Monday, August 24, 2015

What's Your Sign

I am linking up with Nadine @ Life by Nadine Lynn for "What's Your Sign." 

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I came across this link up via Mattie @ Northwest Native and loved it!  I don't follow my horoscope at all, but I do think it is so fun to read about your sign - see what fits and what is totally off base!

I used this website to do a little research on my sign, which is Pisces.  Here is what I found...


I think most of these are pretty true.  I am not sure about artistic, though.  And I am definitely not musical.  I was in band from 5th grade until I think my junior year of high school.  I was not great.  Especially in high school, I think I was the last or second to last chair.  My singing is horrendous, too.  Not that it keeps me from singing, but it is pretty darn bad.  

Desire to escape reality
Can be a victim or martyr 

Again, pretty spot on.  I am such a huge is pretty bad.  I definitely have the bad habit of trusting people I shouldn't.  I would say I am a pretty happy person, though...everyone gets sad sometimes but I would say that is the one I disagree with the most.  Sometimes life gets tough and it is nice to escape reality...usually I just lose myself in a good book.  I am not sure about the victim or martyr thing...

Being alone
Visual media
Spiritual themes

I definitely do not like being alone.  Sometimes it is nice, but I would rather be around others than being alone more often than not.  Who doesn't love sleeping?  Definitely true.  As I mentioned above, I do love music, even though I am not super musical.  I am a hopeless romantic.  That is for sure, spot-on.  I don't know about the visual media...if I am looking at news stories, I would rather read an article than watch a video.  I feel eh about swimming...I would much rather float in the water on a raft than actually swim.  I am not sure what to say about the spiritual themes...I am not even quite sure what exactly that means!

Being criticized
The past coming back to haunt
Cruelty of any kind

These are all so, so true.  I have encountered my share of know-it-alls and I am not a fan.  I don't like being criticized...who does really?  I do see the need for it and am open to feedback from others, but the delivery has to be just right.  There are definitely things and people I would just love to stay in my past.  I really do hate cruelty of any kind...the world is just a cruel place and I just get so sick to my stomach about it sometimes.  


Seriously, whose day is Monday?  Definitely not mine!  I can see Thursday...there is always excitement on Thursday to know that the weekend is almost upon us!

Sea green

I guess I need to add a little more purple to my life!  I have never been a big purple fan, but it has grown on me the past few years.  Also, fun fact, my first car was sea foam green.

After reading more about Pisces, I definitely think my sign "fits" me.  Although there are a few outliers, most of the characteristics really do describe me.

What's your sign?   


  1. Since this is my sign too I'm glad you took the time to research!! I'd have to agree with most of these too - except for mondays aside from maybe the fresh start of it all! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I feel like my horoscope is half and half. Some of it's so accurate and than the others, I gotta wonder. Although your piceses matches up more with me haha. And I actually really like Mondays haha, it's the evening Kyle and I get together, other than that Mondays, I'm over them.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. Love this! I'm an Aries, but I really don't a ton about my sign, so now I want to go check it out!

  4. I so badly want to learn more about my sign one day - I always am so interested when people can just blurt out a lot of facts about them based on their signs.

  5. Well my favorite color is purple so maybe I should be a Pisces?! Haha. I hate being criticized unless the delivery is juuuust right. Otherwise I get offended/defensive...which isn't great. Constructive criticism is good...but still, the delivery really matters!

  6. I have a lot of these things in common with you, but i'm a Capricorn. Same thing, right? :)

  7. This is a great idea for a linkup and I do love Mattie's blog :) I'm Leo, I'll have to look up my stuff!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  8. That's so interesting! I'm a scorpio but don't fit all the traditional characteristics. I'm not as crazy as scorpios are supposed to be! :P