What's Up Wednesday: June 2019

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Well, June just flew by.  We have officially hit that time of year when each month seems it's over in a blink!  Although, really, the last few years have felt like that.

What I'm eating this week...
This week is a bit of a busy one, so I am keeping it super simple.  

Monday: Chicken Sausage, Green Beans & Caesar Salad  
Tuesday:  Leftovers
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Out!  
Friday:  Mexican or Hamburgers (on the grill, weather permitting) both sound like great ways to kick off the weekend...now just to decide which one sounds better!

Nothing too exciting, but it will be good, relatively healthy, and fast!  All of what I need this week.

What I'm reminiscing about...
Closing on my condo!  This month marks 1 year since I became a homeowner. (post here)
Planter | Rocking Chair (on sale for only $49!)| Pillow

What I'm loving...
I discovered a new Starbucks drink that is delicious!  An iced white mocha.  I had it for the first time last weekend, and boy oh boy was it good.  It's sweet, and not super healthy, but it is such a wonderful treat!

What I've been up to...
This month was a busy one.  My cousin got married at the very end of May, so June started off in Chicago!  The weather wasn't the best the first day of June, but I did get in my favorite Chicago style pizza, so I cannot complain too much! (post here)

I got home from up north, only to leave for New York a few days later for work.  Everything that we had been working on for the last month finally came to fruition, and it was a success!  I didn't get out of the hotel hardly at all, but I did have a pretty nice view from my room! (post here)

My mom came to visit a few days the following week, which was so fun.  It was the most welcome break from work, and we had a blast together, shopping, working at my place, and eating! (post here)

That weekend, I celebrated one of my friend's birthdays with a lunch out, and a stop at the local Wine & Jazz festival.  It was a blast! (post here)

While my mom was in town, we decorated a bit for the 4th of July.  It's so simple, very inexpensive, and perfect for the whole summer! (post here)

In an attempt to appreciate summer a bit more, I pulled together a summer bucket list. (post here)

And to round up things, last weekend was full of fun - binge watching Billions, a church service project, a bridal shower, and some good books! (post here)

What I'm dreading...
Anymore rain!  It's just been a constant lately.  And with that, cleaning out my bathroom closet.  It's such a mess, and gets worse by the day.  I know it will be wonderful to have it done, but I keep putting it off...which makes me dread it even more!

What I'm working on...

Staying on top of things - I swear it is a never ending battle.  When I think I am doing really good, I tend to slack off and then it just snowballs and is hard to get back to it.  

What I'm excited about...
All house related things.  As I mentioned above, it's been one year since I closed on my condo!  With that, I plan on doing a full home tour, and share some inexpensive projects, or home hacks that I have used with making my house a home.  My first one went up yesterday - it's all about engine spray paint! (post here)  

I also made a bigger home purchase this month - a bookshelf for my living room.  It arrives today, and I am SO excited to start decorating it.  I don't have a ton of display areas currently in my living room, and even my dining room, so I am excited to have a place to put all my little tchotchkes.  

What I'm watching...
Billions!  It's my new go to show.

What I'm reading...
Resistance Women by Jennifer Chaivernini.  My grandma mentioned she was on a WWII kick, and I just so happened to have a few WWII book around.  I read The Norden Affair by Jeff Funk, and am now working on Resistance Women.

What I'm listening to...
I have always been a big Chicago fan, and after hearing them on the radio some, I had the thought to look for a Chicago station on Pandora.  Not sure why I never did that before!  But now that I have, that station has been on repeat.  And...this may be embarrassing to admit, but I bought one of their Greatest Hits CDs on Amazon to have in my car.  I know CDs are basically prehistoric, but I can be a little technologically challenged.

What I'm wearing...
Honestly, I feel like I am wearing the same things over and over again to work.  I could use a good shopping trip to add some new pieces, but I have been spending most of my money on home purchases lately.

That being said, I did finally pick up the ever popular embroidered tank from Amazon in May, and love it.  I wore it just last week and plan on wearing it again this weekend!  And probably the following weekends to come this summer - it's just a really great top!  Sizing note - I went up one size, because I read some reviews that the head opening was a little tight, and I am glad I did.  I can see how the opening might have been a bit small in my regular size, and this gives it an extra bit of length.  

What I'm looking forward to next month...
My eye is on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Even though I have been focused on house purchases lately, that will definitely switch once the sale starts!  I already have a running list of things to look for on my phone!

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  1. I love Chicago too, the band and the city!! Have a super sweet day!

  2. I miss Chicago pizza! I love the small touches for 4th of July and I cannot believe it has been a year since you closed on your place!

  3. Congrats on a successful work trip and yay for one year of being a homeowner! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Well now I want to try an iced white mocha! You know I'm on the hunt for an iced coffee drink I love. I did find one, but I'm always looking to find more!