Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's Hap-pinning

Today, I am linking up with Jessi and Jenn for What's Hap-pinning Wednesday! 

Lately I have been obsessed with all things fall.  One of my favorite things about fall is the clothes!  I love when the weather gets a little cooler and it is time to throw on jeans and a cozy scarf.  Below are a few of my favorite fall outfits I have found via Pinterest.

40 Stylish Fall Outfits For Women |

I love everything about this outfit, especially the coat.  I have been on the look out for a coat like this since last year.  I have found some cute ones, but they always end up having a detail that I am not crazy about.  Also, some roll up to be half sleeves which is super cute, but I want to use this as an actual jacket...not just for looks.  Not having full sleeves seems a bit impractical to me. 

Top 10 Latest Super Cute Outfits Fashion Trends 2014

I plan on recreating this outfit once it comes time for cooler weather.  The blanket scarf was one of my very favorite things I got last year.  I love the plaid and there are such great colors in the scarf that it pretty much goes with anything and everything!  The hat is too cute, and reminds me of one I just bought at Nordstrom.  I posted about it here.  I see this as the perfect outfit to wear to the pumpkin patch or out to a winery this fall.  I can't wait!

love this look for fall

This would be a great outfit for a Friday at work.  Casual, but very put together.  I love the shirt under the sweater, the pants rolled up with the heels and cute, but subtle statement necklace.  Very classy!

Be sure to watch the length of your work skirts - it's MANDATORY for the office!  #smartcasual #stylish

Now, I am not sure I could pull off this outfit, but I love it.  It would be perfect to wear to work.  I have never thought to try a skirt like this, but seeing it paired with the right top, I am really loving it.  Again, this is a great statement necklace, but still toned down enough for work. 

What to Wear to a Job Interview: Expert Tips for Every Industry

I love this.  The look of a good shirt and blazer is so timeless and one of my favorite looks.  The rolling of the sleeves makes it seem less stuffy and more current.  I love the colors chosen here.  They really compliment each other, yet will go just as well with other items.

J.Crew Vest and cozy sweater. Amazing winter fashion fun! Adorable white sweater with great vest, love the color combo! With some dark wash jeans it would be a great outfit for the cold weather :)

One thing that I definitely want to add to my wardrobe is a puffy vest.  I have one that is ancient, and just looks dated.  It is a little on the "puffier" side, too.  I can't decide what color would be best...tan or navy.  I just love the look of them!

As you can see, I am dreaming of fall - especially the fall fashions!  Like so many others, I want to be more intentional with my shopping.  I want to make sure to add pieces to my wardrobe that are more timeless and practical.  Quality over quantity.  Also, things that can do double duty...something I can dress up for work, but down for the weekends.  

Can't wait to see what is hap-pinning with you all this Wednesday!

If you want to see what else I have been pinning, you can check me out on Pinterest here


  1. Um ok...can you just deliver every single one of those outfits to my front door, please? They are all Fall perfection! I definitely need to incorporate my blanket scarf more this Fall/Winter.
    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  2. Ahhh I'm so not ready to give up summer but you are right - these fall outfits are awesome! I get all my vests at Old Navy and I LOVE them! They are actually pretty thin and fit really well! Every girl needs one...or two :) Navy and black are both classic!!

  3. I have so been pinning Fall stuff lately too - especially recipes :) I LOVE the outfits you chose especially the ones for work. It's been so hot here I'm tired of wearing the same dresses to work over and over!

  4. I love every single outfit! My absolute favorite thing to pin is outfits (fall ones in particular) but then I feel like I never end up recreating them! I need to work on that.

  5. GREAT inspirations girl!! So fun as I had not seen most of these yet! So excited for the crisp Autumn!!! Happy Wednesday beautiful!!! ;-)

    1. Thank you! I was so excited to find some new ones...usually you see the same over and over again. :)

  6. I am definitely SO ready for fall weather and clothes! :) love all your picks!!!

  7. So many cute fall outfits, love the skirt and that big statement necklace!

  8. Oh I lovelovelove all of these outfits soooo much! And it's making me so excited for fall :) Fall in AZ doesn't really start till October so I have a while to go haha but I love puffy vests, too! they are so dang cute and perfect for fall!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  9. I’m over all of my summer outfit switches; I can only think about fall – I wanted to switch my closet over to fall this weekend but I know it’s jumping the gun. Can’t wait until the waiting is over.

  10. PAAA-LEASE come on Fall! Lovin' this girl! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  11. Love all of these! I'm so excited for Fall clothes this year! I'm over my summer wardrobe at this point :)

  12. I love this !!! I'm so scared to post stuff like this :) I've always wanted to get a puffy vest too ;)