Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2017 Goals

This was not my favorite post to write this week, considering my May goals did not go as planned...

May Goals

1.  Faster response time to blog emails.  I did terrible at this.  I was going through my emails just earlier this week and had some from the beginning of May!  So terrible.  Work just really did me in this month, then when things finally slowed down a bit, I just couldn't work my way through things in a timely fashion.  So I apologize - I ended up not responding to really old ones, but I am back at it and will stay on top of them going forward!

2.  Get back to the Bible.  I made progress on this, but still am not caught up to the current date.  Still on my to-do list!

3. Finally catch up on blog reading.  One I can finally check off!!!  As I write this, my 'unread' blogs in Bloglovin' is zero.  It feels soooo good.  Hopefully I can stay current from now on!

4.  Use My Fitness Pal app.  Yes, this one failed a day or two after my initial goal post.  I spent like 20 minutes trying to find a dang meal on the app and it totally turned me off from keeping up with it.  So I haven't looked at it for almost the whole month.

It's so funny, I was SO motivated to knock all these goals out of the park when I wrote the post, but then totally failed on execution.  Hopefully June will be better!

June Goals

1.  Cook more fish.  I want to incorporate more fish in my diet.  I know it's good for you, and I have some pretty good recipes for both salmon and tilapia, but isn't something I think to make.  This thought was kind of spurred by a meal I had this week for lunch.  It was a pan seared tipalia, seasoned with just salt and pepper and goodness was it so good!  My hope is to make fish 2-3 times this month.

2.  Bathroom storage refresh.  I redid my bathroom storage awhile ago (post here) and it has really worked out so well!  Things just need a quick little straightening up.  

3.  Clean out workout clothes.  I can't remember the last time I went through these clothes, although it had to have just been last year.  I have added quite a few things to my collection since then, though, and now when all my workout clothes are clean and put away, where I store them doesn't close all the way!  That alone definitely means it is time to go through things!

4.  Try two new recipes from one of my many cookbooks.  I am pretty positive this has been a goal before and it probably will be again.  I LOVE cookbooks.  Absolutely love them.  I pour through the pages, some times multiple times, and want to make so many new recipes.  Then I put it away and it's out of sight, out of mind.  Or a recipe gets made, then I put the book away and don't think to look at it again when meal planning.  I go back to my old faithful recipes, or try recipes I find online.  When I was in Indy last weekend, my brother and sister in law were saying that when she gets a new cookbook, her goal is to try out at least 5 recipes from said cookbook.  I want to start adopting this for myself.  Now June isn't the best for this, because of some travel and other things going on, which is why my goal is 2 recipes.  Now, the question is which cookbook do I use?!   

Do you have any goals for the month?

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  1. Yay to trying more new recipes and cooking more fish. I sure wish we had more fresh fish places around here. Have a Terrific Thursday beautiful!!

  2. I am getting sooo behind on blog comments. I have got to start doing it immediately upon reading a comment. I always need to clean out my workout drawer(s). I just did it and feel like I could do it yet again!

  3. Haha my June goals will post next week and I'm pretty sure when I recap May, I will have totally failed. I really need to try making some new meals from my cookbooks too, I never do that because of the internet!

  4. I've been obsessed with My Fitness Pal lately! I had an account years ago and picked it back up in April after my mom started seeing so much success with it.

  5. Ooh I need to clean out my workout clothes, too!

  6. First, are you that girl who heats up fish in the break room? LoL. I am so no judgement here! And I FINALLY caught up on noreply comments....from MARCH. #ashamed

    1. Haha, no I am not! I used to sit by the kitchen at our old building so I am a bit sensitive to what I heat up because I know how it feels when something doesn't smell the best!

  7. I love love love trying out new cookbooks! Love that goal and I hope you share more next month :) Thanks for linking up!

  8. Great goals! I am not a fish person. I wish I was because it is so healthy!!! I'm very bad about not using my cookbooks too. I just ordered the Skinny Taste cookbook and found lots in there that I'm going to make myself cook! I'm tired of ordering cookbooks to sit on my shelf.

  9. I'm the same about responding to blog emails, so bad. Trying to be better around here now. Fish, I LOVE FISH!

  10. I want to do ALL of your June goals!!! Greatbideas - I have a feeling you'll be four for four this month 🤗

  11. You have some great goals for the month of June. I hear ya about blog emails. In general I'm just bad with emails. It's one of my goals (in general) to get better at.

  12. I need to cook more fish as well. and I could also make more recipes from my favorite cookbooks.

  13. I like your cookbook goal! I could stand to crack my cookbooks open way more often than I do. It just seems easier to search for recipes on pinterest sometimes. Good luck crossing goals off your to do list this month. I'm moving several of my May goals over to June, too :)

  14. I wished I liked fish more! The only fish I like is breaded, which isn't good for you! I totally understand your dilemma with cookbooks. It's so easy to get them but not use them.

  15. I like the cookbook idea. I always flag new recipes, but forget to cook them ;)

    Midwest Darling

  16. I am also so bad at responding to blog emails. Reading blogs too, which is why I'm commenting on all these linkup posts four days late. Oops! I have a few cookbooks on hold at the library. If I like them, I need to buy them and actually USE them. Haha!

  17. I am always thinking about how I need to get some use out of my cookbooks! It's so hard to remember to pick them up! More fish is a good goal, we have been eating way too much red meat I think but HelloFresh has been helping me incorporate more seafood recipes!

  18. oh girl, pretty sure i have emails from like march or april. it's ridiculous lol.
    i am the worst with cookbooks - i love them, love buying them and looking at them, never make any recipes. always end up going online. i'm with you, we need to make more fish. it's just something i prefer to get at a restaurant vs cooking at home, it always tastes better. but my favourite way to cook tilapia or cod is with oil, parmesan and bread crumbs. easy peasy, pan or oven, tastes pretty good every time lol.
    thanks for linking up with us and sorry for my super late comment.