Home Tour: Entry + 1/2 Bath

Hey there!  Welcome back to my home.  Last month I shared the outside, and today I am sharing a look at the entry and half bath.

My house is a condo, but it's more like a townhouse, given it has it's own entries from the outside.  When you walk in, it seems really open, with the two story entry, and a hallway on the side of the stairs.  I was beyond excited to have hardwood floors, too!

Right off the entry, there is a really nice sized front closet.  Not only does it serve as a coat closet, but it also holds my vacuum, my tools, brown paper bags I use for recycling, my workout shoes...it really handles a lot!

The pictures in the hallway are ones that I had previously used in my bedroom at my apartment.  My mom took a few pictures around my hometown, and I paired them with vacation pictures.  I have a little bit of Pontiac, and a little bit of Michigan represented - two of my favorite places!  I had printed them in black and white to make the look a little more cohesive, and I love that I was able to find a place for them in my new home.

And then, there is a half bath.  When I had the downstairs painted, I had them do the bathroom, as well, but in a different color.  If you have been reading for awhile, you know I love blue, and I thought this half bath would be a great place to add in a nice, deep blue.  The accessories are minimal - I am still looking for something to go on the wall across from the toilet, but I think it makes for a cute half bath.  Perfect for when guests are over.

Can't wait to share more!

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  1. You’re making me want my own place even more than I already do! It’s so cute!!

  2. Love that your mom took pictures of your hometown--what a special touch to add that had meaning!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. It's looking great, Emily! Having a good size closet is such a plus.

  4. Everything looks so cute! I love the color of your half bath!


  5. Your bathroom is so cute! I think my favorite thing about the post is the black and white photos on the wall, though! They look perfect! I also love that your momma took some of them of your home town. That makes them even more special.

  6. Love your place, Emily! It is beautiful and so nicely decorated! Did you go to College near your hometown or did you head to St. Louis for college? Also, would you say that the cost of a condo in STL was pretty comparable to central IL??

    1. Thank you! I went to college at SIUE - basically right across the river from STL. The area I live in is pretty darn expensive, so I would say it is NOT comparable at all, haha. Sometimes it makes me sick what I could have purchased back home for what I spent on my condo.

  7. Very cute! I love the soft colors and how you decorated the bathroom.