Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Eight Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2018

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I have seen various people round up some of their favorite purchases over the last year, and thought it would be fun to share my top eight from Amazon.

Last year was the first year I think I really utilized Amazon.  I had bought things from Amazon before, of course, but not as regularly as this past year.  But now I find myself going to Amazon more and more - you just cannot beat the convenience!

In no particular order, here are my top eight...

Battery Operated Window Candles 
These were sooooo pretty at Christmas!  Once you put in batteries, they will stay lit for 6 hours, go off for 18, and then back on.  I loved coming home from work to see them flickering in the window.  It just made things warm and cozy without having to do any type of work (plug in, turn on).

Black Leggings 
Lindsay initially blogged about these, dubbing them Zella dupes.  I had always wanted to try Zella leggings, but I felt like there were other things I wanted to spend that amount of money on, so I was eager to try these, at just $23.  I picked up the black, and I am anxiously awaiting a restock of the navy in my size, so I can grab those, too.  They are super comfortable, and the length (something I normally struggle with), is perfect.  Usually leggings like this are too long, but these hit me at a great spot.  I think they are stretchy enough that they work for taller people, but also for people who are a tad shorter, like me!

Felt Purse Organizer
I don't know why I waited so long to get this, because it is so very handy!  If you have a tote, I cannot recommend this enough.  I don't actually use the insert with all the little sections, but the inside opening is perfect for keeping my pouches all together and secure, as well as my wallet, and sunglasses.  I utilize the pockets for gift cards, pens, coupons, and more...it just really makes things so much neater, and keeps everything from sliding around!

Lunch Bag Tote 
I was in desperate need of a new lunch bag - I think mine had a hole in it for almost a year, if not longer! - and while I looked at Target, I wasn't finding anything I really loved.  I wanted something bigger, since part of the problem with my previous bag was that it would be too small for all of my tupperware, and I also wanted something more subtle in print.  This one fit the bill perfectly!  It very roomy, and it even has a pocket on the outside to slide in a napkin, mint, or utensil.  I am able to fit a full bottle of dressing, along with multiple tupperware containers, with room to spare.  

Tall Air Mattress 
When I moved into my condo, I knew I needed to get an air mattress for guests.  I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank, but wasn't cheap in quality.  I also wanted something that was a taller, so it would be easier to get up from.  This fit the bill, and has been put to good use ever since!  

YETI Rambler 
I was in need of a new water tumbler for work.  The one I had was a freebie that was a few years old, and had seen better days.  Both my parents have YETIs and raved about them, so I figured it was time to just go for it.  And after having one for awhile, it is so worth it.  They keep your drinks super cold, or hot (my mom uses hers exclusively for coffee), which is a definite win.  And it's very durable.  Only a few days after I had mine, I dropped it in my garage.  I was SO worried that it would be dented, or the top would be cracked, but other than a little scuff, it was as good as new!

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner 
I purchased the starter pack, and have since gotten refills.  I was looking for a more cost effective way to do dry cleaning, and this is it!  And not only is it cost effective, it's also super convenient.  All you have to do is pop your clothes in the bag, add a dry cleaning sheet, put in the dryer, and you are all set!  I have used this method of work dresses, sweaters, coats.  It really works, and saves lots of money and time.

PILOT Erasable Gel Pens 
Erasable pens have come a longggg way.  I remember when they first came out with black and blue erasable pens.  They didn't work very well at all!  These are much prettier, and they work wonderfully.  I use these for my planner, that way I can color code, and erase as needed.  Because I am one of those that will go to a new page in a notebook, simply because I don't like my handwriting...can't really do that with a planner, so these totally make it a non issue!  And it's perfect for when you have plans that change - you can just erase and it's like nothing was there.

Those are my top eight, with an honorable mention - my instant pot.  I brought in on Black Friday, but didn't actually use it until after the first of the year and I have only used it once.  So I felt like that didn't really count, even though I do think it will become one of my favorite things.

If you have any must buys from Amazon, I would love to hear them.  I feel like the possibilities on that site are just endless, it's nice to have recommendations from others to make it a bit less overwhelming.

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  1. So funny, we definitely ordered a similar set of candles for Christmas and those erasable pens were one of my gifts.

  2. I love those leggings! I need to get another pair because I only have the capris.

  3. I'm using erasable pens in my planner too. I discovered that when I place something hot on top of my planner, the pen erases - oops!

  4. I'm going to have to try the At Home Dry Cleaner pack! We love to use Amazon for subscriptions, it saves money & then we don't have to remember to buy things because they just arrive on a schedule of when we need them - we have things like furnace filters, vitamins, dog food, etc set on a subscription basis :)

  5. The purse organizer is hands down the best.

  6. We love our tall air mattress! I think that organizer is a good idea. I might purchase one today.

  7. Oooh I'm intrigued by this purse organizer!! I'm going to have to give it a try.


  8. Yep, those leggings are amazing. I want to get a couple more pairs since I wear leggings most days of the week now. Haha. And I love Dryel. It never occurred to me to get it on Amazon! I bet its cheaper than Target!

  9. I love my Dryel kit! Formal dresses and Elsa tops from Lilly go straight into the bag in my laundry room. The purse organizer is on my list! I tend to organize with a catch all pen/everything cosmetic bag but things always end up in the bottom of my bag.

  10. The candles are such a great idea, and I also love the leggings. Great finds!

  11. Those leggings look amazing. You can never go wrong with a Yeti (or any insulated cup). I have mine filled with water at my desk all day

  12. The big craze now seems to be clothing from Amazon. I haven't jumped on the ship yet, but I keep seeing just how cute everything seems to be!

  13. I need that Dryel bag. Especially with how expensive my dry cleaning gets. I love the Yeti so much.

  14. Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa! Erasable gel pens?! What is this sorcery?! I'm adding these to my cart ASAP!!!