Thursday, July 9, 2015

So Funny

Happy Friday Eve!  I am ready for the weekend...almost here!  Today I wanted to share some "funnies" I have come across lately.  I did this post last month and thought it would be a good time to share some more...everyone could use a little extra laughter in their life! 

This cracked me up!  I thought it was so clever...seriously though, why has Jay-Z not done this?  I would buy it, if only to take a picture with the bottle.  Of course, as soon as I saw this, his song became stuck in my head.  As I was "singing" it to myself...I started to think...what does H to the izz O, V to the izz A even mean?!  So I consulted urban dictionary for the meaning.   Apparently it means "HOVA" because Jay-Z considers himself the JeHOVA of rap.  Now I know...and so do all of you!

I thought this was very appropriate since last weekend was the 4th.  So funny!

These little girls are so precious.  I am obsessed with the tutus.  And the caption matches the picture perfectly.  North looks like "what's the big deal" and Penelope looks a bit scared like "waiiiit, hold on North..." 

This is so true.  The majority of men are in and out when it comes to the store, especially Target.  Women get sucked in and end up looking at things multiple times.  I know I do.  Whether it be because I forgot something at the other end of the store or decided to take a detour to the shoes or home décor before heading out, I am up and down those aisles multiple times.  And you always have to check out the aisle ends to see what is on clearance.  Target just knows how to make you end up staying at the store wayyyy longer than you had planned. 

This song was one of my favorites.  Just thinking about it makes me go back to high school church dances.  It still makes me want to get up and dance.  Now, these lyrics are definitely more appropriate and true these days. 

That awkward moment when you think something is hilarious, but who you are sharing it with does not find it even remotely funny.  The facial expressions are perfect...he's trying...starts to get fake...then just that "eh" look.  Love it.

I want this dog.  Seriously, how cute is this dog?!  It's such a great dramatization of real life.  I know there are plenty of times when I am like wait, let me get on this side for a picture or wait, let me do this before a picture can be taken.  I hate pictures of myself so I can be a bit fussy because if I am taking a picture, I want a good one!  However, I don't think I have ever been like wait, I need to turn around and give you my backside, but to each their own.  The dog pulls it off! 
Hope you got a few smiles/laughs from these.  Remember...only one more day until Friday!


  1. Haha. These are great! Thanks for sharing.

    My Bright Blue House

  2. As I was reading this I was trying to pick my favorite...nope, too hard! Love them! I knew Jay-Z's nickname was HOVA but I didn't know why (and I was like...who comes up with that?), and now I do!

  3. Oh my gosh, that last photo of the pup - adorable!!