gone a little crazy shopping lately...they are purely wishlist items! I think I need to do a shopping ban like you!