Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday 6.24.15

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What I'm eating this week...strawberry walnut salads.  I shared the recipe for this salad here.  To me, it is the perfect lunch to take to work - super easy and so delicious.  I throw a few together at the beginning of the week so all I have to do is grab and go on my way to work.
What I'm reminiscing about...old pictures.  The past few weekends I have gone back to my parents.  Both times I was there, I grabbed a box of old pictures to look through.  I just LOVE looking at old pictures.  Here is one I snapped a picture of when I was there.
Celebrating New Year's Eve with some "wine."  Look at that grip on the glass! 
What I'm loving...this dress.  I mentioned it in a previous post, but I have since gotten it and worn it and it really is the perfect summer dress.  I wore it this past weekend - it was hot and gross out, but this dress was so light and loose.  Loved it!
What I've been up to...going home to my parents!  The past two weekends I've spent at my parents.  I had my sister-in-law's baby shower which I talked about here and here, as well as Father's Day/my dad's car show which is recapped here.  I love being able to see them so much.  Even though the drive can get long and boring, I know that I am lucky to not be further away.
What I'm dreading...trying on old clothes.  I have been slowly (like very slowly) working my way through cleaning out my clothes.  I have a big pile of items to try on to see if they still fit.  If they do, I then need to decide if I like them enough to keep.  The pile just keeps getting larger and I just keep putting it off!
What I'm working and organizing.  I have actually made a good dent in this, which I plan to share with you later, but I still need to tackle my closet.  Which is the only storage area in my apartment, so it's a pretty big undertaking.  Wish my luck!
What I'm excited about...4th of July!  I love fireworks.  And a work holiday! So put the two together and I am one happy girl.
What I'm watching/reading...The Astronaut's Wives Club.  I downloaded the book on my Kindle and recorded the first episode.  I am super excited to start both! 
What I'm listening to...everything.  When I was driving up to my parents this past weekend, I literally just kept hitting 'seek' on the radio.  I came across some great oldies, as well as all the current music.  It definitely made for an interesting trip!
What I'm shoes.  I love my asics for working out.  Lately, though, I have been wearing them more and more.  I have realized grocery shopping is so much more pleasant if I am wearing my tennis shoes instead of having my heels on after a long day at work.  Also, if I am already in my work out clothes, I am so much more likely to go to the gym or outside for a walk/run.  It's a win-win!
What I'm doing this the top of my head I have no plans.  Which isn't a bad thing, considering the last few weekends have been go, go, go.  I am sure I will make it to the pool since we will finally have some nicer weather!
What I'm looking forward to next month...I am going to add the beginning of August to "next month" and say that I am looking forward to meeting my new niece or nephew!  He or she will be making an appearance at the beginning of the month (in August) and I could not be more excited.
What else is new...this one is tricky because I feel like I have just been saying what is all new!  So please refer to the above.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!   


  1. I have to catch up on Astronaut's Wives Club and I'm so excited and ready for Fourth of July.. one of my favorite holidays!

  2. I love looking through old photos! It's so much fun. How exciting that your niece or nephew is coming soon!

  3. Going through old photos is SO fun- I almost always get some out when I visit my parents! How far is your drive to see them? I'm definitely looking forward to this coming weekend where I have ZERO plans and then a long weekend for 4th of July!! :)

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