Home Tour: Guest Bedroom

Last year I started sharing a home tour, but didn't quite get everything photographed prior to putting up all my holiday decorations.  I wanted the home tour to be a more of an everyday look at things, so I wanted to wait until my decorations were down before sharing the rest. 

I am still in the processing of making my condo a home, so things aren't all 'done', but I thought it would be neat to look at how things are currently, after having lived here about a year and a half, and then down the road see how they change.   

If you want to take a peek at the rooms I have shared thus far, you can check them all out in the 'home tour' tab at the top of the page, or click here.  As I share the last few rooms, I will add those there, too!

Ok, now to today's room, the guest bedroom.  When I first moved in, all that I had in there was an air mattress.  So it's evolved quite a bit since then!

Here's a look...

And here's a little 'behind the scenes' of how things came together...

I purchased the dresser from my pastor and his wife.  It reminded me one my parents' had growing up, and I love the wood tones.  I wanted a pitcher and bowl in my master on my dresser, but never found one I liked and ended up going another route.  I never got that out of my head, though, and found this one just down that street for a dollar at a garage sale!  

When I redid my master last year, the guest room finally got a real bed, nightstand, and chair - what a world of difference that made!  

My mom and I were out shopping one visit, and I came across some bedding on clearance at Pottery Barn that I just fell in love with.  My old bedding was looking a little blah, and adding in a new duvet cover and shams gave the room a nice refresh.  

The lamps were a hand me down from my parents.  My mom redid my old bedroom, and she wasn't going to be using the lamps any longer.  So into the guest bedroom they went.  The pink gingham shades go really well with the bedding!  I'll probably update them to something a little more neutral down the road, but they really are cute for now.

A basket from my grandma gave me a cute place to store quilts and add a bit of softness to the room.  

Then, just this past weekend, we moved the bookshelf, which was previously in my loft/office area to the room, and it feels like it should have always been there!

I am hoping to focus a bit more on the guest room this year, so hopefully there will be updates to share throughout the year!

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  1. It's so homey and inviting! And I LOVE that pink gingham lamp shade. I had a pink and white gingham comforter growing up and it was my favorite bedding ever. That lampshade looks just like it!

  2. You have such a gift for decorating. I absolutely love how you made the bed too!