Home Tour: The Outdoors

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Hey all!  I am kicking off my home tour series today with the first thing you would see if you were to come over - the outside!  (a little background to this new blog series here)

The exterior of this place was what first hooked me.  I actually saw this listing before I officially started looking, and immediately clicked on it to see more.  But, at the time, I had it stuck in my head that I wanted a house, and 3 bedrooms.  Funny how things change!

My little porch is the perfect spot for planters, a rocking chair, and a colorful pillow!

The backyard was one of the things that sold me when I actually came to look at the place.  The beautiful trees, the deck, and all the greenery.

The previous owner used a few different kinds of landscaping rock throughout the back, and I added some mulch over parts of it to give it a fresher, more 'me' look.  It's amazing what a difference that can make!

We basically hacked all the bushes down shortly after I moved in, and they have been growing nicely since! 

I slacked a bit on my flowers for a week, and they got hit a bit by the sun and heat, but after diligently watering, and adding some flower food, they are perking right back up.

I snagged some comfier chairs to go with my little cafe table, and also got a new grill this year.  I wasn't sure what to do with my old chairs, so I just have them flanking the grill to be used as a little prep space if need be.  

I can't wait for it to cool down a bit so that I can enjoy being out on the deck without sweating the second I get out there!

It really is a great little back area, and I love looking out from the house - the trees just frame everything so beautifully.  

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  1. I love your deck! We need to get fresh mulch so bad because it does make such a difference.

  2. Oh, I am SO EXCITED for this tour!!!! Your back yard is such a beautiful space. It's so wonderfully landscaped. I love that you have a deck and shrubs and trees and mulch. Everything is so rich. It really makes me want to do something with our back yard since it's literally just grass. Lol. We could use some landscaping and trees to break it up!

  3. What a pretty spot! That's so nice that you have a deck and so many fun spots to decorate. I love adding a few new things to our backyard every year. Your new chairs look great!

  4. I love that deck! The yard looks like it's pretty low maintenance too while still being very pretty.

  5. LOVE your deck! What a fab space to entertain!

  6. Your house is very cute. Love the relaxing outdoor space in your backyard!

  7. This is lovely - it's so nice that you have mature trees and get the shade from those. I have no decorating or designing ability (I have a seriously plain apartment...) so I am envious of your creations in your new home.