Thursday, August 27, 2015

Owning It 8.27.15

It's that time again...I am linking up with Christina at The New Mrs for her Owning It series!

I love this link up because it is such a fun way to learn new things about some of my favorites!  And it usually provides a good laugh, too!

I almost always "fix up" my couch before I go to bed.  During the evening, the pillows get thrown on the floor or laid on and I almost always have a blanket over me while watching TV.  Before I go to bed, I fold the blanket and put the pillows back nicely.  Even if the whole apartment is still a mess, having that done when I wake up in the morning makes me feel better.

I have an obsession with Monical's Pizza.  It is delicious.  Specifically the cheese pizza, no basil, with ranch dressing for dipping.  My favorite.  The pizza is super thin, so I can basically eat a whole big one myself.  Unfortunately (or maybe it is a good thing), there isn't one close to St. Louis.  They have Imo's, which honestly, I am pretty unimpressed by the pizza.  But back to Monical' is so good.  My mouth is just watering thinking about it!

I am very picky about cake.  I don't like cake that is cold.  Or has whipped cream frosting.  Or has fruit in it.  I think the cold cake is a texture thing...I just don't like it!  As for the whipped cream frosting, in one of my previous positions at work, they would bring in a cake for birthdays...I forget how often it was, maybe every quarter?  I always would get so excited, but it was always whipped cream frosting.  I was SO disappointed.  And fruit...I just don't think that fruit and cake go together.  I know lots of people like a layer of fruit filling, but I would just much rather have more frosting.  Or when cake is flavored, like strawberry, I get disappointed.  However, I do love a good hummingbird cake,which I think has pineapple in it, but you can't really taste anything.  Give me yellow cake, topped with chocolate frosting and round sprinkles.  That is my cake style. mouth is watering!

I can be super forgetful.  I am constantly setting reminders on my phone, making notes on post-its, or setting task reminders on my calendar.  It is pretty'd think at 28 years old I wouldn't have this problem, but I do.  I even set reminders for if my boss tells me to remind her about something, then I set a reminder for myself to remind her!  Sounds excessive, but really half the time it is the only way I can remember things.

I think I will leave it at that for this month's Owning It.  To check out my past owning posts, you can click here and here
Have a great Thursday!


  1. Girl, you are a lot better person than I am if you put your couch back together every don't even wanna see my living room as I type this {I'm ashamed haha}. Pizza with ranch, YAS! You are also not alone with the cake thing, my mom is the same way {not me, I can eat anything, anytime, any way #ashamedagain ha!}. I am also INCREDIBLY forgetful, it is really sad and sometimes stressful!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I'm the exact same with cake. My in-laws ALWAYS have fruit on their cakes during birthdays and it makes me so sad because I know I won't be eating any.
    I also set reminders for myself at work when my boss tells me to remind him of something. I never really need the reminders because I always remember, or have so far, but I just get this feeling that I might forget...better safe than sorry!

  3. I always fix up the couch too! It drives me crazy when my family throws all the pillows off and doesn't put it back on. It's like me being OCD or something…but no! Fix the couch!

  4. Bahahaha on the reminding yourself to remind your boss. I do the same thing...I think I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached. We're the same way about our couches, everything in our living room gets put back in it's place even if the rest of the house looks like a tornado came through. I really love chocolate cake, chocolate with frosting or no frosting.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  5. I'm really picky about frosting on cake. Most store bought frosting I don't like. I actually prefer whipped cream frosting or cream cheese frosting (we do have differences!!!) but I don't like cake that much. It has to be super dense and moist. When it's airy and dry I'm like no thank you!

  6. I totally agree with you about cake and fruit. Cake should be cake, frosting, and more frosting. Aaaand I'm also ok with sprinkles, M&M's or any other kind of chocolate decorations, but please, please for the love of all that is holy - HOLD THE FRUIT!

    1. For sure! I do like pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream, but I eat them separately...the cake by itself and then the strawberries and whipped cream!

  7. I usually fix up the couch before bed – if my husband comes to bed after me (he never does) I always hate coming down to see it all messy the next day. I’m so picky about cake too – it has to be vanilla with buttercream frosting for me!

  8. I actually love cold cake! But I don't like a ton of frosting & it can't be the really sweet kind either. Like corner pieces.. No way. That's funny about the reminders-- sometimes I have to do that too!