June 2019 Goals & Habits

Honestly, I wasn't really excited to look at my goals from last month.  The month was kind of busy and really seemed like a blur looking back - I didn't think I got all that much done.  But, I did do more than I thought.  Here's a look.

May Goals

1.  Wash my makeup brushes.  Done!  

2.  End each night with a clean kitchen.  I would say I did this for the most part.  Not 100%, but I would say at least 70% of the time.  It truly amazes me the difference it makes in my mindset when I do this.

3.  Clean out my shoes.  I didn't even think about this goal!  I still need to do it, though.  

Monthly Habits

1.  Drink more water.  Again, another one I did about 70% of the time.  It just was one of those things that fell to the wayside when things got busy.  It was like I would look up and half the day would be gone.   

2.  Make my lunch the night before.  I did pretty good with this one - about 90% of the time.  It's definitely becoming more of a habit, which is the whole point! 

3.  Wash up earlier in the evening.  I didn't really do this too much this month.  It's hard for me in the summer, because it stays light so long, my internal clock is totally messed up!  But I want to get back to it.   

All in all, May wasn't too bad of a month.  Hopefully June is the same, or at least a little better.  

Here are my goals and habits for the month.

June Goals

1.  Clean out my shoes (take two).  Hopefully second time is the charm with this one!  

2.  Reorganize my bathroom.  I meant to do this awhile ago, but wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do.  And I still don't 100%, but, it's getting out of control.  Knowing I wanted to reorganize / clean out things has made me super lax about putting things back nicely.  Which makes the whole thing worse, haha. 

3.  Clean out my gift wrapping tote.  I moved a chest I used to have in the guest room down to the basement.  It didn't fit in the room anymore, but I think it would be great for gift wrap storage.  Right now I have everything in one of those long totes. but it really isn't great for accessing everything.  Time to give it a try and see if my chest idea works!

Monthly Habits

1.  Drink more water.    

2.  Make my lunch the night before.  

3.  Wash up earlier in the evening.  

4.  End the night with a clean kitchen.

5.  Wash my make up brushes twice a month.

What are you hoping to accomplish this month? 

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  1. Your clean kitchen goal is one I really need to set for myself, especially now we have a new kitchen and are starting with a clean slate. I'm just so lazy though - after I've already cooked dinner I have no desire to also sort out the kitchen the same night!

    You did an awesome job with your goals last month. Way to go!

  2. I need to get back to drinking more water. I feel like it's harder for me in the summer because I'm not on a set schedule & just naturally have certain times in the day that I fill my water bottle. I just need to be more conscious about it.

  3. We are going to bed every night with a clean kitchen and it makes a huge difference. I wake up happier when I don't have dirty dishes in the sink to wash haha!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Ugghh I need to wash my makeup brushes. It's been soooo long. That's a great goal!

  5. Great goals. I have not washed my brushes in a while so I guess I can add this to the weekend to-do list.

  6. Kitchen clean up is in my daily dos that I do nightly. I skip it maybe once or twice a week but function infinitely better when I do not skip it.

  7. I really want to finish getting our yard/ patio in order. I've been neglecting those spaces for a few years as I just don't know what I really want to do to make it "wow!" even though I know it could.

  8. Great goals! I need to wash my makeup brushes...

  9. Seeing your goal of washing your makeup brushes makes me realize how badly I need to wash mine...it's been way too long!

    xoxo, Jordyn

  10. ugh i need to wash my makeup brushes and clean out my shoes. your goals always remind me of things i need to do haha. i also really need to reorganise the bathroom... for the same reason - knowing i want to reorganise it soon makes me just throw things back in there all willy nilly, which makes me put off reorganising because it's a mess lol.

  11. Achieving 70% of different goals is definitely something to be proud of even if you didn't get it 100% done. And you you've already accomplished goal #1 for June and we're not even halfway through the month yet!!