Weekend Recap: Billions, Church Project & A Bridal Shower

Another weekend has come and gone!

Friday was for Billions.  I have been bingeing that show, and it's so good!

I had a relatively busy Saturday - a few hours at church working on a service project, and then a bridal shower.  I have mentioned before that my church's women's group is making hygiene kits for an organization called Days of Girls, that provides these kits to girls in Africa.  It's such a neat project.  If you haven't watched the short documentary Period.  End of Sentence. on Netflix, I highly recommend it.  It's really eye opening!  I had a few hours at home, then it was time to head out to the bridal shower.  One of the girls at church is getting married soon, and is moving, too, so it was the perfect way to celebrate her, her upcoming wedding, and say good bye.  Her name is Abbi, so as a play on 'Dear Abby', we all wrote notes to her, with our advice.  It was fun to read what everyone wrote.  We had the church's signature sugar cookies (the recipe we use for the holiday cookie walk), and they were just too cute.  And delicious.  So very delicious.  I think that sometimes the beautifully decorated sugar cookies are a lot prettier than they taste, but not these!  I caught up with my mom on the way home from the shower, then gave my grandma a call.  I am not a big phone talker, but I love phone calls with my grandma.  We got on the topic of books, which finally helped me get out of my rut.  I had 3 books I was attempting to read, but just could not get into them.  She said she was on a WWII kick, which funnily enough I had just picked a book based on that time period from the library.  It also reminded me of my sister in law's father's book - The Norden Affiar!  I picked it up, and did not put it down the rest of the night.  It was really good!

We have been having so much rain lately, and I took advantage of a break in it Sunday morning to get in a quick walk.  I honestly don't mind rainy days (unless I have to drive much in the rain, or I need my hair to look good, haha), but this is too dang much.  Church was good - a bit bittersweet since it was Abbi's last Sunday, but overall good.  I ate a quick lunch, and started doing house things - nothing very exciting.  I remembered there was an Indycar race on TV, so I turned that on.  Honestly, between my nephew's love for it, and having attended the last few Indy 500's, I am turning into a real fan!  I started in on another WWII book - the one I picked up from the library recently - Resistance Women.  I am still early into it, but I think it's going to be a good one!

Here's to hoping this Monday is a good one!

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  1. I'm putting that documentary on my Netflix to-watch list. Those sugar cookies are beautiful.
    Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. Those cookies are so beautiful! Sounds like you had a sweet weekend!

  3. You have me wanting to check out Billions now. I"ll have to ask B if he's heard of it. And I love that you talk on the phone with your Grandma. I know you cherish those conversations!