Friday Favorites 5.1.15

I am linking up with these ladies - MomfessionalsA Little Bit of Everything Blog, and Grace and Love Blog  to share my Friday Favorites!

Friday!  I am so happy it is Friday.  I think that will always be included as a favorite.  I have a big to-do list this weekend and I am ready to tackle it.  I just hope this motivation lasts when it comes time to actually complete my list!
This is SO nice out.  I love the cool mornings and warmer days.  This weekend is supposed to be great with temperatures in the 70's and 80's.  I cannot wait to get outside to enjoy it! 
Lunch out.  There is nothing better than taking a break at work and having lunch out...especially when it is with one of your very favorite people!
Essie Nail Polish - Cute as a Button.  This shade of nail polish is great!  It is a bright coral color that is perfect for the warmer weather.  I think the name is SO fun, too.
Mexican food.  I LOVE Mexican food.  And margaritas.  I get to indulge in both this weekend. 
Movies...specifically superhero movies.  With the new Avengers movie coming out, I have been trying to catch up on all the previously related movies...that way I have some sort of an understanding of what is actually going on.  I can actually say that I really kind of like the ones I have seen so far!  To make it even easier on me, I saw that there is going to be a "Superhero Sunday" on TV this weekend...hopefully I can catch up on the ones I have yet to see and be fully prepared to watch the new Avengers. 
Have a fabulous Friday!

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