A Look Inside My Pantry

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What is it a bout a peek inside someone's home that is so interesting?  Especially when it adds in organization and food!

When I lived in my apartment, my 'pantry' was a shelf above my dryer.  I made the best of it, using some bins from Target to corral all my food, but needless to say, I was pretty darn excited to have a true pantry in my condo.  While it isn't huge, it's still a PANTRY!

The pantry is actually one of the things in my condo that got organized first, and I have to say it stays relatively clean and organized, with occasional clean outs needed here and there to get rid of any old stuff, rearrange some of the items in each basket, etc.

How I have it set up is as follows:

  Top shelf - paper items (plates, napkins, plasticware), drinks (tea, hot chocolate, coffe), bulk items (rice), and any taller bottles of alcohol that can't fit in my 'drink basket' in the dining room
  2nd shelf - baking items, canned goods

  3rd shelf - rice, crackers, breadcrumbs, chips, noodles, pasta sauce
  4th shelf - sweet / snacky items, bottled items (salad dressing, oils, syrup, etc.)
  Bottom - small appliances (panini maker, food processor - I put these on small wire shelves so they aren't directly on the floor), large tupperware, lunch bag, larger bulk items (Skinnypop!)

I used these plastic bins from Target to corral like items, and also I (with the help of my mom) covered some poster board in contact paper, and then put on each shelf.  I do not like wire shelves - I feel like things don't sit as straight on them, and also loose items can fall through, and the covered poster board provides a more solid surface.

One day I would love to redo my kitchen, and replace my current pantry with cabinetry - tall cabinet doors at the top with pull out drawers behind them, and deep drawers at the bottom - but for now I am just going to appreciate having an actual pantry, and a designated place for all my food!

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  1. Your pantry looks so nice and organized! I feel like I try to get mine organized and then the next day it's another mess.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I love that you categorized by shelf. I do the exact same thing in ours! It makes finding everything so easy!!

  3. I have wire shelves like that too and I hate them; so much food and flour and just dust falls through them from one to the next. I'm not sure poster board would work in my case since my shelves are so darn large and long but I'll have to start looking around for other creative solutions like that. I love simple fixes.

  4. I love all your white baskets, I love having matching baskets in the pantry