Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What's Up Wednesday (on a Tuesday): January 2019

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The first What's Up Wednesday (on a Tuesday) post of 2019...does anyone feel like this has been the longest month, yet that it also has flown by?  When I look back, it seems like New Year's Day was soooo long ago, yet I also am sitting here, not believing that we are almost done with the first month of 2019.

What I'm eating this week...

 Honestly, this week is a bit of a free for all, haha!  I have a fridge full of produce, a freezer full of meats, and I am just assuming that a decent dinner will come together each night.  After eating a bunch of junk at trivia night (isn't that part of the fun?), and not feeling well on Sunday, I want to get in lots of veggies this week to hopefully fight off any lingering 'stuff'.

What I'm reminiscing about...
Really, just the month.  These posts are a great way to look back!

What I'm loving...
I finally picked out my bedding, and am excited to get going on my bedroom.  Way back when I first got my condo, I talked about how the master bedroom was towards the top of the list of rooms I wanted to decorate first (post here).  Well, half a year in, and it has not been touched, haha!  I finally decided on bedding - that took me the longest.  I love Pottery Barn's bedding, but the price for all I wanted to do was just way too much, and then the bedding I loved from Bed Bath and Beyond got some really bad reviews which turned me off from it.  My mom found this really pretty bedding on super sale at Macy's, and I was sold!  The price was great, and I love the blues in it.  I did end up getting a few things from PB - a quilt and euro sham covers - and while those items are still expensive, I had some rewards from my chair purchases, and there was a sale, so it made it much more cost effective.  Now I just need to find some sheets, get new pillows, get a new bed, furniture...ya know, pretty much everything else.  But it's a start!  

What I've been up to...
To kick off the start of the year, I revisited my 2018 resolutions (post here), and set ones for 2019 (post here).

My parents came to visit (post here), and my mom helped me decoration for winter (post here)!  

I finally tried out my instant pot (post here), and it did not explode.  Yay!

I survived my 2 1/2 + hour drive home one night due to snow (post here)...still cannot believe that happened!

the view from my garage once I got home!

I got sucked into Netflix, first watching Ozark, then The Blacklist, which I am still going strong with.  So many episodes!

St. Louis got some more snow (post here)...albeit nothing compared to the crazy amount we had earlier in the month.  

I shared a day in the life post (post here).  One of my favorite types of posts to read!

And I attended a Pampered Chef party and a trivia night for my church (post here) - both great times!

Only a few days left in January, but I am sure they will be filled with working out, work, eating, and watching Netflix.  

What I'm dreading...
Not much!  Work has been pretty busy, but come this afternoon, things should slow down some!  Of course, should is the operative word, haha, so hopefully that is actually true!

What I'm working on...

I am slowly working on organizing and simplifying.  I still have some clothes to go through, but I have made it through my coat closet (post here), my laundry closet, the pantry, the spice drawer, and the refrigerator.  The fridge isn't perfectly organized, but it got a good cleaning out, so it's a start!

What I'm excited about...
Next month, I am planning on doing a no spend month.  I don't go super hardcore with this, but it helps me focus on using more of what I have, and cuts down on my more frivolous spending.  The hope is to save a bit more money, which is always a good thing!

What I'm watching...

The Blacklist.  The obsession is real.   

What I'm reading...
I haven't been reading as much, mostly due to the above mentioned show!  But, when I have been reading, it's been Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts, and It's Not Supposed To Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst.  Both are so, so great!

What I'm listening to...
Still on the oldies train - I just love that music.  And country at home.  I turn on the ol' intercom when I am in the kitchen, and that's what station it is usually turned to.

What I'm wearing...
This is pretty similar to last month, but I am still loving my Free People turtleneck.  So much so, I bought the teal color.  Which, online it looks like a dusty blue, but in fact, it is teal.  I was a tad bit surprised when I got it, but it's still a beautiful color.  And so warm!

Which, speaking of things being warm, even all these years later, I still absolutely love my UGGs.  I got my first pair in college, and I have been wearing them ever since.  My collection has grown quite a bit since then, but they are still a staple.  And the slippers, too!

For work wear, I shared some of my outfits last week (post here).  I have kind of been pulling whatever together, because I noticed that many of my blouses have some kind of build up from my deodorant.  I am not sure how that happens - I do wash them after every wear, but it doesn't seem like that is enough to get rid of it.  I did see you can soak them in vinegar, then wash them, but that makes me a tad bit nervous.  Anyone else have this issue?  And if you did, have you found a deodorant that doesn't leave a residue? 

What I'm looking forward to next month...
I may have a new nephew in February!  Obviously that is top.  He isn't due until March, but there is a chance he could make an early appearance in February, so we shall see! Other than that, my cousin's bridal shower is in February, which should be a lot of fun.  I am also looking forward a Bible study I am going to be participating in at church, as well some 'routine' weeks at work, and just in general. 

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  1. Had the same problem with deodorant and work shirts... try Dove Dry Spray Aerosol deodorant. Works great, no more stains/residue.

  2. I love that turtleneck! And our master bedroom 4 years later is still nto done.

  3. I have the same problem with shirts! If you find any solutions to cleaning (besides changing deodorants) please do share!

  4. I'm cracking up over the "My Instant Pot did not explode" comment. That is so how I feel when I think about those things! Haha. I guess I need to add Blacklist to my list of shows to watch. B and I have a list a mile long now so we're looking forward to summer time when the network TV slows down and we can catch up on our bingeing!

  5. I love your winter decor and the bedding that you went with! We bought a comforter just because we needed one and I'm already looking forward to switching it out.

  6. We got a super sale covered from Macy’s last weekend. I was set on getting one from PotteryBarn but the one at Macy’s was softer and cheaper, so we decided to go with it!!
    I ordered It’s Not Supposed to be This Way from the library. Can’t wait to read it!

  7. Vinegar in wash water usually works pretty well; you could try Oxi Clean, too. I used to use it on my husband's undershirts (yes, I sound old... I promise I'm not THAT old!) and it worked well.