Friday, January 25, 2019

A Day in the Life: January 2019

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Hey all!  As I mentioned last week, I am switching things up for my Friday Favorites.  Instead of five favorites, I am sharing A Day in the Life - my favorite kind of post.  I absolutely love reading these and find them so very interesting.  And I feel like everyone I talk to feels the same way, too.  No matter if it's just a regular, old day (which this is), peeking into someone's 'everyday' is just so fascinating to me.

I documented Tuesday, January 15th.  

Time to wake up!  Or close enough.  This is a few minutes after I actually woke up, at 4:45.  I am a morning person, and love having extra time in the morning to read a devotional, work out, enjoy breakfast, and get ready for work.  I get up anywhere between 4:25-5:00, depending on how long I plan to work out that morning.  

Once I get moving, it's downstairs to fill up a glass of water, and read Jesus Calling, and It's Not Supposed to Be This Way.  Previously I would read the One-Year Bible with my devotional, and when I finally finished that (took me way longer than a year), I started including various other faith books in my morning routine.  I am absolutely loving It's Not Supposed to Be This Way!

This passage really struck me this particular morning - I feel like the 'formula' she references is very spot on.

After I read, I get a quick work out in.  This morning was super quick, as in 10 minutes.  While I was reading Jesus Calling, my phone died.  That totally threw me for a loop because I charge it over night, so I didn't even know what was happening at first.  I thought maybe my phone was done for.  So that flustered me some and since I messed with that for a bit, I only got 10 minutes before I needed to get going on breakfast.

On to breakfast - protein waffles, and blog reading.  This morning I didn't have any greens to make one of my favorite breakfasts, and I didn't have any hard boiled eggs, so easy, frozen protein waffles were on the menu.

After I ate, and read a blog or two, I quickly made my lunch, then headed to get ready for work.  

My little phone snafu kind of messed up my normal morning (usually it runs pretty smoothly) so I was a bit behind, and elected to not try to snap picture of everything in lieu of making it out the door in plenty of time.  I did, though, make sure I made the bed.  I have always been pretty regular with making my bed, but my mom told me once that people who make their beds are happier.  And I totally think that is true, because I feel so much better when my bed is made.  The room may be a mess, but at least the bed looks nice!

I did snap a picture loading my car.  I swear, sometimes I feel like I am moving into work.  I have my purse, my work bag, gym bag, and lunch bag.  

I work til about 11:45, then have a quick lunch at my desk.  Lately I have been eating deli turkey, a slice of deli cheese, veggies (usually baby carrots and cucumbers), nut thins (I love the hint of seat salt, cheddar, and pepperjack cheese flavors), and blueberries.

My plan was to work out at my work gym, but I really wasn't feeling it.  So I decided I would do a Beachbody on Demand workout at home.  I head out of work about 4:15, stopping by the library on my way home.  I had a few books to drop off, and ended up taking some time to peruse the stacks.  It was only once I got home that I remembered I was trying to document my day - whoops!  I snapped a picture of the books I picked up from the library, then changed into my work out clothes and got my workout in before I could talk myself out of it.  I did one of the Country Heat Elite workouts - it's a dance one, which makes it so much more fun.  Of course, it also reminds me of how uncoordinated I have become...but it's still fun! 

I snapped a picture of my front door for my DIY Winter Door Hanger post, and worked on my blog for a bit.  Once I got what I wanted done, I headed to the kitchen to make some hard boiled eggs in my instant pot.  I still haven't made anything else, but I am loving it for hard boiled eggs.  I do want to try some 'real' recipes, but I just haven't gotten there yet.  Hopefully when work slows down a bit and I don't feel as worn out!

I again zoned out, and totally forgot about snapping pictures, but dinner was leftover Chicken a la King (picture from when I made it over the weekend), and then the rest of the night was spent watching some shows.

After I washed up, I wrote in my gratitude journal, and read a little bit in Of Blood and Bone.  Lights out right around 10:00!

I feel like this was one of those days that just was a little 'off' due to various things, and I didn't do as well documenting as I would have liked.  But hey, that is a typical day - things come up, things are forgotten, so I'd say this is a pretty good representation of 'day in the life'!    

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  1. I know so many doing the bible study for its not supposed to be this way..sounds amazing. I love these kinds of posts and seeing your day. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love these posts! So impressed that you got two workouts in! Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your phone?
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Yes! These posts are awesome! I love mornings, too! It's amazing how much you can accomplish and how much better it sets up your day to be up and ready and not rushing!

  4. I still can't believe how early you wake up... that is just the middle of the night to me! Lol. I love what you eat for lunch, though... looks similar to what I eat most days, too. Although, I don't know what Nut THins are... I'll have to see if I can find some here!

  5. Wow? You are super productive. How the heck do you get up so early?!?! And stay up until 10?!

  6. Girl!! Your day starts early!! LOL But you get so much done!! I have to check out It's Not Supposed to Be this Way! Fun post!! Happy Weekend!!

  7. I always love seeing day in the life posts! I have to say, I really love seeing what people eat, is that silly!? All of your meals look delicious and I typically eat a very similar lunch :) Loved seeing all the books you are reading too, thanks for sharing and hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  8. I am listening to A Spark of Light right now. It's a tough subject but good so far. I love these kinds of posts. You were so productive!